Keith's Videos

Twist of the Wrist II DVD had the priviledge of screening Keith Code's new film, A Twist Of The Wrist II. In this 5 part series, OTT talks to Keith and the film's producer, Matthew Roberts, about how and why they made the film.

Twist of the Wrist

Keith Code has done a video adaptation for his world famous Twist of the Wrist Book. A clip of the video is available.
Twist of the Wrist
(1.5 MB .MPG)

Interview With Keith Code

There is a two part video of motorcycle riding coach Keith Code. Each video segment is 9 minutes long. He talks about how he became a coach, and why he does what he does among other things. Code has coached quite a few champions over the years, and has applied what was learned to his school for the rest of us.

Part One

Part Two

General Info Videos