125,000 mile test results

When BMW built the S1000RR superbike, they went straight to the top. Never before has it been so easy to keep so much power under control. This is just as true on public roads as it is down on the racetrack. The RR label shows that it is a full-blooded racing bike, even though it can also be ridden with a number plate attached. To top it all off is an engine which is BMW's absolute pride and joy. Visit their site at www.BMWmotorcycles.com.

Lots of tire manufacturers are in the high performance tire market but if you look over the history of it you'll see that Dunlop is the company that sticks with you and for you. They've put so much into sport riding and racing for so many years, not just in the high profile racing scene, and you won't be able to name another company that has done that kind of R&D with every level of the sport in mind.

We are proud to use the 208's on our school bikes and our race bikes and know that Dunlop's commitment won't waver. Our riding coaches win and our students win because they trust the tires and that takes a big load off their minds when training and improving.

This is our 24th year with Dunlop (visit their site at www.dunloptire.com). I think we'll stick around like they do. – Keith Code

After putting nearly a thousand riders into our gear this past year we're impressed with the quality of the AGVSPORT leathers, boots and gloves. The number of repairs from usage and even crashing has been very low. For such reasonably priced gear, anyone would expect to get marginal protection and construction but the nationally dealer-distributed AGVSPORT line have truly been more than serviceable, they're a bargain and their leathers rock. Visit their site at www.agvsport.com.

Get Premier Superbike School student deals on AGV leathers through http://www.agvsport.com/custom_race_suit/. Email Support@agvsport.com or call 800 777-7006 and 310 663-4550. Mention CSS VIP Member.

Eichenberry continues; "I had a bike damage the oil/ water pump drive in a crash. It probably only cracked it as it worked fine for three schools after. When it did fail the bike was on the back straight at Road America in sixth at full throttle. The rider noticed the oil light and the water temp was at 260. Every other motor I've torn down after loosing oil pressure took out all the bearings however this one was fine. No damage to the crank or rods and only slight wear on the rod bearings after 12,000 RPM at full throttle with no oil pressure! I will only use Silkolene in the school bikes and my own race bike."

"Here again, I see trends in component wear and reliability no one else does and the Silkolene products, from the chain lube to the Pro-Prep detailing spray just make my job easier and worry free. The bikes look great and the chain adjustments from wear have come down noticeably with the Silkolene lube compared to what we used to use. After 12,000 track miles on a bike and it shows less than normal stretch and almost no sprocket wear, you take notice."

Buy your Silkolene lubricants through SilkoleneStore.com.


Alpinestars racing and labratory based R&D ensures that their boot and gloves offer the best protection and fit on the market. Visit their site at www.alpinestars.com.

Armour Bodies

Roadracing World comparison test findings (Feb. 2003 issue) Rated Armour Bodies:
• #1 in Finish
• #1 in Flexibility
• Exceptional Fit and No Burn Through
Other companies claim to be the best, Roadracing World proved what Armour Bodies have been saying for years. Visit their site at www.armourbodies.ca.


Schuberth has been in the head protection business for 90 years and making motorcycle helmets for 60 years. Their helmets are well known in the F1 paddock. In addition to exceeding industry safety standards, the helmets are developed in Schubeth's aero-acoustic wind tunnel to ensure comfort at speed and the quietest possible design. Schuberth helmets are premium products made in Germany using a combination of high tech precision engineering processes blended with hand-assembled attention to detail.

Galfer is dedicated to providing the best braking products to the motorcycle market. They strive to give you the most out of your brakes by manufacturing products that are consistent through every corner and inspire confidence to ride harder and harder every time out. Visit their site at www.galferusa.com

R&G Racing Products
R&G Racing designs and manufactures a growing range of innovative and functional bolt-on motorcycle accessories, the core of the business being crash protection. Utilizing modern CNC machining and aircraft-grade metals, as well as other materials, they set the standard in the crash protection business, offering protection from front to back of the motorcycle: products such as engine case covers & sliders, frame sliders, radiator guards, exhaust protectors, fork protectors, swing-arm protectors, & fender eliminators. Visit their site at www.rg-racing.com


Gilles Tooling

Since 2000, Gilles Tooling has been providing motorcycle aficionados around the world with innovative and high-quality accessories for racing and road use. As a former motorcycle racer, Gerhard Gilles, the company’s founder, combines a passion for the sport with the technical knowledge of an experienced cnc milling cutter: the development of the first multivariable footrest assembly kick-started a dynamic company, which today sells its extensive product range worldwide. Tried and tested on both racetrack and road, Gilles products set standards in innovation, engineering know-how, performance and safety. Gilles tooling shares its customers’ passion for genuine originals: authentic, technically superior, customizable. Making every motorcycle one of a kind.


Catalyst Reaction

Since Catalyst Reaction first opened up their doors in 2007 they have been one of the best known and most respected suspension tuning shops in Northern California. Catalyst Reaction has contributed to championships, track records and countless podium finishes in California club racing and beyond. Their expertise goes beyond the ultimate set up for the racetrack as well. If you need a simple adjustment or a complete rebuild of your forks and shocks, Catalyst Reaction will make your bike handle better than ever before. Contact them at 650-591-2778 or crstuning.com for more information.


Stomp Design

Stomp Grip is used by street riders, trackday regulars, and racers all the way to World Superbike & MotoGP. Stomp Grip is the most economical upgrade you can make to a sport bike and the results are immediate. We highly recommend Stomp Grip to all our students and use it on our entire fleet. Being able to grip the bike with your legs increases control and confidence by solidly connecting your body to the bike.


Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs makes real fruit hydration drink mixes. Skratch Labs drink mixes were formulated by sports scientist and cycling coach Allen Lim, PhD--who was a permanent fixture on the best Tour De France cycling teams for years. As part of his job he would create hydration mixes "from scratch" using all natural ingredients for his athletes. Real fruit, all natural cane sugar, etc. His product was so sought after, athletes sponsored by other brand's products would run this home-made mix in their water bottles while competing. His unique product is backed up with years of experience and hard science: facts, figures, testing, measurements. We are very happy to make this product available to our students to keep them fresh and alert while riding with us at the California Superbike School.