Student Feedback

Student Feedback


December 2015

Simply awesome! Brilliantly put together by friendly, attentive and very professional personnel from Keith, Steve, Steph, Adam, Matt, Dennis, Renata and all the crew. Crystal clear link between theory and practice put together in a simple step-by-step and very logical method. I couldn't believe I could ever ride like this! Savoured every minute of my time at the course which was logistically so impressively organized. I am still excited now despite being exhausted. Off to practice my new-found skills this weekend. Can't wait to return for more and love the camaraderie amongst the bikers that were present on the day. I have found a new addiction...simply put--BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER DONE and I don't ever want to leave school! Great job California Superbike School! Your new found admirer and friend.



November 2015

I don't think I could have had a better first introduction to riding on the track. The school was top notch in every aspect from the coaching, organization, in class seminars, teaching, gear, bikes, and experience. Both coaches did an incredible job. All of your coaches are not only great riders but masters at teaching and passing on their knowledge of the track to us students. I think the classroom was essential to performing on the track. It's one thing to have someone tell you to do something, but when you get a visual of what you need to do whether through video footage or just marker on a whiteboard it really puts the drill into perspective and allows you to fully take advantage of the drill out on the track.

I just want to thank you guys for putting on such an incredible school and giving us ordinary joes a place to let loose and really learn some cool things on amazing machines. I can't wait to come back! I always wanted to ride on a track and wanted to learn how to do it properly by professionals. Now doing track days is less of a dream and more of a reality!

Noah B.


November 2015

An outstanding experience--you run the absolute best riding school available. On-track riding coaches were remarkable - simply the best. The design of 20 min in the class, 20 min riding, and after action with the coaches is simply the best setup I have ever experienced in a riding school. There truly is no better riding school available. I cannot imagine going to any other school.

Michael C.


November 2015

I can't say enough good things about the class. The flow of class to track to coach feedback made great use of our time there. I felt drastically improved as a rider after just those two days. The classroom had enough science behind it to reassure students that we were being taught facts, not opinions. Not only was the curriculum incredible, but the staff was all top notch as well. Everybody there was there to teach with a smile, very knowledgeable, and able to convey that knowledge to us effectively. Even the details down to the meals and snacks was first rate. I've already registered for the class at COTA next year and will be counting the days until then. I just wanted to pass along my extreme satisfaction with the class and all your staff that supports it. Well done, and I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.



November 2015

It was just as amazing as the two previous times! And improving so much every time. I am fascinated by the fact that each time, the coaches (on-track as well as level 4 consultant) find exactly the right thing, right exercise, right theoretical comment to make me understand what can be improved...and it always works.

The CSS camps are addictive, and this is the 3rd time I cross the ocean to come...and not the last time. I really wanted to improve as fast as possible. So why not go to the best school?

Damien C.


November 2015

I had a tremendous experience. Everything I was hoping it would be.

Gerry, my coach, was outstanding. Very attentive to my style and habits and corrected me wherever I needed it. Also was generous with praise when I was doing something correct. I was impressed with the level of detail and the amount of attention that was given to each drill and the patience to answer questions during the briefings. I would just like to say that you run a very comprehensive, detail driven, top quality school. The level of personal attention given each student is remarkable. The interaction between each and every one of your staff and the students, even during the lunch breaks is something you should be very proud of. Doing the school was a birthday present from my wife, God I Love this woman, and a first check off my bucket list. Gotta start somewhere, I figured it should be what meant the most to me. Thanks Keith, for making a dream come true.

Wayne L.


November 2015

Excellent experience. I learned a significant amount, both in the classroom and on the track. I experienced noticeable improvement with each track session. My on-track coach, Joe Calabro, was extremely helpful. His observations about areas I needed to correct were always resulted in improvement. His communication was very clear and concise, and he displayed great patience. The classroom sessions were perfectly aligned with the follow up on track drill / practice sessions. The classroom instructors were very clear and provided excellent descriptive lessons. All the classroom instructors were excellent teachers, but Dylan Code in particular was a stand out due to his style of engaging the students and clear communication. I drilled on the steering bike and the lean bike. The steering drill showed that I did not have uniform upper body position during turns. My left turning upper body position was primarily correct, but my right turning position was not as open and head turned as it should be. This was very helpful in correcting and improving my turning to the right. The lean bike taught me correct lower body and arm positioning, significantly improving my turning and lean off technique on the bike during track sessions. The lessons and techniques learned made a significant improvement in my riding. Improving my overall riding skills and safety on the bike, and especially for cornering. The experience was excellent, and better than I has hoped. The staff were all friendly, professional and helpful. All in all a fantastic experience. The techniques I learned in school made a huge improvement. I will be back next year for another class.

Sean C.


October 2015

Wonderful, I've learned more in 2 days than in the 50 previous years.

I'm obviously exaggerating, but not by much. James is a fantastic coach, and his help was invaluable. I'm already registered for 2 sessions in March. That should be comment enough. I just want to say that you run a smooth and impeccable operation. Not just the riding related issues, but all the logistics around them. Kudos to Lara for keeping things moving along.

Carlos S.


October 2015

As expected and is the usual...fantastic. Pete provided me with excellent feedback and really enjoyed working him as a rider coach. Not a surprise as I have always had excellent experiences with all of my coaches. On the Lean Bike, my coach Cobie's slight adjustment of my body position allowed me to get more knee into the tank at a better angle and use the tank to better support my upper body which allowed me to relax my arms even more in the turn. It's taken a minute to get used to the different sensation and position, but it has provided a greater degree of relaxation overall which is pretty darn nice. I sound like a broken record at this point but the school has always been a fantastic day(s) for me and there hasn't been a day at the school where I have not come away with more knowledge, better understanding, more confidence, and a become a better, safer rider AND had a blast. Not sure how you top a Return On Investment like that. Already signed up for classes in 2016 so proof is in the proverbial puddin'. I am not a natural at the riding game. That being said I am a far better rider than I would have expected after being in the saddle for just 2 years with 99% of my riding being on the street. My thanks to the school and all of my coaches on and off track for making the riding experience a real joy, because while I will never be the fastest I take hairpins and blind corners on Angeles Crest and the LA Canyons with knowledge, understanding and skill which makes me safer, responsible and very satisfied. Had so much fun the previous times I attended, why in the world would I stop coming? Best wishes to all for a great Off and Holiday Season!

Jeff S.


October 2015

I took levels 1 and 2 in October and will be back in April for levels 3 and 4 in April of 2016. I am writing for two reasons. Firstly, I would like to call attention to my off-track coach Dylan and my on-track coach Benny. They were awesome. I can tell you that as a Physician and as a Physicist that the science that Dylan taught was absolutely SPOT ON. On the track Benny was exactly what I needed. Confident but also adaptive and a great teacher. I want to tell you that he made the school very special for me. He brought Keith's curriculum to life and helped me apply what Dylan taught me in the classroom. The second thing I wanted to mention is a little more practical. Sponsors care about results- as was made clear in Twist of The Wrist. I want to tell you that 3 weeks after returning home from Laguna Seca and California Superbike School I went and bought a fully loaded 2016 S1000RR. I have a "Little Ducati" (Panigale 899) and it suits my ability level but I absolutely fell in love with the RR and needed to have one. If BMW wants to know, I made that 20,000 dollar purchase as a direct result of hearing my coaches at Superbike School talk about the merits of the S1000RR. I hope BMW appreciates how effective their sponsorship is to someone like me, their target audience. Feel free to tell them I said so. Keep up the great work.Thanks again for making me a better rider. I'll see you guys in April!

Sean C.


October 2015

Thank you guys so much for everything. It's rather intimidating going out on that course with no prior track experience at all, and you guys made me feel at home and did so in a safe environment. Thanks a ton for everyone that lended a hand that day. Your staff was never less than friendly and positive that instilled confidence and made me glad that I came. I just want to thank everyone. The mechanics for getting me through tech with their advice, the teachers, our wrangler lady, and our rider coaches. It made the day so pleasurable. I truly cannot wait for when I can take the time out to sign up for a second class. Thanks again, and you seriously gave me a checkmark on my "bucket list" of going to California Superbike School to help improve my riding. You lived up to my expectations with your phenomenal class structure. Bravo.

Phillip F.


September 2015

The most fun ever. My coaches Cobie and Mikey both helped me again. It was the most fun I ever had and I'm a much better bike rider now. I fell in love with motorcycle riding all over again. I originally found Twist of The Wrist and found out there was a school and I decided to go. I wanted to learn to ride better, after 50 years of riding, which I did.

Larry B.


September 2015

A wonderful experience. I'll come again. My riding benefited immensely, and I would have never thought it was going to be so much fun riding around the same

track again and again and again. (I had never been on a track before.) I felt I received the right amount of input - just enough to know what to focus on, but not an overwhelming amount. I was amazed at the high level of the organization. There were a lot of people involved in taking care of us, and it worked exceedingly well. It was very professional. Everyone was very nice and helpful. By the way, the food was great; healthy, good tasting and nourishing. Also it was important to me that I was able to ride within my comfort zone and not feel bad about it.

Helen S.


August 2015

Unbelievable experience. Got what I expected and then some. Really drove home the points made in the lessons. It was some of the best adult learning I've had. Very systematic, proven, and effective. Even as someone with an interest in teaching others skills in other endeavors it was amazing to take part in.

Tom K.


August 2015

Josh was a fantastic coach and really helped me each time–on and off the track. The steering drill was completely game changing. It made my quick turning possible and has increased my confidence on the road as well as on the track. I am just so glad I took the school. I just want to do it again someday soon. I decided to buy a bike again after several years of renting and only occasional riding.

Joshua A.


August 2015

Both of my coaches where great! I cannot say enough great things...the best experience I've ever had from a school. The cost included everything, all I had to do was get there. You guys made it really easy.

Ray W.


August 2015

Outstanding, I got more out of one day with CSS than ten track days with other programs. There was much more active engagement of the participants in the discussion, rather than just a "quick overview". On the Steering Drill I got some great tips about changing handlebar and control set up that improved control of the bike. The coach/student ratio was super. I got excellent attention and guidance from Josh. Looking forward to more. Looking forward to the next classes (Level II) in the spring. The program exceeded all of my expectations.

Harry S.


August 2014

After attending level 2 and 3 with CSS in Las Vegas I decided to start racing in my local racing club in the 250cc class. I had many comments from other riders on my riding style. I competed in my 3rd race ever this last weekend and I got my first podium. I took 2nd place!


August 2014

A note sent in to Keith:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the hard work you have put in over the years for the books and the DVD's you have created. That's a lot of editing and filming and thought that went into each and every one of your creations. Possibly the most amazing thing you have done is to describe the science behind the technique which is critical for over thinkers like myself. You are literally the only "riding scientist" in the whole world. Everybody else can tell you how to do something but they can't explain the why. The why brings in an entire dimension of learning and helps riders think for themselves. Being able to make your own decisions based on actual fact is the true secret of making major progress. I have taken Level 4 many times at this point and find the way the coaches work to be amazing as well. Rather than the standard "do this" they make you think and often times you solve your own riding problems. Thank you again for your unique approach and making me think for myself!



August 2014

First off, let me say that overall the experience with CSS exceeded my expectations. Four years ago I bought Twist 1 and 2 (books and DVD's), and I've read/watched them more than a dozen times. I have also taken part in about 40 track days, and had various coaching sessions with track day providers. I therefore believed that I wouldn't get anything 'extra' from attending CSS in person. However, after moving to NY, I was able to take advantage of your visit to NJMP to attend the training I had heard so much about. Long story short, I am happy to admit I was wrong... wrong that I wouldn't get anything extra from attending the course. The best thing about attending CSS for Level 1 and 2 is that I now know exactly where I need to focus my attention. Because I will certainly return for more. In fact, I just booked Level 3 earlier today.



August 2014

My Level I experience on May 23, 2014 at Thunderbolt was amazing. Dylan and Jon provided excellent classroom instruction, Pete gave me some great tips during the Turn Bike training, and Lyle kept me on my toes on the track. I learned a lot, and most of all, I had fun doing it. My Level II experience was better than Level I. Again, Jon and Dylan provided great classroom sessions, James taught me how to hang off on the Lean Bike where I was able to practice the technique during my on track sessions (I had never attempted to hang off until that day), and my on track coach "Butch" was great. He provided great feedback both on and off the track. As a result, I took 5 - 10 seconds off my laptimes compared to my Level I experience. You have a great team. Having served 10 years in the US Navy in Submarines and SEALs, and the last 10 years in management, I understand and appreciate the need to have a strong team working with you.



July 2014

Fantastic. One of the best experiences of my life. My on-track Brian coach was great, he pointed out errors and improvements that I was not aware of. The classroom drills was very informative and simplified the techniques we were going to apply to the track.



June 2014

Awesome school. Dropped my race lap times by several seconds on three different tracks.

Jason T.


June 2014

My overall Expert club race results:

38 starts
17 wins
14 seconds
7 thirds
No crashes or DNFs, ever.

Thank you CSS! The wins are great and I am proud of them but I think my no-crashes statistic is the more important one - I've run a whole bunch of races in various conditions (strong winds, rain, dust, etc.) with all kinds of riders around me and my CSS training has allowed me to ride calmly and competently through it all. Great training is so valuable!



June 2014

I just took Level 1 at the California Superbike School, after almost 20 years of riding I learned more in one day about riding. Your staff was very professional, my personal coach Johnny was fantastic!!! I am looking forward to the next class later this year. Thank you.



April 2014

It was excellent and exceeded my expectations. It was well worth traveling from Canada. In the first lap Connor, my coach brought to my attention that I was leaning into a turn on the gas which could lead to disaster. I've been riding for more than 12 years without noticing this. I truly enjoyed working with him during the 2 days--his coaching was top notch. All the classes are well explained and demonstrated with clear examples. The lean bike was an eye opener, it improved my position and made clear the importance of locking into the tank with the knee in order to lean into the turn without applying pressure on the bars. The organization is world class, nothing is left to chance or improvised. I have attended another riding school in the past but the quality of the instruction was nowhere near what I experienced at the California Superbike School. I am definitely a better (and safer) rider than I was. I feel more confident on my bike as I am more in control. I really like the School's approach based on physics and the mechanical aspects of a motorcycle. (I am an engineer so this is really significant for me). I truly enjoy reading Keith Code's books and articles.

F. Louis


April 2014

I learned more in 2 days than 40+ years on road & tracks. My coach was awesome, he worked so hard to help me--never gave up even when others would have.

Steve G


April 2014

Excellent experience. I've been riding for 40+ years and I learned a lot. I plan to buy an BMW S1000RR and come back next year. The classroom part was excellent. The school exceeded expectations. I am afraid I am hooked.



April 2014

My coach Lyle and all the other instructors were awesome. They all expressed sincere interest to help improve my riding. I found it very well put together. Every time I got off the track and sat down with my coach and had a question or concern the next in-class session answered exactly what I was asking. I tried the steering drill and the lean bike, they were both beneficial in helping me correct my technique and body position. It was the best weekend of my life. You have a student forever.



April 2014

The overall experience was truly a highlight in my life. I could not have asked for anything more. It far exceeded my expectations! Steve was my coach and was knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible. He is an excellent rider and truly inspired me to be a better rider. Any questions I had, he was there to answer them and show me on and off track how to better improve my skills. I felt it was very beneficial to receive instruction on what to expect out on the track without being thrown to the wolves and figuring it out on the track. I appreciate the attentiveness to detail of the whole school. From the small things like food, to the helpful video bike, the classroom sessions, on track discussions, one on one discussions after track, to the friendly staff. It felt like one big family out there while learning some of the most important skills that I will take with me on every ride. It truly was two of the best days of my life. I cannot wait to come back for Level III and IV. The class as a whole was better than I expected. I learned more in the 2 days of the class then I have in the whole 7 years I have been riding. I would and have highly recommended this class to everyone I know.



March 2014

The content was great and organization very professional. My coaches, both provided lots of good, constructive and actionable feedback. This was some of the best classroom instruction I've had at ANY school. If Harvard Business School taught superbike riding, I'm betting they would get Dylan Code to teach it. I'm very impressed by the professionalism of your people and the quality of your processes. Schedule was kept throughout the two days. Feedback loops were evident (i.e., recordings of coaching sessions, video of classroom sessions). Far beyond what I would normally expect from a bunch of velocity addicts.



March 2014

It was superb. Five days after the school, I raced at Chuckwalla and shaved five seconds off my lap time!



March 2014

My coach Cobie was excellent! The briefings were extremely professional with lots of information. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The staff were excellent and put me at ease in what could've been a quite stressful situation. Highly recommended.



February 2014

Amazing! It was the best 2 days of my life! Both of my coaches were able to address both on and off track issues. Since attending the school I did 2 full track days on my new bike and by the end of the 2nd day I was dragging my knees.



November 2013

I just finished up my first 2-day Camp with you, I wanted to thank you for the great experience. Your whole team is amazing, from start to finish. You did a great job of making me feel comfortable and welcome despite my lack of track experience. I was worried that the atmosphere would carry a more arrogant tone toward those of us with less experience. I was WRONG! Dylan was one of my favorite classroom instructors, he carried himself with a good mix of humor and confidence in his presentations. Pete and Tim also presented very well with great attitudes and knowledge. Trevor was great at managing us on entry to the track, I never had a doubt about my safety out there. On day one, I had Mike for a trackside coach and Tim for day two. Both did well at identifying areas for improvement and were always able to find at least one turn where things went well. Jessica who helped us with our equipment was very nice. She was able to recall my name without prompting on day-two and was dead on in guessing my suit size. There are a number of other guys that helped out off-track and they were all helpful and kind. Again, thank you very much for the great experience and for sharing all of your knowledge. You guys run the program in an organized manner that exudes professionalism and confidence. I have already signed up for my next class in 2014. THANKS!



November 2013

This was a top notch school that I find myself thinking about every day. I have already signed up for the VIR and Barber 2 day camps for 2014. Every expectation I had was exceeded. My level of comfort on the bike before and after is better than I could have ever expected. My coach was great. He helped me to see where I needed to improve. When I was not able to understand what he was saying he was able to rephrase or demonstrate the exercise a different way to make sure I understood the drill before moving on.



November 2013

I was very impressed with the entire school. Josh was my track riding coach and provided a lot of great feedback/suggestions. The classroom briefings were great. Steering and Lean bike drills helped me a lot with body positioning. The school seemed to be a well-oiled running machine, very organized and a lot of attention to detail. The drills were very helpful as was the video. I also enjoyed riding the BMW 1000RR. I'm looking forward to attending another 2 day class, hopefully in Spring.



November 2013

This was one of the best and most fun learning experiences I've had. My coach Conner was awesome, he was supportive and explained things simply. I saw steady improvement both days. I wasn't thinking about lap times, but when I saw that I had knocked 10 full seconds off, between the first and second day it validated that what I learned, and the improvement I felt. Everything I learned in the briefings translated to the track drills very easily. It was very professionally run, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.



November 2013

It was absolutely fantastic and I will be back ASAP. Lyle gave me great feedback--he is an awesome coach. The seminars gave clear meaning to the techniques and helped me focus on each time out on the track. You guys are awesome.



November 2013

My coach was very thoughtful and informative, he took time to explain everything. It was a very easy to transition from class to track. During the school I realized that I had been counter-steering all wrong for over 10 years!



November 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed the California Superbike experience. I was exceptionally impressed with my coach, and your instructor student ratio is simply outstanding. I was also very impressed with the classroom technical briefings. The instructors obviously know their stuff. The Lean bike experience was very instructive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to master a high-performance motorcycle. The track environment is outstanding, but even more outstanding was the enthusiasm and capacity of the instructors coupled with the excellent curriculum, equipment, course organization and even food. I wanted to comment that I Purchased the Twist of the Wrist II book and DVD at the end of the course. Reviewing this material after the fact really locked in the important lessons that were being taught over the weekend. Thank you so much for an excellent experience, every member of your staff was helpful, encouraging and professional.



October 2013

It was excellent as always. The feedback was great and supportive which really helps. I'm always amazed at how much more I find out each time I attend the school.



October 2013

The overall feeling I came away with was that this was a very well organized professional school. It's exactly and more of what I was hoping for. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable. I was new to the track on a motorcycle and I'm sure not alone in feeling a little apprehensive. I need not have worried, it was awesome!! The day started off a little rainy and I was worried they may have to cancel. But the staff went out on the track with a convoy of cars to help dry the surface. That is dedication. Thank you. I can't stop talking about it. My Coach Andy B was great. I liked the way he asked me questions to ascertain what areas I needed help on. The short after session briefings were straight forward and clear. Each time giving me something to work on. Thanks Andy. The classroom time was very instructive and I learned a great deal. I admit to not getting the best night sleep the night before due to excitement of the day to come. That said the class time was a key part of the day and very, very informative. I did the steering drill and came away in a very short time with an added confidence in controlling the bike. If anyone is considering taking this class just do it. You won't regret it and will come away with a much better understanding of riding on a track. All the skills covered will also make you a safer rider on the street.



October 2013

My coach Anton was very patient as well as extremely helpful. At one point Anton encouraged me, and assisted me with a couple of drills I thought would be too difficult for me. After completing the drills I realized I learned so much and overcame certain fears that I could not thank him enough for persuading me to try. I am a cautious, 63 year old female who started motorcycle riding 5 years ago. My 2 days with your bike school improved my riding skills more than anticipated, and more than my 5 years of street riding combined. I highly recommend the California Superbike School to all motorcycle riders I know or meet. I look forward to attending more classes.



October 2013

The School was outstanding, it was an excellent learning experience and also 2 days of just so much FUN! My Coaches Lyle and Connor were Awesome. They really did work with me on an individual basis, it wasn't just some boilerplate review. The classroom information was exceptional not only in it's content, but in it's presentation. I had already read both Twist books after learning about the school, so I was familiar with the basic content but the classroom briefings really added impact. Also helped straighten out some things I thought I had really understood, had quite a few "Aha(s) now I really get it" with the whiteboard and lectures. The steering drill was very helpful and a fantastic confidence booster. Everyone on staff I interacted with had such a fantastic attitude. I've worked in marketing and entertainment for the last 28 years and the element that permeated the place of people genuinely being interested in helping riders learn and have a good time is one of those things that only works when it's real. And it definitely works at the school.



October 2013

I just did level I & II at The Streets of Willow this past weekend and I just don't have the words to describe the magnificent experience. It was so great at every stage. I'm looking forward to level III & IV. Thanks to all.



October 2013

It was Awesome. With the lean bike I was able to build my confidence up and got my body in the right place, as a result I was able to drag my knee for the first time. The school was like home and I miss all of you guys so much. Thank you so much for everything you taught me.



September 2013

The school was AWESOME, better than expected! My coach Steve was excellent. Gave me good feedback, nothing overwhelming but minor adjustments that made a world of difference. The classroom instruction was spot on; it was very thorough and answered all my questions. The lean bike corrected my body positioning. That thing is worth its weight in gold! Best school I have been to, they take nothing for granted and explain everything.

Shawn K.


September 2013

How do I describe my experience--is awesome too strong? All my coaches were awesome. I want to be a coach one day. I did the lean bike drill. I learned how to position myself on the bike, allowing me to use my hands only for steering inputs which basically changed my life.

Rob S.


September 2013

I loved it. It's as simple as that. My coach met all of my expectations and exceeded them. The class was very informative. I would recommend anyone to attend this. I have rode rockets for 15+ years, and I felt like a rookie out there.

Jason M.


September 2013

I thought it was an excellent class! Everyone was genuinely interested in helping me improve. That was refreshing! My coach Badger gave lots of feedback--both good things I was doing and what to work on. If I asked for help on a certain part of the track or drill, he didn't hesitate to help. Both instructors gave great briefings--they gave great analogies to help describe what they were talking about. When I practiced it on the track, it worked! I was able to do the lean bike-- that was very helpful in just getting my body in the right position. I thought this school was so helpful to me, all the classroom sessions and drills seemed to flow, so that you could build on each lesson. All these techniques do work! Everything was so well organized and everyone so helpful, not chaotic at all. All I had to do was be focused on learning and not worry about anything else.



September 2013

My experience was fantastic (I'm a motocross racer). Had never even ridden a street bike. No clue what I was going to feel but, I was jazzed to be there. The class room instruction was great & to actually get to put what I learned in the class on the track & feel myself getting progressively smoother & faster was the best experience I've had in a long time. My coach was Steve Nottingham & I feel he was a great partner in my day. His feedback was fantastic& he made me feel that he was enjoying the day as much as I was! Everyone in the staff made my day a day I will always remember. To me, the class is a must do for any level of rider!



September 2013

I'm very impressed with how well the school is run. I work in the aviation industry and standardization is critical to our success. We have to have the depth of knowledge and training that enables us to work with many different crew members in a safe seamless manner. California Superbike is very similar. You could ask 10 different coaches the same question and each one would give you the exact same answer. That takes dedication and commitment, keep up the great work!



September 2013

Eye opening and extremely productive. My coach Anton was excellent. Asked questions that propelled my progress. The entire staff was professional and took their jobs seriously. Looking forward to Levels 3/4.



August 2013

Outstanding...should have attended years ago. My coach did a great job leading me to the correct answers without telling me what to do. He asked questions to get me to understand, rather than telling me what I should do. I really appreciated that the classroom didn't try to teach too much. The ideas were simple and understandable. I also learned body position that literally changed how I ride.

Dan F.


August 2013

It was an awesome, fantastic; most memorable day I have had in a long time. One word: Wow!!! I was nervous and thought I was getting in way over my head before--after it was: “Why didn't I do this before now?” The day went by way too fast. The whole experience was just amazing.

Chris L.


August 2013

I had an awesome time. I did the steering drill and it changed the way I thought about riding. Had a great time, thanks for taking the risk and bringing this experience to the public.

Mike H.


August 2013

A great atmosphere and well-organized curriculum really made for a great place to learn and also have fun. The coaches were all very helpful and accessible and the lessons were clear and concise. There were many instances where I just wasn't getting it, either my line selection was a little off or my body position wasn't quite right and as soon as I had a lap or so behind my coach, giving me signals and feedback, my riding almost instantly improved and everything felt more comfortable and stable. Each lesson was very clear and left no questions about what was expected. Although it wasn't enough just to know what to do on the track in order to perform the drills, the on-track coaches provided much of the extra feedback needed to complete them correctly.

Ben S.


July 2013

Great class, Level IV definitely helps put it all together. Probably the most beneficial class so far. Gerry is a great coach, knowledgeable, professional, good guidance on the track as well as positive intervention when necessary. Keith's briefings were excellent. I felt they fine tuned those areas I needed to work on and took my understanding and ability to a higher level.

John D.


July 2013

Exceeded expectations by a considerable margin. All interactions, flow of events, food/refreshments and bike condition were world-class.

Robert S.


July 2013

One to ten? Well above ten. My coach Brian was amazing. He was insightful and supportive. I was impressed with how well he could read me during the drills. He incorporated the training on the track and identified areas where I was losing attention. Really impressed with his professionalism and desire to see me incorporate and use new skills. I learned about bike characteristics that we negate with poor riding habits. It was actually empowering to know that the bike can hold steady on a line and that its suspension and balance all work together to keep it on its wheels. I crashed before the school on the previous track day because I simply tightened up and the bike could not do its job. The confidence in the bike I learned in the classroom helped me to gain confidence on the track. Your program was about learning and in the most useful and functional way. It seemed to me that the staff were all focused on helping us learn. I expected good information and opportunity to learn skills. I did not expect the professional level presentations and the personal investment by the staff to see us succeed. I started track days last year and I am hooked.

Harold M.


June 2013

It was a great experience, everything I was hoping for. The staff were VERY helpful. Understanding is the first step to doing. All the instructors were good, and I would be pleased and satisfied with any of them, but I particularly benefitted from Dylan's lessons. His explanations of WHY a particular principle is necessary, or WHY it works, was outstanding. I'm not a racer; this was my first experience on a track. It was great fun, which I was hoping for. I know from other venues, that with increased training, knowledge, and experience, comes increased safety, confidence, and resulting enjoyment. There are people I ride with who I would ride to my limit to keep up with, this past week, after the school, I rode with them, and they had a hard time keeping up with me. Some commented on how smooth I had become. The best part, and what I most wanted from your course, was the greatly increased confidence. Now I know what I'm looking for, and I know what I'm trying to do with the bike. My enjoyment of this sport has increased tremendously. Thank you!



June 2013

I got all that I expected ... and more! From arrival to departure, the support and coaching staff made it clear that their sole focus was making you a better rider. To a person, they were enthusiastic and responsive to any and all questions. Mikey was simply superb. His infectious manner and eye for fine detail made all the difference in my progress over two days of instruction. He spotted little things - at speed! - that I had no idea I was doing. He was always careful to ask questions first and then offer explanation about how to improve something. Each drill was well-prefaced with detailed instruction and the use of visual aids, where needed, to help emphasize the skill to be learned. I was especially pleased to find out as the class progressed that each briefing/drill built on the previous one - excellent structuring. I did both the steering drill and the lean bike. Excellent methods to put eyes on a student in a low-speed environment and make immediate corrections. The overall experience was terrific--period. As alluded to earlier, the staff's professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm were singular in making these two days a truly memorable event. I am planning to do more track days in the upcoming months and will be applying what I learned at CSS.



June 2013

The school exceeded expectations--a great skills/technique school. Helpful both in words and by watching while following my coach Laura. I am a scientist and found the classes were cut into easy to understand cause and effect--nicely done. Your off-track coach cured me of 50 years bad steering habits that were costing me energy. Great job and worth the complete cost of the school.



June 2013

I loved it. The school ran smoothly and was well organized. The drills were germane and helped me very much. I now have attainable goals and the basic knowledge to fix my mistakes. I appreciated my coach's method of teaching. It created an awareness that I never experienced before. The briefs were very good and were delivered with crystal clarity. Questions were answered well without sarcasm. Questions were encouraged and the student was treated with respect and dignity. Both the lean bike and steering drill were very enlightening. I especially liked the lean bike because it taught me how to really lean off and corrected my body position immensely. I ordered Stompgrips for my bike. My experience left me with a strong desire to return for levels three and four. Also, I loved that BMW. It's SO much easier to ride than my Ducati 1100s Monster! I go back to the basics in the handout and watch my video all the time. I look at my mistakes and work to correct them. I got more than I expected.



June 2013

Everyone helped to point me in the right direction. It was well organized, from getting the leathers to the breakfast, it all made sense. Being my first time on any track, the morning's briefing helped alleviate many of my concerns, such as track etiquette, flag signals, where to get on and off the track safely. I think the best part was the feeling that everyone really wanted to help me improve my riding skills. The steering bike showed how little I knew about motorcycles, it was an eye opener.



June 2013

Incredible! My coach gently pushed me just enough and the end result was amazing! It went far above and beyond my expectations! I know it improved my riding skill by at least 70 percent! I would love to do it all over again! I wanted help on cornering--it was my weakness-- but not anymore!



June 2013

On the track each student has a Rider Coach who monitors how well he or she performs each task. My coach Mikey was in a word, phenomenal. In my opinion, the perfect combination for being an effective instructor: great demeanor and great methodology. He would allow me to work out the correct answers, not spoon feed them to me. Nothing new there; but the way he did it was pure artistry. I never felt like he was talking down to me, and he gave the impression that his life depended on my becoming a better rider.


May 2013

We wanted to thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed our two day class at Willow Springs. Chris McVay was our coach and he did a fantastic job--he gave us specific tasks to work on while on the track and his comments and criticisms were relayed in a helpful, friendly manner. I was very nervous the first morning, never having been on a track before and limited experience riding a sport bike. The staff were all so helpful, the classes were informative and easy to understand, and the on and off track coaching was great--all of which really boosted my confidence. We have been practicing the skills we learned and have been amazed at how our riding has improved. We're looking forward to signing up for another class next year. Thanks again for offering such a valuable learning experience!



May 2013

It was Fantastic, as always. During our rain day, Cobie was gracious enough to stand in the rain for 40 minutes to teach me downshifting. I haven't had a back tire slip since and can brake later without the former fear of losing the back. One of the best things I have ever learned. I came to get back on track and rid myself of bad habits from last summer and he did exactly that. I got faster and had even more fun. With the seminars Dylan dropped some subtle wisdom to our small crew and it was really fun to learn. Also identified a problem with my hip flick and suddenly after three years on this track I finally could manage the chicane. We are sending many friends to CSS this year because it makes them safer. Very appreciative. We made a mistake last year and tried another "school"/fiasco to see what other perspectives are there. Absolute nightmare, is disorganized rambling, unsafe track, and no feedback. None. We left angry & frustrated, telling them they can't hold a candle to California Superbike School.



May 2013

My experience was excellent. The staff called me by my first name, and I felt the instruction was very personal. I liked how my coach (James) was only responsible for a few riders. I had a lot of one on one time, and on-track riding, with my coach. All of this helped me feel much more confident by the end of the day. I liked how the classroom briefings explained the "science" of riding without me feeling like I needed to attend a physics class. Everything was simple and easy to understand. The points were easy to remember and easy to apply on the track. The steering drill helped a lot because small changes can make a big difference when you carry it over to the track. I liked how personable everyone was. The entire staff was incredibly helpful and friendly. James, my rider coach, was awesome. Keith was super friendly and I think his attitude and belief in his system (because it works!) really trickles down to the rider coaches, registration staff, and everyone in between. I felt like everyone at CSS was happy I was at their school to learn and have fun. Great customer service goes a long way with me. I would just like to add that I was having problems getting good grip on my gas tank with my tech spec grip and knees. Another CSS instructor walked me over to my bike to see firsthand. He offered me suggestions and tips (which normally comes in level 2) to help me with grip and body positioning. This info really helped me when I got on track. Again, the helpfulness of everyone was excellent. And that is why I will be back for level 2 another time.



May 2013

Mikey, my coach, did a fantastic job. He was super easy to work with and always positive and encouraging. The school was very informative. The classroom videos also reinforced everything. Everything was very clear. Also covering one thing at a time worked very well for me. I did the steering drill and lean bike for level 1 & 2. That drill alone was worth the entire price of the school to me. I will recommend California Superbike School to every serious rider that I encounter. It the best school in existence. How do I know ?? I've tried several other schools and only the California Superbike School gave me the skills and confidence I was looking for. Everything was top notch and run very professional.



May 2013

This was a completely professional experience, best training of any sort I have ever had, the day was very efficient, run extremely well, planning on going again next year.



May 2013

The school was absolutely awesome! I had the time of my life and feel a whole lot better and have gained a little bit of my confidence back. Thank you so so much for this experience I look forward to coming for more training. I hope to one day learn to race. I'm safer than I was and my confidence is absolutely better and you just can't get put a price on that. Everything at this school is top notch and completely reasonable. The instructors are top notch.



May 2013

The school was amazing!! Well organized, well planned and very well coordinated. Jason Paden was my coach and he was instrumental in making sure I understood my faults and how to fix them. It wasn't just thrown out as an idea of what works, there was a lot of "why" and "how" it works explained. I did the lean bike and it was key in getting my body position right for getting those tight turns just right. I honestly thought that I was a decent rider before the school. But going through it all and listening to the tech briefings I understood that as a street rider I had developed some bad habits in my riding, the school helped bring attention to that and showed me a better safer and faster way to be a much better rider. Even now, just riding with my friends they all have noticed a difference in my riding and asked where I learned those the techniques, I tell them very proudly that I learned them from the California Superbike School.


April 2013

I attended the 2-Day California Superbike School in Vegas on Apr. 13 and 14, 2013, and had an AWESOME time! It's definitely a humbling experience when you see how you're "not that great" of a rider on the track when you believed you're a "very good rider" on the street. I learned so much in these two days, and I know the education and knowledge gained will help me make the most of riding in general, but even more so for track days that I do. Now that I've graduated from Levels 1 & 2, my goal is to take Levels 3 & 4 as soon as possible. THANK YOU! to all of the CSS coaches, staff, personnel, everybody!!! You guys and gals were friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, honest, helpful, and all-around nice! I'm sure I can come up with more, but you get the picture.



April 2013

I got what I came for. The fundamentals were presented clearly so that I can continue to drill and improve over this season. Dylan is an excellent presenter. I would be happy to have people


April 2013

The school was incredible and exceeded my expectations. The steering bike was challenging and the coach as very helpful and stuck with me until I got it right. This was a first class experience all the way. The attention to detail from the course right down to the snacks and refreshments is Top Notch! Just to keep my informed about upcoming course dates, I will be coming back for levels 3 & 4


April 2013

Hands down this school has been the best prepared and taught school I have ever attended. Professional at every level!


April 2013

In 2012 I had two motorcycle accidents that caused a huge impact on me, after those accidents I practiced around 10 times without been able to improve. Basically I was stuck and scared. Last week I went for the Code R.A.C.E school and Gerry was my coach. I felt very comfortable and I was able to improve my racing skills, but the most impressive thing for me is that thanks to Gerry I was able to break the barrier I had. Shortly after the school I raced in Costa Rica. Never in 2 years I was able to reach the times and position I did in that race. Before the school I was always last. Most impressive thing is that from the beginning of the race till round 9 I was in 4th position, then I started to feel tired and became 6th. I would like to attend another Code R.A.C.E and one day when I win the race and I will dedicate the trophy to Gerry and California Superbike School.



March 2013

I hope this letter reaches Keith Code and the ENTIRE team. In the last six months I have been fortunate enough to attend levels 1,2,3 and 4 of the California Superbike School curriculum. Many different words come to mind when trying to provide an accurate description of my personal experience, but picking just one or two is practically impossible. Amazing, thrilling, motivating, dramatic, eye-opening, stunning and phenomenal are just the start of a very long list that keeps on growing. This does not just encompass one or two parts of the school, but its entirety. Keith, you and your ENTIRE amazing crew of on- and off-the-track passionate rock and roll two-wheel addicts, has proven to me how incredible you all are. Without a doubt you have managed to touch each individual that attends the school. If being on two wheels is something one enjoys, your team will make sure it becomes a part of that individual's chemistry and a lifelong love. Once again, I managed to have a great, uplifting weekend doing something I absolutely love, with an amazing group of individuals.



March 2013

Awesome! I want to attend again next year. My coach Tim provided easy to understand feedback that fit my needs. He was patient and respectful. I felt challenged, but not pushed to ride beyond my skill level. Keith was extremely thoughtful with his coaching in level 4. I am honored that he spent so much time with me. Everything was great.



March 2013

I learned a lot more than expected. My brain was overloaded with new material. My coach Johnny was extremely helpful and provided precise feedback with no BS. The briefings were clear and simple. After the massive improvement I saw after taking Level 1 and 2, I had to come back to complete it all.



February 2013

It was absolutely fantastic. I'm hooked. The in-class sessions were very helpful, direct and allowed me to set up for the next drill. The Superbike School allowed me to further develop at speed, enhance my cornering, throttle control and positioning. Overall, I feel I am in more control as a result of completing levels 1 and 2 at the Superbike School course. It exceeded my expectations and I will be back next year.



February 2013

I took the California Superbike school and then went to a different riding school held in the south of Spain. The school in Spain did not even come close to you guys in the essential stuff. So I have some extra hindsight appreciation for everything you guys taught me (including awareness for unsafe passing). Your student/coach ratio, your clear simple rules, the escalation of instructional building blocks, and very important--the consistent message and method shown and instructed by all--make you a benchmark. This last event made me miss California Superbike School so much that I now am looking at schedules and funds to see how and when I can come back. All the best, Hi to all and in particular to esteemed coach James.



December 2012

I had pretty high expectations coming in, as I have been riding for 20 years. Not only did you meet my expectations, you BLEW them out of the water!! I had an amazing time. Best thing I have ever done. From the Registration process, to the level of service from the team organizing the event, the coaches, the classes, everything was TOP NOTCH! I have learned more in 2 days in this class than I have in 20 years of riding. I have gone out to ride a few times since the class. I am a more confident, and better rider for it...The things that I have been doing naturally for a long time were validated, and the mistakes I have been making for a long time were corrected. Best time and money ever spent I can't wait for the next levels to become even better, safer, and having more fun on the track. As previously stated, you guys went beyond my expectations! By far!



December 2012

Having ridden for over 20 years and on the track for nearly 10, I decided that my time would be best spent if I were to open my mind and start from the ground up in level 1. After the first few lessons, I was absolutely sure that I had made the right decision. The course design and curriculum gives you a gradual climb into the steps required to begin to understand the Art of cornering. By the second day, the techniques learned helped me ride without expending so much energy and had shown me that I was doing things "the hard way" all these years. I have already enrolled in the next levels of the course as part of my off season training in preparation for next year's race season. I'm really looking forward to putting my skills into practical use on the race track!! The staff and coaches were amazing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has the opportunity.. A big thank you to my coach Tim for his patience and professionalism while teaching this old dog, new tricks! I just want MORE!!



December 2012

Brilliant. Every member of the team contributed to make the 2 days an amazing experience. Mikey has the patience of a saint and managed to get an improved performance from me on every session. He has the right balance of pushing the edge and support. I had James Day One and Gerry Day 2. Both off track coaches were exceptional and made sure that the transition between on and off coaching was seamless. They were both terrific. Having Keith at the course was pretty inspirational. I got the personal benefit of his insights and a brief comment helped me correct something I was struggling with. It was such a bonus to have had him there. Thank you to everyone. What makes this special - apart from the amazing coaching - is that every member of the team contributes to build an amazing experience. Great job.

Sue H.


December 2012

100 out of 100! The two best motorcycle days of my life.



December 2012

It was great fun, all the staff were extremely courteous, fun and made me feel like they wanted me to achieve. A well oiled and practiced package. It was a great experience and I'd like to thank all the staff who worked very hard to help us have a great time whilst gaining more knowledge and achieve better riding.



December 2012

Awesome! I've never had so much fun and I was blown away by how much I got out of one day. You so far exceeded my expectations that a week later I still felt like it was a dream, because how could I do the things I was doing in such a short time, even to this day over a month later when I look back to that day I can't help but get a stupid ear to ear grin and feel the rush all over again. Thanks for everything.



November 2012

The school was really good--can't wait to do it again. The nice thing was you made a believer out of my son as well. My son Kyle took the class with me and his comments..."this has been the best day of my entire life - I don't even know how to describe it!"



November 2012

I wanted to drop you a line and thank you (and the rest of the team) for an absolutely amazing two days of riding in Sonoma earlier this month! I was so impressed with the caliber of instruction and I learned a ton! It just felt so fantastic to be on the track with that bike! My Facebook post after the first day: BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!!! :) I've signed up for 2 days at Laguna at the end of April and can hardly wait to do Levels 3 and 4.



October 2012

I have never experienced anything less than a wonderful experience. I recently did both a school and Code R.A.C.E. I absolutely fell in love with the Code R.A.C.E program! I think it's easy to take for granted how important the organization of the day and the stuff Crystal, Jeff, Will, Trevor, and Missy do. I think about your organization often when I participate in other "experiences" or activities or watch others participate...going snowcat or helicopter skiing for guys set the standard



October 2012

Very professional and empowering. My coaches provided great inputs and recommendations. I really liked the time allotted for classroom instruction and track riding. The food and snacks available all day was a huge plus. I did the steering drill prior to any track riding. This was a good warm up/loosening up for the track. The braking bike with outriggers was really cool too. The track management was the best I've ever seen. Made me feel confident enough to try to expand my personal control envelope of the bike without being dangerous to others. Also really liked the BMW S1000RR. Very stable and predictable. Your staff allowed me to comfortably push my personal limits and learn more about motorcycle control. Additionally, experiencing different instructional styles than I have learned in many years as an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) instructor have rekindled my appreciation of two wheeled vehicles. Thanks to all.



October 2012

Excellent. I learned so much and feel I will be a better rider each time at the track. Lonnie was great. Showed me my flaws and helped me to correct them. Dylan and Jon were clear, concise with their examples, and a pleasure to learn from. I did brake bike and lean bike. Braking bike scared the hell out of me but gave a realistic feel of what it would feel like to lock up the brakes. Great instruction--that BMW S1000RR rocks! I know where I excel and I'm clear about what needs work. I had a great school.



October 2012

Refreshingly enjoyable, educational and fun. The entire staff were a joy to work with. In one day I was able to correct a 44 year bad habit. My only regret was that I could not stay for the second day of class. I only ask that you send me the 2013 schedule as soon as it is ready so that I can register for another class!



September 2012

Wonderful class. The feedback from the coaches was perfect for my needs. They were also able to adjust the information that they provided to meet each of the students needs. The off-track training added to the classroom and on-track experience and helped me build a deeper understanding of cornering. I really believe that this school will save lives.



September 2012

I finally got to go to CSS for my Level 1 at New Jersey Motorsports Park! WOW. When we showed up promptly at 7:00AM it was raining and I was somewhat pessimistic (whining) about riding in the rain. I was greeted by Keith Code himself (that's right you actually can interact with him, I found him to be enthusiastic, reassuring, and humble) who explained to me that by the end of the day I would be praying for rain because I will love to ride in it! What is this you say..... I firmly do not believe it. Well to make this part short, he was right. I went faster and felt more confident on a wet track than I had in the past on a dry road. When the track dried a little and we could start to push I felt confident that I could handle it. There are no tricks here it is solid technique. Even though I watched Twist 1&2 and read the books I still didn't really get it until it was broken down in this format. A few days later I was able to get out and ride a favorite twisty rode and I was very surprised to find that all of a sudden my FZ1 was not as much fun as the BMW S1000RR. I will have to suffer or convince my wife to get me one for my upcoming birthday. During the ride I felt confident and relaxed. It did not sink in until I stopped for a cup of coffee that it wasn't that I didn't go any faster, I simply was not running into the barriers/Survival Reactions. I was running a pace that was a little faster than usual but it felt like I was going slow. So once again Keith and his team were right. Motorcycling is so much more enjoyable when you are not struggling to enjoy it! I am already contemplating where to take level 2. Crystal, thank you for getting me where I needed to be when I needed to be there! Jessica, you took one look at me grabbed some leathers a pair of boots and gloves. A perfect fit, I have had this body for 46 years and I cannot do that in a store. Cobie, Thank you for your input and assistance. My riding coach Gregg deserves a huge round of applause, you did a great job and getting me to figure out the problems instead of telling me what was going wrong. To Trevor and Missy, thank you for keeping us as safe as possible on a racetrack! To Pete, your classroom sessions were fun yet I got the point. I have had a lot of training for my work and I have had a lot teachers. You are amongst the best. To Will, thanks for fresh tires and keeping the BMW S1000RRs alive and well. Finally to Keith, thank you for the insight, your kind words, your enthusiasm and most of all the team you have assembled. You gave me a gift that will keep giving. Thank you all I hope to see you soon!



August 2012

Overall, AWESOME! Subject material was well worth the price. Logistics were amazing! The coaches helped me understand what I was doing incorrectly. I felt I was a better rider after every cycle! I did both the steering drill and the lean bike. The steering drill helped me stop stabbing the handlebars when making a turn and the lean bike really helped me get comfortable putting my body into the turns. The enthusiasm, organization and professionalism of the entire staff (did I mention the awesome subject material?) made this one of the best experiences I have ever had!



August 2012

There is a very professional atmosphere where the coaches were focused on observing students and providing relevant feedback, not show-boating nor providing empty sentiment. Even if told you were doing well, they broke it down to let you know why they thought you were doing well. To quote a fellow student "I learned more the first session than I did during the entire time at two other similar riding schools".



August 2012

The school was excellent--honestly surpassed my every expectation; from the staff, to the lessons learned, it goes down as one of my top experiences. Thank you all for that!!!! The two most pleasant surprises were: 1) having Keith teach the majority of our sessions and 2) how much enjoyment he took from giving what's he's learned in a classroom setting--it truly was a joy to be a part of. Loved the lean bike. I simply cannot tell you how much my brother and I enjoyed your school. The experience was so good that we are anxiously waiting for the 2013 schedule to come out so we can book our level 3&4 school dates! To the staff and Director: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!



August 2012

Outstanding--I don't have the superlatives to describe the amount of FUN I had that day. I completely expected to be the last guy in line at the back of the pack and instead I ended up consistently passing other riders with more experience--WOW!!! My coach was simply amazing. Great coach, great rider. Having him "tow" me around the track pushed me to ride harder and better than I ever thought was possible. The classroom information given was concise and easy to process--very easily applied to the on-track drills, too. I love it. I almost immediately did a write up about my experience on sharing pictures from the day and my thoughts. It was a big hit and hopefully I've convinced more riders to make themselves BETTER riders by attending CSS. I can't WAIT for the 2013 schedule to be released - I plan on attending every school I possibly can!!! Great track. Great coaches. Great instruction. My day couldn't have possibly been more enjoyable. THANKS SO MUCH!!!



June 2012

Life changing. I have ridden sportbikes for 21 years but had never been on a track. I chose CSS because I wanted my first time on the track to be structured and controlled, not to mention it was THE chance to learn key fundamental aspects of track riding from true professionals. I am still to this day, over two weeks later, trying to come down to earth. I had Laura day 1 and Cobie day 2. Both were very specific and direct with their feedback and I wanted that. Neither missed an opportunity to tell me what I could do to improve. What I remember most was Cobie's "I TOLD YOU SO" look on his face when we would debrief. When someone tells you 2 things in 2 sessions that increases your pace by 20-30% all you can do is say "YES MASTER, I UNDERSTAND, THANK YOU, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!" The briefings were quick, clear and concise but I never felt rushed. I am still amazed at the level of coordination and execution by the coaches. It cannot be easy to deliver that quality and quantity of information in a day, but I watched them do it over and over again. For me the lean bike showed me more in 10 minutes than I would have ever learned on my own. My expectations were high well before I arrived. I read about the school in countless magazines for countless years. I read the testimonials. I chatted in email about some 2011 track dates but could not pull the trigger. Finally, this year was the year, and I will simply end with this: ALL my expectations were exceeded. I keep referring back to my notes from the sessions and each time I ride, I try to practice at least one or two drills. Once again, cannot thank the entire staff enough for the effort they put forth to make this happen. I got what I paid for and I walked away thankful for being able to indulge in my passion - our passion - and take my riding to the next level.

B. Miller


June 2012

Having been lucky enough to attend many bike and car riding/driving schools over the years I can honestly say that the Cal Superbike School is simply exceptional. Both Steph on the 9th and Mikey on the 10th were honest in their critiques and supportive, encouraging and informative. I did improve and they were a major component. The classroom is the essence of the dove-tail nature of the curriculum. It becomes obvious at the end of the day(s) that the sequence of the skill sets explained so well in the briefings and put into practice on the following track drill are critical to rapid riding improvement. The steering drill which appeared almost too basic actually had the biggest single effect on my school experience. Relaxed and correct steering input on the off-track drill not only enhanced my experience on track but resulted in dramatically reducing the fatigue factor which made learning easier and the track time more fun. The steering drill and the riding coaches input made the lean bike drill a no-brainer. Keep up the mix of friendly, attentive customer service balanced by the serious nature of safety considerations relating to what we're learning to do. I'm looking forward to Levels 3 and 4. When I left the course I rode to Reno, then Oregon, then British Columbia on back, two-lane roads and have never felt more relaxed and in control - physically, mentally and visually. Having attended previously I had high expectations going in and they were exceeded in every aspect.

Bob M.


June 2012


Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had last weekend at Barber. I learned so much at the school. You guys are the best.I wanted to thank everyone involved for putting on such a great event. Also, a special thanks to my coaches Cobie and Steph and my consultant Lyle. I always recommend the school to anyone I talk with.

Thanks, Bruce B.


June 2012

I just got back from this weekend at Barber Motorsports and wanted to take a moment to write you about the exceptional experience I had with Laura this weekend. Laura was incredibly helpful the first day but the second day when I requested her again is where we really started making HUGE progress. I have to say that I feel like a completely different rider because of Laura's coaching and the school's drills. I have a better idea of my strengths and my weaknesses now and know what I need to work on to further improve my riding. Laura's calm and relaxed personality helped me relax a lot and her on track composure was simply amazing. She had an almost superhuman way of knowing exactly what speeds I was comfortable with and helped me push my limits gradually. Her ability to communicate with me on the bike was pretty amazing as well. Her hand signals were clear and she's simply an amazing rider. I will see you guys for Level 3 and Level 4 soon.

Robert C.


May 2012

It was a great time, the first vacation in 5+ years and it was structured so that the only thing on my mind was riding and living right there right now. It helped me get rid of a lot of bad habits while riding--and some even spill over to life. Yeah I know a little deeper than you expected. One of the best times in my life with my clothes on. Mikey was incredible, he saw from the very start what my level was and pushed me to not only raise my speed around the track but my confidence on the bike (and off) by helping me get rid of the bad habits, pushing me to my personal limit and then moving that line even further because he knew I could do it. It was very helpful because it showed not only what we were to do but more importantly the why part of the equation.

Carlo P.


May 2012

Taking back to back classes is the way to maximize the experience. I had a couple of different coaches over the 2 days, and I was impressed with both. It surprises me (pleasantly) the coaches can recall specifics for each rider. Class sessions for Levels 2 & 3 were spot on in preparing me. The personal insights during the sessions were also very helpful. Level 3 was very good because of the hands on body positioning. The first day was wet so the lean bike was a no-go. Instead you stepped up and let us experience the brake bike. This was an eye opener, and really brought home to me the fact that even if a front end lock-up occurs, it is possible to recover by letting the bike do what it does normally. Very cool. The next day I was able to squeeze in a session on the lean bike, and received some really good feedback on from the coach on body position. I liked the fact that even though the rain was pouring down, the class went forward. As long as the track isn't closed, the school goes on. Riding in the rain offers opportunities for fine tuning "smooth" that are not always possible on a dry track. CSS offers a very good value for structured motorcycle training. Keep up the good work!

Mike W


May 2012

It was well run and organized. Very professional, I had an amazing time, all the staff were friendly. No complaints whatsoever. At first I was upset that it was raining for my first day on the track, but it was a great learning experience to corner in wet conditions, and since it dried up in the afternoon, I ended up getting the best of both worlds. I have already booked the 2 day in August to do levels two and three. Jerry was my riding coach. He definitely noticed several things about my riding style and helped me out a lot with riding position that got me to relax a lot more and take pressure off my wrists, which allowed me to push harder in the turns. I would have to say that I learned more about how a bike handles in one day of level 1 class than I had in the last five years of riding. The only downside to my increased confidence on my bike is that I have already shaved off half of my gear shift lever and am going to need new rear-sets. Deconstructing the various factors in riding made it much easier to improve my riding quickly by only focusing on one thing at a time. The instructors were great, everyone in the class had a great vibe despite the early rain, and by the end of the day the only thing I wanted was a few more hours of riding. Looking forward to coming back in August.

Eric A


May 2012

Simply phenomenal!!! Clearly, one of the best days of my life. The chance to ride a sportbike on a race track is exhilarating and down right fun! Mike was good about explaining what I was doing wrong and then I improved when I went back out on track. I really enjoyed the classroom presentations as they reflected what I was reading in the Twist of the Wrist II book and video. Made me call back the next day to schedule Level II at Thunderbolt in NJ next month. Also, now I'm convinced I can safely ride in the rain!

John B


May 2012

It was fun and it was very educational. From the first sessions the coach immediately recognized the problems in my riding. The on-track Riding Coach was awesome. The "psychic" feedback was there before I had the question. The downshifting/braking drill really helped me refine my riding. Before this drill I never blip-shifted, which seems crazy now! I blip-shift almost every time I downshift now. It's so much smoother. It was an awesome time!

Will D


May 2012

It was really good. I like the fact that it was about improvong my riding skills. Accomplishing the objectives...not racing the other people taking the class. Mikey was my instructor. He made a point to address me using my name. He spent equal time with the three people in my group. I have an engineering background so I was impressed by the teachers techinical understanding of the physics that take place with the bike while riding. I really enjoyed the school. The handout at the end of the day was a good idea.

David S


May 2012

Impressive. Well organized, well orchestrated..There was nothing I needed that wasn't already there. I had Kristi for 2 days, Jon for 1 day and Josh for the last 2 days...I learned a lot from Kristi and Josh had me riding faster than I've ever ran before. Keith, you're the best. I was very impressed--your DVD Vol II is what really got me to go out there. You have an unmatched talent to articulate what needs to be break it down to such a minute level it forces one to think. That was big for me. To be honest I was surprised with the lean bike drill. After watching a few guys ahead of me, I thought James would wave me off suggesting I have it nailed. It was the complete opposite. He was telling me things about my body position that I didn't realize I was doing. Kristi made a point of coming out to watch ME to ensure I understood what he was telling me...She made a point of coming to see me! I was impressed...The video bike was invaluable. It provides me with the opportunity to see for myself what I'm doing wrong. To be honest, if I didn't see it, I'd have a hard time believing it. I had a fantastic time and would recommend your school to anyone interested in rider training...If I can, I'm going to return next year. My thanks to your whole team for making my 5 days such a pleasant experience. Some started calling me Marathon Man...Lol.



May 2012

The school was very good! This was my first time on a track and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Great job--CANT WAIT TO COME BACK.

Rob G


May 2012

Incredible. I learned what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I also learned many things I was not aware of. Overall, I was impressed with the school and highly recommend it to every rider. Very much so. Hearing from a coach that was dedicated to myself and one other instead of an entire group was great. My coaches were awesome in pointing out what I needed to work on, but also made me work out the solution instead of just saying "do this...". The classroom time was essential in learning the theory behind the drill and explaining how we were to do the drill. I had such a great time, I signed up for Level 3 & 4 the day after I completed 1 & 2.

Craig G


May 2012

It was AWESOME! I was very impressed and able to apply or work on the drill. Thank you CSS for everything and I hope that more riders will be able to contiue to seek improvments and take advantage of the school that you offer. Everything exceeded my expectations and everything from greeting to end of day or camp left me with an experience never to forget. Gerry and Mike I appreciate the feedback and everything that you have pointed out to help me become better!

Pat Y


May 2012

AMAZING! I had never ridden a sportbike before, and went with a friend who had been before. This was the best "adrenaline rush" experience I've ever been to. As long as I listened to the coach input, and tried to make the corrections they suggested, I felt faster and more confident on every track session. I had Joe for Level 1, and Lyle for Level 2. They are awesome teachers--it's always humbling to be mentally challenged by such "youngsters"! I look forward to learning with them and the other coaches in the future. Classroom briefings were incredible. The depth of knowledge by the instructors was unbelievable. As I said earlier, I had never been on a sportbike before, so everything was brand new to me. I was able to learn to ride in a way that I never even dreamed of. Everyone who rides, regardless of brand or style of bike, needs this course; they many not know it yet, but they do. The skills and knowledge gained are invaluable. I ride a full dresser Harley, and the skills I learned have already made me a better and safer rider. Now if I can just move my floorboards a little higher so they don't scrape in corners so much....EVERYTHING about the school greatly exceeded any of my preconceived notions about the school.

Scott B


May 2012

On May 20th I took CSS level 1 at New Jersey, and to sum it up, I was blown away by the whole experience. What an eye opener. In fact I actually signed up for level 2 that same day. I have been itching to get out onto the street since, but between work and lousy weather today was my first time riding since the course, thought I'd share some thoughts. I've been riding for over 20 years,15 on the street and felt I was a safe, good rider. I never realized how much more I could get out of riding until CSS. I was amazed at how practical the techniques learned at level 1 were when applied to real world street riding. My whole riding experience changed...for the better! The confidence and control I felt were immediate. I really felt as if I was one with my bike. I felt safer than I have ever felt on the road, but it was not a false confidence.



May 2012


I took your Level 1 course at Thunderbolt and learned more in that one class than I have in the 5 other courses I've taken over the past 5 years. After 5 years and 91,000+ miles of riding I finally understood some very basic principles like turning and throttle control. Perhaps I was only now ready to learn those basics. I really like how your course breaks down the lessons so we could work on each one at our own pace on the track.

I also bought your DVD (II) which is also extremely helpful and very well done. I have looked at lots of motorcycling instructional DVD's. The quality of most of them is okay but they can be too dry and dull after 20 minutes. Your DVD has a certain Hollywood quality about it. It is interesting throughout and very easy to understand.

Thank you for offering your courses in small one day doses throughout the country. I'm recommending them to all my riding friends, especially at my local Ducati store (in Athens, Ga). I plan to take Level 2 in August.

Greg G.


May 2012

I was finally able to get my bike out on the track, for Christmas my wife purchased me a school day with California Superbike School at NJMP Thunderbolt course. This is the second year in a row she has done this for me--what a great gift. I rode level 2 and Cobie Fair who is Keith Code's lead instructor--my on track coach. It was by far the most productive and educational motorcycle training I have participated in, lot's of what I will call light bulb moments took place. I can't wait to take level 3 and 4, I hope to be able to attend this summer when they return in July and August.

I was also able to shake some of my confidence issues that I closed last season with, I had a few mishaps and it really had me crossed up. Here are a couple of pics from early in the day when we were doing riding drills. If you have ever thought about rider training I would highly recomend CSS, I cannot say enough positive things about the organization



May 2012

Just finished my first Super Bike School at NJMP on May 20, 2012. A couple of quick comments:The entire staff was highly engaged and very helpful all day. Mike was an excellent on-track coach with tremendous insight and leadership on course.The best part of the whole experience was Keith Code. He taught three of the five seminars himself. And he personally worked me and several other students on the parking lot drills with another coach. Who would have thought that would happen!!! His commitment to his students is exemplary and is infectious to the entire staff. Keith: you and the team are the best! Great learning experience, major improvement in my riding and maybe one of the best schools I have ever attended. By the way, I am a 62 year old technology executive and consultant and have continued my education in a variety of areas. So saying it is one of the best experiences of my life is a real "Testament". If you are thinking of attending, pull the trigger and register. You will love it!

Peter Q.


May 2012

I would like to thank the entire CSS team that coordinated, coached, and led the training this week at VIR. In particular, I want to thank Dylan Code for the classroom training for the level 1 group on Tuesday, and to Lyle Warner who was my on-track coach. Lyle did a fantastic job of giving me the specific feedback that helped me, and my riding, and did it in a caring and professional way. He consistently gave me positive coaching, and constructive coaching. I am very grateful, as he gave me something that few others could ever give me; greater confidence in my riding ability. Thank you Lyle.



April 2012

Outstanding! It was a great way to really get a good feel for my bike on the track. My coach was great and really helped a lot. The classes really got me thinking about riding in terms of physics not just going fast and turning. Your school prepared me to become the first person to get a racing license on an electric bike. I have never ridden a gas bike, and your whole team was really helpful with my needs on the electric bike. That plus how much fun it was for me, got me thinking about racing. After talking with the TTXGP team, they supported me in my ideas of becoming a racer and are very excited to see me get my expert license before the next TTXGP. On a more powerful electric bike of course.

B Miller


April 2012

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the California Superbike School. I recently attended the school in Las Vegas (level 1 & 2) and can honestly say this is a first class operation. Thank you Keith Code for dedicating your riding and racing experience to further the education of other riders, and building solid core fundamentals in those you teach. Thanks as well to Jon and Pete for your keen eye and constant input. I'm a much better rider because of it. To all the staff behind the scenes, from the grub trailer to classroom staff, it is evident you love your job (I would too).I look forward to my next school.

Don B.


April 2012

I want to express my sincerest thanks to the entire CSS team for quite the learning experience. Finished up Levels 1 & 2 yesterday at Infineon, after not being on a track in almost a full year. Thanks to Dylan and Pete for the very insightful cornering theory seminars that seamlessly flowed from the previous session into what the focus was for the following ones. My off-track coaches, Brian (Steering Bike) and Joe (Lean Bike), as I saw first hand they continue to work with students until they "get it" and are confident enough to give the techniques a try on the track. My on-track coach, Gerry, whom I was fortunate to have work with me both days. Hell of a rider, and an even better coach that somehow had 4 positives for everything I thought I did wrong/needed improvement on (any chance at coming up to Brainerd raceway or Road America raceway? Lol). And the "track mom", Crystal. Kept us straight, and in the know on where to go and keeping food & liquids available for us. Absolutely no clue how her voice wasn't gone halfway thru each day, lol.

So many AH HA!s that I thought I already knew from books & watching dvds...but can only be truly be absorbed by putting itto practice. Vision drills were HUGE for me. Couple of tweaks in bp have me lower and further inside. And that bike!!! So smooth. :-)



April 2012

Just got back last night. What a gas. Three of us did levels 3&4. Me on the mutant ZRX, my buddy on a ZX6, and other buddy on their BMW S1000RR.... we all learned a lot.... level 4 really helped me, got great answers to specific body questions. These guys are almost telepathic in their methods, they know what you aren't doing, and know how YOU'RE gonna figure it out to get to the next step. The outside leg/lock to the stompgrip' thing was the key for me. I was turning w/everybody but the real fast guys. Anybody thinking of doing this, just phuquein' DO IT!!! gotta find the $$$ for the '2-day' school next..... Barber is AMAZING.

-Posted on ZRX Owners Association Forum


April 2012

Amazing, I'll be back for III and IV soon. It was so fun I bought a sport bike to ride. My on track coach was fantastic. He would break down and clarify my mistakes and improvements with just the right touch. Never too much info at once, but always enough to keep me thinking about what I can do to improve. The steering revolutionized my riding. I had no idea how poorly I was doing it before. I wish more riders would take this class. I ride a Harley as a daily rider and took this class to be a more informed and skilled rider. I didn't expect it to lead down the road of buying a sport bike and craving more classes.The school is so well staffed and I always felt like someone was there to help at any moment. The entire staff is very approachable, which I feel is key for creating an honest learning environment in an arena where machismo and pride can easily over shadow an informative lesson. I never felt belittled or a target for jokes even though my riding skills could easily provoke those feelings! I think each lesson eloquently builds from the previous one and they all tie together moving forward. It's quite simple an approach and perfect for clarifying how to progress on the track. Everything exceeded my expectations. I look forward to more.



April 2012

The school was outstanding. I improved my riding and confidence significantly in a single day and had a ton of fun doing it. I'm already signed up to do level II and hope to get more track time in before then (and I'm working on the wife to let me get a BMW S1000RR! My coach was Steve and he was great all day. He really helped me to understand why certain things happened and helped. The format of classroom sessions followed immediately by track time is the best way to learn. The instructors were great. Dylan and the rest of the team did a great job. I learned so much and had so much fun doing it. I can't wait to return for level II. Keep up the good work and keep coming back to Northern California.

Jeff U


April 2012

As always it was excellent. This was my 7th time attending and I do learn more every time I go. Both Lyle and Cobie were great help but Cobie I felt strayed from the curriculum to help me get through problems I was having finding a flow through the track. That was invaluable to me at my first non CSS track day. Doing level 4 I appreciated the discussions after the sessions. It was helpful sometimes to hear other peoples ideas. Course Control was really great and I always felt that he and the corner workers worked very hard to police good riding behavior for all the levels on track.

Greg H


April 2012

I had a great time and learned things that 43 years of riding didn't teach me. Chasing the coach on track was the most fun I have ever had while learning. I was surprised at the improvement a few subtle differences can make. Can't wait for level 3.

Gary F


April 2012

It was a pleasure to attend your school at Street of Willow Springs this last week, I have not had so much fun in a very long time. Your entire staff is kind, encouraging and so helpful I could not have felt in better hands to be taught the necessary skills to build my confidence as a rider. The method you use to teach and build each lesson upon the previous lesson was so basic, but built the foundation we needed to improve as the day went on. I haven't been able to do many things for myself as I was raising kids. So to be able to attend this course was so empowering to me and has only increased my love of riding that much more, this is a very addicting sport.

Carol C.


April 2012

I just got back from your 2 day course in Vegas and I just want to say that this was the most professionally run school/learning sessions I have ever experienced. The girls coralling all of us to get to our places, the off track instruction, the class instruction, the video review, the guy reminding us prior to pulling out on the track of what we were to learn, the camera bike girl, and the track coach were all first class. I must say a special thanks to my track coach (Josh)--what a class guy. The way he picked up on what I was or wasn't doing and the way he would help (not condescending whatsoever) was truly amazing! Thanks again and now I know why you guys are so successful. I'll be back!!

Darrell P.


April 2012

This was fantastic. I continued to learn a lot and by the 2nd day had finally fixed a positioning problem that plagued my right turns for the last year. Also, HUGE improvement of the students--it's nice to ride on track without some jerk with a fantasy that he's Rossi. The ship was run tight and it showed. I made huge improvements, fixed nagging important problems due to detailed help from Mike and Lyle and had a blast doing it.

At our next track day at Fontana, I clipped off 15 seconds from my time (15!!) while practicing what I'd learned with the CSS team. I like that what the classroom coach would talk to me about wasn't always the same as what my on-track talked about so I felt like the combos always fit together but gave me more to work with and work on at once. I thank you all in my helmet around some mountain turn every single day I ride and look forward to continuing my improvements. The mechanic, Will, was really helpful on site with suspension, advice, and the inspection process for our bikes was 100x what any track day org ever did, so they caught a couple issues for me that could have eventually caused problems. Very thankful for all their help.

Jill L.


March 2012

It was addicting. For me and my son, it was one of the best times ever!!!!! I can't wait for the next lessons.

Don D


March 2012

I really enjoyed the school, it was my first real training on a high level sportbike. I was so impressed with Dylan's writeup on the safety features of the S1000RR (I saw it in a Magazine at work) that I actually bought a 2011 model a few months before my class and started riding it to learn the bike. ALL the coaches were professional and sincere in helping me on the drills but yes my Riding Coach was extremely helpful. I asked tons of questions, and he was honest and upfront with answers and feedback. I truly felt I have improved based on what he showed me and the feedback given. He was really interested in helping me improve. It was a truly awesome school, I learned a lot more than I expected to pick up in such a compressed amount of time. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to improve cornering, turn points, quick turns and other critical riding skills. These skills work on the street as well as the track.

Terry W.


March 2012

The school was a confidence building, eye opening, totally thrilling, incredibly fun experience! Given the opportunity I'd choose to attend again without a second thought. Pete and Chris were assigned to me and the other student I was paired with. They asked for my impression of my execution of the on-track drill, they filled me in with their impression of my execution, and the dialogue that followed was the perfect way for me to learn. Hearing how to do something is one thing, getting out on the track to do it is another. The briefings were spot-on with vocabulary and real-world examples I could understand that translating the "textbook" method to the "track" method was a breeze. The off-track instructor found leaning tendencies I didn't know I had that were working against me. The next time out I worked to improve and my riding coach noticed! All the coaches (including my own riding coaches) were easily approachable, and the staff was incredibly helpful. On the second day I wasn't able to complete the 2nd to last drill because of major eye irritation that was keeping me from seeing clearly. I pulled off early and one of the staff came by to see what was up. i told her, and she went to find eye drops for me so i could get back out to ride! If I remembered her name I'd demand she get a pay bonus!

Phil R.


Feb 2012

This was unbelievable!! Absolutely loved the school. It was a great experience and invaluable lessons were learned. Cobie was fantastic at relating his assessments of my ability and conveying to me the necessary adjustments I needed to improve. I knew what to expect and was prepared every time going onto the track. Overall, invaluable! This is a must take course for anyone wanting to take their riding to the next level, whether it is pure track or road riding.

Jeff N.


December 2011

My name is Daniela. I am "horsepower". I am a former pro motorsport racer, an A track rider and a track instructor. I have ridden with every promoter and have taken a few schools as well. I did not post this because as a track rider I ride with every promoter and go where the track calls, but in truth the BIGGEST single advance in my riding actually came from a $34 video...and not a $3300 school: twist of the wrist II on dvd. I read the books Twist 1 and 2 10x but never fully got the concepts down until it was put into a simple to understand video and visually shown to my pea brain!!!! It really took the keith code everyone- must-follow-some-simple-facts- to- turn- a- bike- well- dvd for my biggest advances to occur even as a faster rider!!! It broke the concepts down so that I could understand them and put them to suggestion is to buy the dvd. ...I have passed this DVD onto many friends and seen instant advances in safety, skill and speed. Buy it. You will not be disappointed. See you on the track!

Best wishes - Daniela


September 2011

Keith, after I took your classes I ended up attending over 25 track days last year. I just went nuts on wanting to be a better and faster rider. In October of last year I joined the AFM and went from my R1 to a 600 and immediately went faster everywhere on the track. The funny part about this is even on the straights I went faster. I am nowwhere near very fast yet but I have surprised myself, and plenty of others of how fast I have become in such a short period of time. I bought my first bike 8 months before I took your class. I am a mid packer in the 600 classes (even in my first race) and only 5-8 seconds off the leaders pace. I took third in the new clubman middleweight race and I am on track to be a top 10 novice this year in the AFM too. There are a few things I still remind myself even during a race that I learned from your level one class. I definitely have you and CSS to thank for my progress.

R. Milano


September 2011

Hey Keith, While riding back to NYC from the Indianapolis MotoGP I had a SUV cut in front of me from the left lane while I was passing in the right hand lane. While I always try to anticipate someone doing something unexpected I must have let my guard down a bit because when he turned into me it was so quick I'm still not sure that it wasn't intentional--my buds think it was from what they saw watching it all from behind me.

My first reaction was to grab a handful of front brake but as I did he was literally pushing me into the shoulder gravel. The front end washed out and I was falling to my left. Somehow I kept the bike upright by pushing off the SUV on my left and straighten the front wheel that had locked completely to the left. Now I'm heading at 50-60 MPH into the guard rail, only inches away. As you know when you get into near death situations your brain can sometimes focus on things very clearly. I looked away from the guard rail, grabbed a handful of throttle and drove away. This all happened in a matter of 2-3 seconds. Somewhere in my brain I was taught to look towards where you want to go and accelerating will settle the bike down. I really am serious that this concept jumped out of my brain as an answer to my precarious situation with this SUV.

I used to say I spent all of my money on motorcycles, women and beer and the rest of the money I wasted! I will now add your name to that short list of important expenditures!!!!! And if you ever need more of a testimonial than getting your lap times down...

PS: The only damage to my bike in a big tire swirl etched into my left fairing! Hope to see you guys again soon on one of your eastern trips!

Michael W.


September 2011

It's just 24 hours after I got up to prepare for my day on the track with the California Superbike School at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. By the time my husband and I got home last night, unpacked our stuff & showered the day's sweat away it was 10 pm. It had been a long day, but we were still keyed up!

After the school we hopped in our truck and headed home, spending the better part of the hour plus ride yacking and laughing over more details of the day. We both had taken level 4 that day, me for the first time and him for the second. My husband was in green group and I was in white, but as it turned out we both had Lyle as an on track coach and Mike as an in-class coach. We shared what each of our main goals and obstacles had been that day and what we had accomplished. As my husband always says, if we came away with learning just one new thing, we would be better riders. I myself know I came away from this day learning a lot, about cornering, using the three step, opening my vision (wide view) and how I interact with my bike. There is so much to learn & I had so much fun doing it. School that is fun--doesn't get much better than that!! The two main things I wanted to share with you in this letter is how much your school has improved two normal, every day, crazy passionate, always-wanting-to-be-riding, people's lives. And...(deep breath in) how we are ALWAYS impressed by the staff of California Superbike School! We can't speak highly enough of these great folks. Lyle was a fantastic on track coach, my husband & I both felt his professional excitement and passion for his coaching. He made me feel extremely comfortable, I have a tendency to feel overloaded with information and my brain seizes up. He made me laugh and relax, which in turn helped me focus on just what I needed to work on. On the track, he was amazing. I followed him, did what he did, and worked! Likewise, teamed up with Mike in the classroom, (relaxed, casual & professional) we got to the root of my issue, attacked it, and moved on. I FEEL LIKE I HIT A NEW PLATEAU WITH MY RIDING! I can't wait to come back! And YES, we tell EVERYONE we meet, that has ridden or wants to ride, about CSS! Best Wishes for continued success in changing people's lives.

Robin H


August 2011

Amazing!! I never expected to learn so much in one day. My on track riding coach was great. He was able to point out some dangerous habits I've had right away. I was able to correct myself and start progressing immediately. The technical briefings were very clear and concise. They made sure everyone was on the same page before we went back onto the track. I did the steering drill, this personally taught me a lot. Coming from a dirt bike background this helped immensely. It showed me how crouch and use counter steering in the most efficient way to maneuver my bike. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who has ever dreamed of riding the track (like myself) or anyone who wants to be more competent on the street. There is no way you could walk away from a day with this team without learning something valuable.

Jonah D.


August 2011

The school was outstanding, everything I hoped it would be. My on track coach, Eric, was excellent. He was clear, reinforced the lessons being taught, focused questions and concerns and provided good feedback. A very good instructor. I appreciated the structure of each seminar--the "issue", the physiological explanation for the "issue", the relationship between the physiological response and riding, and how to address and overcome the issue. Excellent teaching approach. The drills allow for specific body positioning explanations, adjustment and practice. I found them very useful. I have taught courses, been taught in the academic setting and in such varied settings as survival preparation for the Arctic and a number of mountain climbing courses. This course is distilled substance. Very little if any wasted time or explanation. In the time, the course hits the right depth of explanation, theory and reinforcement. This is truly a very impressive course, clearly that which has been learned through trial and error over many years has been captured in this course. I am generally ruthless in my assessments and utterly incapable of sitting still for hot air. I cannot tolerate wasted time, particularly when it is my free time. I can say that the course met its very considerable reputation and then some. I intend to recommend it to everyone who wishes to improve their riding. My expectations were met and exceeded as a consequence of the thoroughly professional team who taught the course. Thank you again.

Andrew B


August 2011

I love this school, the format of off track, on-track and coaching. My coach's comments were very constructive and delivered in a manner that was welcoming and inviting. His on track coaching, following his lines and timely taking the lead were perfect. The information of the technical briefings was phenomenal. I really wish I could add something on which you could improve, but honestly I felt is was spot on!

Joe W


August 2011

The experience was absolutely fantastic. I learn a ton each time I attend a class, my riding improves, and I enjoy the process. I am completely addicted. My coach Al is a very gifted teacher, extremely kind, and always able to make the right suggestion or correction to help me with my riding. He also can tell right away when frustration sets in and will add the perfect compliment or words of encouragement. Great guy! The classroom sessions and L4 sessions with Keith were clear and well prepared. I think that the school's employees are what truly make you special. Every single person at the track (and office), are friendly, helpful, and a pleasure to be around. Well done!

Philip M


August 2011

The experience was very impressive and I learned things I never even imagined about riding and motorcycles. 110 percent all of the coaches thru both days and levels 1 and 2 were great. I cant say enough on the the entire program. The classroom opened your eyes and prepared you for the drills. The lean bike and steering drill really opened up my eyes to the mechanics of riding, and I have been able to become a better track rider because of these bikes and drills. This school is above excellent. The informatin and riding I learned has made me a better and more confident rider. Its not about speed but technique, I will be attending the school again to complete levels 3 and 4 in the spring. I learned so much in 2 days that every time I go to the track I work on a specific drill. The information provided during the school sessions was amazing, it was a lot to take in. You gave me the tools to being better and now its up to me to improve. I highly reccomend this school to anyone who rides on the street or track.

Jeff W


July 2011

My coach (Lyle) was great--patient also. By applying the things that I learned at your school I was moved out of the beginners group at my first trackday.

J. Duncan


July 2011

The day was excellent. I plan to take level 4 again. I found the classroom essential to the progress. Overall the program is excellent. As is often stated, I thought I knew how to ride until I went to CSS. My expectations were exceeded, this is the phrase I spread to the motorcycle community.

Scott S.


July 2011

The school was one of the best experiences. I am so glad I did it. It was definitely some of the best money I have ever spent. The format was great. The school is organized, the classroom sessions were very helpful. The on-track coaching was fantastic not to mention the bikes. The BMW S1000RR is a great bike. Whether you think you are doing something right or wrong, my coach either pulled me off while I was on the track or just the post track sessions helped me to master the drills and improve my riding. The classroom discussions were good and kept you focused on the next drill. I had only been on a track once before coming to the school. I have ridden sport bikes and cruisers on the street for over 20 years. After taking the class I went to a track day and signed up for the intermediate class. I was a little unsure if I should have jumped up from the Novice session but after 1 session I knew how effective the class had been. I had incredible lap times, I was touching my knee on almost every turn and by the end of the day, I was keeping up with the instructors and the top intermediate riders. My friend who has been track bike riding for over 6 years could not keep up with me. While I still have a lot to learn, the experience was great and now that I have taken levels 1 and 2, I am definitely coming back next year to do levels 3 and 4.

Bob C.


July 2011

The school was excellent. Instruction both on and off the track was superb. Support services were great, beyond my expectations. My coach was a clearly talented professional. I particularly felt the one step at a time, building block approach was well suited for teaching our class. My school experience was so good and I felt I improved so much, that I believe it was easily the best motorcycle training I've ever had. I would like to come again for Levels 3 & 4. Everything about the course met or exceeded my expectations. I am now one of your many happy graduates and vocal advocates.

Steve S.


July 2011

You guys are great--the best money that I've spent on motorcycling. I have so much more confidence and fun at track days now that I have a systematic approach to riding.

Les W.


July 2011

My experience was outstanding. I was particularly impressed with the smooth flow of the process--check in, gear, information. All staff that I came in contact with were very helpful. I took level 1 and 2 courses. Both coaches were very helpful. I think that the immediate feedback and precise language greatly accelerated the learning process. Laura, my level 2 coach, was very adept at interpreting my descriptions of the problem areas and explaining the root cause and possible remedies. Explaining is perhaps not the best term to use she asked questions and my answers usually pointed the way to the solution--very Socratic and effective. The classroom briefings really helped me. It increased my confidence knowing what to do and made it simpler to learn from the coaches on the track. I was delighted and will be taking more classes as soon as possible. Heading into the first day I was anxious about having no track experience and being in the way or trashing a new S1000. Everyone I met was encouraging and helpful including the other students which made it much easier to learn and be comfortable. This has to be the best deal in all of motorcycling.

Roy T.


June 2011

My experience at the school was outstanding. By far the greatest recreational experience of my life. The staff was approachable and professional. The classes were informative and the post track critique was exactly the type of feedback that breeds improvement. My coaches, Pete(Level I) and Joe(Level II), were clear and explained the good things and the not so good things I did on the track. Also provided tips on how to improve on what I needed to improve. The fact that you go from a technical brief to the track while it was still fresh in your head really helped facilitate practicing them on the track. Also, because of the sequence of which they were taught, I was able to take what I had learned earlier and add to it. In my haste to leave after the second day in order to make my flight home, I left behind my helmet and gloves. Karyn contacted the crew at the track and not only did they track it down, but sent it to me via UPS! It made what could have been a fairly expensive boneheaded move a non issue for me. I really appreciate it. If anything not only were my expectations met, but exceeded. The experience was first class all the way. I cannot wait to attend Levels III and IV.

Ozzy P.


June 2011

The overall experience was very educational and eye opening. I came to the school with over 15 years of riding experience and tweaked or changed every aspect of the way I now ride to some level or degree. The on-track coaching staff were very knowledgeable. The attention paid to me by the coach on the track was beyond valuable to how I was practicing the drills. The instructors teaching the lecture portion of the school knew all the material front to back. It shows as I would look around the class and see that everyone was engaged in the lecture and yearning to take any and all knowledge the instructor would give. The steering bike changed most of my body position. It is a very basic principle and I even watched others do it and listened to the feedback. With that, on my first run I went back to the way "I" knew how it should done. But I was open to any and all information and I changed how I positioned my body and saw immediate improvements in the stability and ride-ability of the motorcycle. The only thing to say is I can not wait to complete levels 3&4 and then attend the CODE RACE school. How often does one average person get two days with 1st class instruction and NOT have questions that he wants answered and clarification on what he learned.

John D.


June 2011

Hi, I just got back from your school at Barber Motorsports Park and wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience it was. Your staff were great. They are very nice and helpful in every way. The classroom sessions where great. The concepts where presented well and made clear by the instructors. The on-track exercises really helped with understanding and applying the concepts presented in the classroom. Your on-track coaches where extremely helpful. Darren and Josh both where excellent. I had all of my questions answered with really good feedback on what I was doing right or wrong. I had a difficult time with a couple of the exercises and the on-track coaches made suggestions that really worked. Their instruction made the concept clearer and really let me apply it on the track. The changes they suggested or thinking about the concept from the perspective they provided really worked for me. The off-track experience was just as good. The staff answered any questions and where always there for me during the weekend. Everyone was friendly, polite and accommodating. You should be proud of each and every one of them. I can not tell you how much my riding improved during the weekend. Your methods really worked. I cant wait to continue with levels 3 and 4. Again, thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

Bruce B.

June 2011

I just got back from a 2 day school, first and second levels at Barber this weekend. What a gas. The Barber track and Museum were totally astounding to a nimrod like me. Keith Code is a great guy, great teacher, as was his son Dylan and the whole staff, absolutely top shelf. It was my first track experience, and I gotta say, I couldn't find a single thing negative about the whole thing, and those 2 days encompassed a tremendous amount of stuff. I've got to go back.

Dave S.

April 2011

Just finished Levels 1 & 2 at Las Vegas, and I had a great experience. My coach Jamie was great! Patient and encouraging. The group was very organized and professional. I appreciated the time and dedication the instructor\'s take into honing their craft because the knowledge base is profound. Though my interaction with Pete, James, Misti, and Dylan (can't remember everyone's names) were brief, it was very meaningful. The school answered a lot of my questions and allowed me to face my fears and gain a greater understanding and respect for racing/riding at a higher level. I could go on and on...but the bottom line is it was a fantastic experience and all of the staff help me to grow and enjoy my time at the school. I will most likely be back next year or sometime in the future.

B. Stanislaus

March 2011

I just want say how pleased I was with the training I received at the two day camp at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I learned more in those two days about riding than I have over the last 7 years being on a sport bike. The staff was great, the bikes were incredible, and the self satisfaction is almost unmeasurable. I can't wait to get back on the track! Thanks Again.

Bryan D.

2010 Student Feedback


November 2010

Overall I can't imagine a better program to help you understand how you ride and become better.

So much to process that I'm still talking about it and learning what I was taught in two days. Along with the classroom to track exercises the Coach was invaluable to fine tune my mistakes and get the most out of the day. Everyone had a great attitude and made waking up so early tolerable. The very professional yet laid back attitude is why I'm looking to come back for levels 3 and 4.

Greg H.

October 2010

I knew that Keith ran a very professional organization, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see that professionalism in full form over the 2-day camp. Everyone, from coaches to the girls helping with sign-in, agenda, etc. were extremely professional.

I couldn't help but notice the extent to which my coaches (Pete and Lonnie) were NOT just going through the motions of helping me. Not one time did I ever feel like they were there because they were being paid...and instead I felt like they really took pride i helping me improve.


Mike W.

October 2010

My coach pointed out where I was not doing drills correctly and effectively communicated in a way that I realized my inefficiencies.

I am impressed how the school is broken down into bite sized pieces that are directly related to the drills. The cumulative effect is exceptional. I have been riding on and off for over 30 years.

While I am a fan of racing, I never had a desire to be a racer and am not a speed freak. I have known for a long time that I wanted some advanced riding instruction beyond what I could learn from reading the books and magazines. I read them all!

Your class could get me to change my mind about track riding. It is addictive. I might try some local track days now.

Daryl M.

October 2010

After the school I smiled just thinking about it for weeks, it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I can remember in recent memory. My coach Misti was top notch, both in terms of her ability to perceive my riding skill level, troubleshoot problems, and effectively communicate how to fix them. II can't imagine a better coach.

Both Keith and Dylan did a great job of explaining the goals of the drills, and communicating their understanding of the science and physics where appropriate.

As a neurologist and neuroscientist, I was very impressed with their discussion of the human visual system and its strengths and weaknesses in the context of riding a motorcycle at high speeds. The school is world class in every way.

I have wanted to go the school since age 16 growing up in LA in the 1980's, hearing about it at a local bike shop, but didn't have the money. Going to the school was really a dream come true for m. I imagine Keith thought I was a freak because I had such a perma-grin on my face and was star struck just talking with him, but it really meant a lot to me to have the opportunity to get training like that. I have already joined a local club and am gearing up for track days this coming season.

Bob B.

September 2010

As always I had a great experience with the on and off track staff and love riding at VIR. It continues to be my favorite track. Feedback was useful and my riding definitely improved. The level 4 classroom sessions were fantastic.

I enjoyed having a discussion with the off track coach that was tailored to my problems and areas of desired improvement. I think the change to the BMW S1000RRs is a great move.

The bike is very easy to ride and the electronics are brilliant! I enjoyed this year's classes more than the ones I attended using the Kawasaki ZX-6Rs. There will hopefully be a BMW in my garage in the near future.

Michael L.

July 2010

I have been describing my experience at CSS (to anyone who will listen) as the best money I've spent on motorcycling. I felt the program was exceptionally well organized, well executed, and very effective. This is coming from someone who has spent many a wasted hour in disorganized, poorly executed, and ineffective corporate training. This is a polished program that delivered more than I could have hoped for in one day at the track. My heartfelt thanks to the whole team. I began the day with Pete and I have to say he was outstanding. He clearly was observant of both where I was doing well and where I needed work (both on the track physically and in relation to the drills specifically). I was very impressed with the level of attention he was able to give my riding while working with several other students, he clearly understood my needs as a student in relation to my level of riding and the subject matter at hand. I found Keith and Dylan's style of lecturing to be both engaging and effective in involving the class and helping the students grasp the concepts. I never felt the lectures were "canned" or "brain dumped", Keith and Dylan were both interactive with the students and, as I've told several people, Keith was quick to point out that he expected the students to be involved as well. As an advocate of education in any pursuit, I highly recommend CSS to anyone who rides a motorcycle.

C. White

July 2010

The school was excellent; exceeded my expectations by far. My skills and abilities greatly increased due to the coaches' help. They were able to point out the smallest errors I made and were able to help me correct them in no time. The briefings were very straight forward, clear, and easy to understand. The entire staff and crew were amazingly nice and helpful, the bikes ran great, food was good, the skills I learned in two short days there would have taken who knows how long to learn on my own, if at all.

Ben C.

July 2010

The school was Fantastic. Very friendly people, great instruction, and the instant feedback from coaches is a huge asset. Having instant feedback on what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right was instrumental in improving each time out on the track. It was amazing how each step has been systematized and walks you progressively through steps to improve skills. I had not been on a bike in 5 years prior to attending your school and the confidence that was instilled in me in such a short amount of time was incredible. Applying what I learned boosted my confidence.

Robert M.

June 2010

Unfortunately I'm in Florida and coming to another CA Superbike School this year probably will not happen, but I did my Level 1 at Barber, in Leeds, Alabama last year and I can see why Keith says the coaching is all in his classes. Even with Level 1 the individual coaching trackside and the small classes with Keith teaching were incredibly valuable. I'm 60, ride daily, 10,000 miles a year, and have well over 100,000 miles experience and yet I found how much I DID NOT KNOW by attending Superbike School. It was THE MOST FUN day of my life and I will come back to get my higher levels in time.

Just wanted to say thank you to Keith and his great instructors. They really help their students ride better, and faster.

Philip L

June 2010

I'll put it like this: "The greatest day of riding I have ever experienced". What I found amazing is that my coach knew exactly where I was having problems and I never saw him when I was messing up. It took 3 sessions before I finally got the switch back on turns 4 and 5. But he worked with me through it each session after we practiced the lesson at hand. I quickly learned that I couldn't guess what was coming next. But each lesson seemed to fit perfectly as the "next step" after the previous lesson. It's amazing how wrong everything was that I thought I knew. The throttle control lesson was incredible. It was very difficult for me to comprehend at first because of fear. But it worked. Following my instructor who was traveling waaaaay too fast, or so I thought. As I watched this man drop his bike over and take a hand off to indicate "roll on". Petrified, I followed and I didn't die. As I quickly found out, this stuff works!! Amazing. It pretty much went like that for the rest of the and follow my coach...try works...confidence...let's do that again but faster. Amazing. Exceeded my wildest dreams, literally.

Dan C.

June 2010

When I took level 1 last year I couldn't get over how quickly someone can improve over a few hours. Level 2 provided the same experience. I plan on returning for level 3. I love the way the feedback was presented to me. My coach was perfect at making me realize my mistakes without putting me down. A+++. The classroom training was informative yet entertaining. Everything was great. Keep up the friendly, well thought out instruction and I will keep coming back--customer for life.

Pat C

June 2010

The school was outstanding. The entire CSS team is top notch! My coach Lyle provided excellent feedback, giving me specific goals to work on rather than general remarks. He helped me to understand the techniques and was VERY encouraging. The classroom sessions were an excellent opportunity to gain a high level of understanding about the upcoming drill. It was the perfect blend of classroom time, track time, and coach time.

Dan S

June 2010

Words don't describe what you have taught me. All the one on one assistance, the step by step drills, the debrief with the coaches. I can't say enough to express my thanks. I like the way other race schools give you chunks of information to take out on the track and practice, but I like how you guys take that chunk and break it down into single drills. That really takes all the guess work out of the type of input we give the bike. This was by far the best school I have ever attended. Everything I experienced in those two days were geared to assist me in becoming a better and more confident rider in my opinion. I really enjoyed every bit of it.

A. Jones

June 2010

The school went great. Before attending California Superbike School I had done at least 7 track days last year, and 6 track days this year with a track day organization I'm a member of. I rode in the newbie's group at that track day organization the whole time and could not make any major progress. I crashed many times at different track day events. I could not figure out the solution to my problems. During the steering drill with my CSS coach, she asked me if I had a problem seeing into turns and pointed out that my helmet may be slightly too big. I was amazed and impressed because that was one of my problems while riding at previous track day events. I described the problem many times to my friends and they would tell me that I was looking at the ground or I wasn't looking where I needed to go. I was given some helmet pads by your staff and the problem was solved (that simple).

At my next track day after attending your school, I was working on entry speed, steering and the throttle control drill that I learned from your school. A control rider from the track day organization signaled for me to follow him so I followed. After a few laps he signaled for us to pit. He told me he couldn't believe that I was the same rider who crashed weeks ago. The next session he bumped me to the intermediate level. Your school has provided me the knowledge that I needed to move forward in this sport; the drills make riding simpler every time I practice them. Big thumbs up to you, your coaches and staff. I had a pleasurable experience.

Robert G

May 2010

It was more than I expected. I learned so much that I still practice it when I ride on the street. It was the most fun I have had in my life.

Matt W.

May 11, 2010

One of the most exciting days of my life. I appreciate the short focus of each classroom/track drill, which made the lesson easier to assimilate. Will sign up for level 2 at Thunderbolt later in Summer. The experience exceeded all expectations.

John Z

May 11, 2010

CSS is a total class act. Your riding technology is simply phenomenal. Each level intelligently builds on the previous foundation. You provide a chest full of priceless riding tools that manifest tangible results in each and every riding session. Whenever I couldn't execute a new technique on my own, your coaches patiently ( you guys & gals) redirected my efforts and empowered me to deliver the goods.

Ed P

April 2010

It was an excellent experience for me, my coach answered several questions I had in regards to areas of the track I was having difficulty with. The technical briefings were excellent, as was the Lean bike--it changed my riding style after that drill. The staff at the Keith Code school are very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous, allowing for an ideal learning experience. I will be returning for level III and Level IV.

Joe L

April 18-19, 2010

The School exceeded my expectations, which were high. Everything about CSS was professional, well-designed, executed with student learning paramount and refined with a level of polish rarely seen in professional education.I thoroughly enjoyed the school, hope to return for levels 3& 4 and would highly recommend to anyone engaged in motorcycling. Keith, you've hired very, very well.

Ken D

March 2010

The school was an amazing and rewarding experience. I have been riding motorcycles for many years without any advanced training or education prior to this school, having gained my skills from experience on the road. Through the school, I was able to increase my understanding of cornering and make a few minor adjustments to polish my skills which also improved my overall confidence level. I was impressed with the operation and the personal touches that were incorporated in the school. I realized the quality of the school from the passion exuded from all the coaches and staff/team members.

Dan C

March 2010

Firstly the school is an unbelievable experience and I have to say it is worth every penny. I would equate it to Helli Skiing in Canada. I think that after 3 days I have a much deeper understanding of riding a motorcycle, I feel much more confident that I can ride faster, safer and smoother and that I will be able to get much more out of every ride I go on. Keith Code is a master, he is a guru and an artful instructor. He and his coaches understand how to teach the art of turning a bike. Each day was filled with knowledge, practice, recursion and reciprocation, each drill is designed to advance your abilities. They don't let you move on until you get what they are saying. You practice and are assessed all the time. We had 1 coach for 2 students so you felt very cared for. You are filmed, photographed, you ride your butt off, you ride the lean machine, you sit on stationary bikes and have your body position looked at...they don't miss anything. When you make mistakes they treat you graciously but's safe, fast and fun...I am going back next year because I can't get the smile off my face.


March 2010

Still buzzed from my fantastic weekend! I didn’t really talk with you much Sunday afternoon, so I wanted to tell you why I had such a ridiculous goofy big smile on my face at the end of the day.

I was having fun the whole weekend, and had great coaching on and off the track, but on Sunday in the second to last session, Steve and I did a passing drill, and OH MY GOD that put me over the moon. I took off TEN SECONDS in FOUR LAPS. Ten!! His other student was doing camera review, so he was able to ride with me most of the session. We did three laps at around 2:14 (which was about a second faster than I had been running), and he passed me at all my weak areas, then on the fourth lap I decided I didn’t want to be passed any more, fixed those slow spots, and did a 2:04. Wow.

After that, in the last session, I was tired and chose to ease up and just work on keeping a nice flow around the track. I thought I was going slow but in fact I did totally consistent 2:11s, my fastest overall session of the weekend.

Pretty cool, huh? Every time I come to school I come away absolutely thrilled. I don’t know how you guys do it, but please keep doing it.

Many thanks,
Laura O

February 2010

Keith I am a very big fan of yours I have all your books and DVDs. I am from Adelaide South Australia I've been doing your school in Melbourne at Phillip Island I am up to level 2. Keith, thank you so so much in putting your time in to help people ride better and be safer on the roads , there have been 3 close calls in which I put your skills to practice and if I didn't I would have been dead or crippled buy now so thank you so so much for educating me to become a better rider.

Robert R

January 2010

I'd like to make an observation about the, "Code," method, and crashing:

I did all four levels of CSS last year at Thunderbolt. For most of the four days, my coach was James Toohey. I don't know if that was by accident or by design, (I suspect the latter, I've spent some time wondering about how coaches are paired with students, but that's the subject for another thread), but in any case, I found him to be an amazing coach. It's one thing to be able to ride fast, and quite another to be able to show somebody else
how to ride fast. James is very adept at both.

In any case, after our first sesssion on day 4, I pulled in for the customary debriefing. What James said to me has been bouncing around in my head ever since. What he told me, (and I'm paraphrasing now), is:

"Elton, you're going much faster now than you were on day 1. You're on the verge of crashing, and you don't even know it. You're scaring me; I'm worried you're gonna crash. You're making some mistakes that you were making on day 1, but on day 1 you weren't going fast enough to matter. Now that you're getting closer to the edge, it matters a whole lot. You're about to low-side. I want you to slow down about 5% and let's go back to some basics." And with that, he coached me on body position, pick up, and a couple of other things. Within a couple of sessions, I was back up to speed, and smoother and safer.

What struck me about this conversation was how in tune James was with where I was in my training, both mentally and physically. He allowed me to develop, gain confidence, and then, reined me in a bit before an accident. An accident that likely would have shaken my confidence, ruined my day, set me back in my training, and cost me money. This incident is an example of a CSS coach putting into practice the principles Keith is writing about in this article. Amazing! And at the same time, simple. It's no coincidence that CSS has less crashes. I didn't know the numbers until reading them in Keith's article, but given my experience at CSS, I wasn't surprised.

Exchanges like this are why CSS is worth every penny. This is the difference between following some CR around at a track day, (who may very well know how to ride fast, but probably doesn't know the first thing about teaching somebody else how to ride fast), and professional coaching. And this is the reason I've signed up for all 13 CSS days this year at Thunderbolt.

Elton A

2009 Student Feedback

December 2009

It was amazing. I learned so much in just one day that it improved my riding so much not only on track, but on the street as well. I feel much more confident with my understanding of the bike and how I can affect it. It feels almost effortless now. My coach Kristi was amazing. She helped me immensely where she knew I had trouble and cleared it up right away in our meetings afterward. I went on track after and I could clearly understand what she was pointing out and telling me. Through turning it around and asking me the questions, I was able to analyze myself to the point where I'm able to help myself and notice improper techniques, etc and I can correct myself.

Without the classroom the on track experience wouldn't work and I wouldn't be able to understand as well as I did what I was doing on track. It was almost like I was coming in after a practice session in Motogp or WSBK, talked with my mechanics, went back out, and everything was instantly better. It was amazing how much everything came full circle at the end of the day. Great structure to the day. Awesome, awesome, awesome! All I can do is reiterate what I've said. The school is phenomenal from the beginning to end. Top to bottom. The people are great, knowledge from the coaches, and the way everything is structured and set up....I couldn't ask for a better experience.

Eric G

November 2009

I've been an MSF rider coach and a lead instructor at 2 colleges and 4 military bases for 21 years, so I know that putting on a polished class like this is a result of much planning, training, practice and firm policy. I can't imagine anything that could be improved. You provide snacks, lunch, and beverages to get everyone fed and back on course faster and without delays. Your equipment issue was flawless: I was sized as I walked up and my suit tailor could not have done a better job. I didn't need to exchange anything. My bike 21 ran perfect and had no issues. The camera bike was great. I'm ready and excited to come back for level 3.

Bill M

November 2009

Absolutely phenomenal! I felt the course was very well organized. I felt that we had time to practice what was being taught, and I never felt like we were in a rush at any time during the course. The integration
between the classroom technique and the on track drill was very good. The lean bike is amazing. I look forward to spending more time with the lean bike. I wish that motorcycle showrooms would have a sign advertising a course like this as it would teach people the correct way to ride as they drive off the showroom floor.

Solon R

November 2009

The racetrack is electrifying;
the feeling of flying is mesmerizing
Tantalizing, and terrifying
I’m rising high, things are simplifying
And speed stops being mystifying
Then a sudden moment of improvising
Is terrorizing and energizing
A moment of grace, my reaction surprising
A buried ability abruptly arising
But then small errors start magnifying
And time speeds up, signifying
Fatigue has come, and I’m realizing
That it’s time to stop
So I do, sighing.

Laura O

November 2009

It was a tremendously educational experience which I believe is the purpose of the school. It was also fun, professionally done and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I could spend all day bragging for you about my experience, but you should already know it is the best program going out there.

Douglas K

November 2009

Outstanding. Best course I have ever attended. Keith's teaching methods are leaps ahead of fellow {other} school's coaches.

Alex P

November 2009

You have a truly professional school that has provided me with an incredible amount of knowledge, experience, and confidence....and at the same time a really fun experience. I have written reviews at Yelp and Yahoo, as well as with my motorcycle meet up group to tell them all about my experience. Dragged my knee for first time and did it properly...then did it 6 more times...that was great! I will sign up for levels 3 and 4. Everything exceeded my expectations.

Bill A

November 2009

It was an unforgettable experience. I like the professionalism, the friendhip, everything was really good...gave me the confidence to perform at Level 1 never thought possible for me in just two days. Even with the short amount of time spent on it {the Lean Bike} I felt the difference in the track. It helped me be more confident leaning the bike. Just that was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to go to the next levels...when I return in March.

Juan Carlos G

November 2009

Excellent. Did wonders for my confidence and I've been riding for 25 years. The Lean Bike was excellent for me, especially the coaching.

Derek T

October 2009, Code R.A.C.E. School

Thanks for the updates. I really enjoyed my time at your school and your books and articles and hope to attend again in the future. I am 52 in October so the dreams of becoming the next Rossi are long past but I want to let you know that attendance at your school last year may have very well saved my life as well as my friend that attended with me.

On the way back to Canada he was sightseeing too much on the west side of lake Tahoe, and missed the slow to 15 MPH sign. He made the turn at 40 MPH on a heavily loaded Yamaha FJR, leaned over and scraping the undercarriage ,he had the confidence to smoothly apply throttle to lift the bike and make the turn. I had someone in a car drift into my lane and I had to swerve to the right and then negotiate a sharp left where my peg feeler was dragging on the ashphalt.

Because of your training I didn't give up (freak out and brake) but applied pressure to the right grip to avoid the car then smoothly moved my body left applying pressure to the left grip and actually rolled on some throttle. Result. I'm writing this letter to say that the money spent on your training is the best money I've ever spent as well as the best time i've ever had.

Joel T

October 2009

California Superbike School has been one of the best experiences that I have had. I have sent people to your school and have had good feedback from them also, thank you and keep up the good work.

Judd W

September 2009

I loved it. I only wish I did this a long time ago. Since I am only 42, I have many more years to do it again and again. :) You guys exceeded all my expectations. Thanks for a great time and I hope to see you very soon! :))

Hans H

September 2009

Complete, thorough training. The program starts from the ground up. The format of in-class teaching followed by track time teaching was great, working with each individual facet of being a rider, specific answers for
ever rider’s ability. The entire staff of California Superbike School is there for each student. The 2-day school was a one-of-a-kind experience. James, my on track coach, was patient and supportive, two qualities need
for me personally. He encouraged me through my achievements and pushed me through my mistakes. He would always follow up on past exercises from the day before to test my ability to recall at any given moment. James was a fantastic mentor and improved my confidence out on the track by his words and patience.

The class room training was an eye opener to the physics, fundamentals and ability it takes to get the bike down the track safely and in the smoothest form possible with no upsets between rider and machine. It was relieving to see other riders from all over have the same uncertainty and misconceptions of the dynamics of riding as I did. Many questions arose while in class and were precisely answered with definition and easy-to-understand sketches. Meeting instructors with the knowledge and real world experience was a treat and further add to the high quality of the school.

The off track drills such as; the panic stop-brake bike, lean bike and steering drill were a blast, focusing in on those key abilities the bike and the rider need to work with each other, not against. Wonderful learning experience and took away more understanding and respect for the sport.

Michael M

September 2009

Excellent program and crew. You guys really have it together. I will be back!

Vince P

August 2009

I was only scheduled for Level 1 at VIR, but ended up taking Levels 2-4 at VIR right into a 2 day camp! what a thrilling experience! Simply the best! Travis Graham and James Toohey cant be beat for my money! The briefings ABSOLUTELY! spelled out what was going to happen on the track. The never ending smile that lingers. It has given me the fire to do track days in 2010. Along with another Code school!! Being a first timer to the Code school at VIR, I didnt know what to expect. The staff were super and took care of everything!

Tommy R

August 2009

The lean bike was awesome. I made real improvements during this drill because Pete was there to stop me on the spot and provide immediate feedback. Great group of people. Keith and Co. were very friendly and enuinely interested in helping me improve. It also seemed like everyone enjoyed being there.

August 2009

It was amazing. I learned so much in just one day that it improved my riding so much, not only on track but on the street as well. I feel much more confident with my understanding of the bike and how I can affect it. It feels almost effortless now.

Erik G

August 2009

One week later, and with Keith's latest article and more of TOTW Vol II, I'm even more in awe of you guys. And somewhat fascinated by what a difficult, hard to deal with student I can be (slow, obtuse, self absorbed and yet it seems there's something more) Keith, Thanking You profusely "You've changed the world" I recall saying to you...accurate and clear.

Lonnie you're a jewel, James, ditto though I felt even more obtuse. Cobie, same same man, keep doing what you're doing. Josh, I wish I'd video taped my cornering on the lean bike - not that I don't believe you that it was executed well. Kristi, I suppose I'd follow you anywhere, anyhow, anywhy ...hang on, uh-oh, yeah. Excellent crew all around. My world is changed. Thank you very much. I don't want to scare you guys but until the next time, I'll be thinking of you (on occasion), loitering, pondering, absorbing, practicing, and promoting CSS.

Eric J

August 2009, Mid Ohio

I was amazed — at the end of every drill, I would have one burning question that would somehow be the main topic of the next drill.

Jennifer Y

August 2009, Mid Ohio

I learned so much in 2 days it was unbelievable. Your school is a great asset to me as a Motorcycle Tire Development Engineer. Yes I'm a street enthusiast, but you opened my eyes to a whole new world. I truly want to provide the very best product to the trackday/street rider and I believe your school has given me the tools to make it happen.

Shawn B

July 13, 2009

On may 4th 2002 I had a car pull out on me... It took me two years to be able to ride again then a further four years to get enough courage to do a trackday. I have since then done 12 trackdays with out any coaching, but I've got to say I learned more in one day with CSS than I have in my twelve trackdays.

12 trackdays @ $250 = nearly $3,000
1 day with CSS = $450 and worth every penny

I would like to do the next level of CSS and thanks for a day I will never forget.

Simon M

June 18, 2009

Hey guys,

I just completed the 2 day course (level 1 & 2) and I've been back in LA riding my bike and I gottta say, I feel like I'm on my second honeymoon. Ya know what I mean? When my bike and I first got together we were so young. I didn't know what I was doing, she was brand new to the scene. I was really inexperienced when I was riding her and she could tell. She would shut down on me all the time. But after this course, I feel like I'm starting to understand what I'm doing and I've recommitted to her. I'm understanding her wants and needs and what my job is while letting her do hers. So now when I ride her we have a great time together. She seems really happy and so am I. She hasn't shut down once. Thanks for saving our relationship. I know it's early yet, but I think we are going to stat together for a REALLY long time. Hope this email makes you smile as much as I am now. Thank you folks soooooo much. Sincerely, a very happy student.

Harold P

June 17, 2009

In the past three years I have coached over 700 students to learn to ride motorcycles in parking lots, but I never felt like I truly "got" cornering in my own riding. After Levels I and II at CSS, I finally "get it". Now I am more comfortable on my motorcycle than ever. The CSS method is simple and effective — give us one little thing in the classroom to work on, reinforce it on the track, repeat, and feel our confidence grow as our riding improves. My advice to anyone considering trying CSS is SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY, read A Twist Of The Wrist Volumes 1 and 2, check your ego and preconceived ideas about riding at the door, and get ready to take your riding to new, safer, and higher levels of fun.

A big shout out and thanks to Keith and Dylan for insightful and effective classroom presentations, James and Pete for observant and supportive feedback on the track, Trevor and his crew for running the track like clockwork, Will (my fellow Arkansas guy) and his crew for giving us safe and reliable track weapons, Judy and her crew for keeping the day moving and some really great food and hospitality, and Whitney and Echo for prompt and clear communications! I planned to return for Levels III and IV next year, but Las Vegas in November in looking pretty good to me (in addition to next year, of course).

Dennis D

June 17, 2009

I was blown away by the precision with which I was being taught to ride. The old adages trotted out by some other riding schools are shelved for Code’s unique brand of education. He and his crew reveal the bedrock basics of motorcycle control in a simple, easy-to-understand manner, and then build on that solid foundation of understanding layer by layer with explicit lectures and focused track drills.

Ari Henning, Motorcyclist Magazine

June 9, 2009

Great! The lean bike resulted in my first ever knee down experience. It happened and I wasn't even trying to get it down. Just following the instructors advice got my knee down; it was a pleasant surprise. Really good stuff. I'm very grateful to Keith Code and the entire staff
for doing what they do. This has been a dream of mine since I was a child. My parents wouldn't allow it, and I thought I'd never be able to do this until I came across this school on the net. I've taken levels one and two, and both have exceeded my expectations each time. I commend your staff on a job well done.

Cornell S

May 09

It was wonderful, fantastic and exceeded even my rigerous expectations. Thank you for an educational, fun and adventurous two days. My Coach, Cobie Fair, was attentive, knowlegable and had many tips and insights which I found helpful and valuable. I received a lot of personal attention and help from him. Wish I could give you some kind of complaint to help you improve, but everything met or exceeded expectation.

Christopher L

May 20, 2009

Just wanted to say thank you to all the CSS staff for all the effort they put in helping me at my level 3 & 4 training this past week ... i cannot speak enough about how great your staff is ... even the mechanic went way out of his way to be helpfull to me even without asking ... he walked over to where i was pitting and adjusted my rearsets for me because he heard me on track missing a few shifts !! That to me is way above the call of duty and is truly appreciated ... Having everyone calling you by your first name by the end of the day is just another thing that speaks volumes about the school you run .... See you guys again for some more level 4 training.

Leland J

May 20, 2009

Wow, what an experience attending the CA Superbike School at VIR on 5/18 and 5/19. I am new to sportbikes since February \'09, but have decades of motorcross expeirnece. That experience paled in comparison to what I learned from Keith and my two instructors Kristi and Lonnie.If you want the rush of your life, I highly recommed attending the CA Superbike School. Regardless of your riding level, you will learn something valuable at this school and have a blast doing.

Thanks for the challenge.
Ken M

May 20, 2009

My son Austin...all 14 years of him just got home last night from Level 1 and Level 2 at VIR. I am just the crew chief these days, so I am speaking from my own observations about CSS. 1st things 1st.... Keith, Judy, Trevor, Greg, Will, Lonnie, Kobe and the rest of this world class crew thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the incredible professional instruction and positive comments about Austin. This boy has been working so hard at racing since he was 9 years old he truely is dedictaed to riding better each time he throws a leg over. He is serious about his craft and as such often overthinks his own riding; especially if he goofs something; he really does become his worst critic. I watched in jaw dropping disbelief as he went from only his 5th day on a RS125R and absolutely came alive on that little motorcycle. Greg is a fantastic instructor he really was very patient. He truely helped Austin put all the pieces together from the ground up. By the end of Level 2 a young lady who was riding walked up to my son and said, "Excuse me do you mind if I ask your name? I just want to be able to say I rode with that kid before he was famous." LOL! We have worked hard to ride well consistently but let me tell you; Austin has improved in two days in leaps and bounds I was not sure were even possible! We will be back shortly for Level 3 and 4. If CSS can improve a rider with 5 years racing experience this dramatically in two days, think of what they can do for your skills. A job superbly done.

Thank you all!
Jeff D

May 16, 2009

Having just finished Level 1 at Thunderbolt last Friday, I was so impressed that after discussing what we covered with my son on Sunday, he was eager to attend, so I signed him up for your Level 1 on Aug. 10. You folks run an incredible school — very well organized. Keith is extremely dynamic in the classroom. Unfortunately what I forgot to add to my evaluation was how well my instructor, Mikey P, did in asking us what we just practiced in our track session reinforced what we had just covered previously in the classroom. Good follow-up!

John F

April 30, 2009

Well, we had our 8 hr 50cc endurance race on Saturday. Our team was me, my husband, and two friends. We had a blast and finished 8^th in a field of 22 teams, pretty impressive since we were doing it just for fun, and considering how competitive the race turned out to be; I think the 5th -8th place teams were all less than a minute apart at the end!

So here’s the important parts: I did this same race a year ago, and this year, after some CSS schools and CodeRACE, things were a lot different! I was WAY faster, I was the fastest rider on my team, I got to be the “finisher”, and I was running laptimes comparable to the fastest riders on the top ten teams. I got to ride out two EPIC battles with riders that were much faster than me last year, and I beat them both. I was very confident, didn’t get rattled by near misses (there were a bunch), and I passed all over the place – on the inside, around the outside, going in, coming out… it was great! I have made some incredible improvements over the last year, and I can thank you and the California Superbike School for providing the incredible coaching, necessary riding skills, and even the motivation to make it happen, so… THANKS!!

I just can’t believe how far I’ve come from my Level 1 school, not that long ago, where I was terrified of dropping the ZX6R in the parking lot, to now, where I can get out on the track with very fast riders and look, and feel, like I belong there. I get compliments on my smoothness, body position, and killer drives, and I ride calmly and confidently in almost any setting. Thank you and all your staff for believing that I could do it, and making me believe it, too. I can’t wait to come back for more, so I’ll be seeing you again soon!

Laura O

April 30, 2009

I was especially impressed with the way the drills build from one to the other. The school was a complete package and I felt that my skill level improved because of it.

James L

April 30, 2009

I have taken quite a few auto racing schools and worked with many young graduates. I felt the course was the most professional and best run school I've ever been involved with. Just like your Governator...I vill be bock!

Mike T

March 09

Excellent school. I started club racing with the local CCS group this year and had one race before the Code school. Since the school I have had one more set of races, and I found that my old pace felt very slow and I could maintain it without problems. I was shocked to find that I was
lapping around 8 seconds faster than my previous best times, and I still felt like I was in total control and could go even faster next time out with another day practicing the level 1 and 2 skills on my own bike. This was the best school I have ever attended.

Eric M

March 5, 2009

It was great seeing you and the CSS team again. The 2-day camp at Laguna Seca was AMAZING. Kind of crazy to think about how much concentrated instruction can be crammed into 2 days:

· Personal on-track riding instructors (Andy Burnett-Day 1, Mike Pesicka-Day 2)
· Level specific classroom instructors (Stuart Smith-Day 1, Jason Paden-Day 2)
· Keith himself instructing for a couple sessions
· Off-track Brakebike coach (Kristi Martel)
· Camerabike and riding review (James Toohey)

All of this training conducted on what has to be the most radical bike course in North America controlled by Course Czar Trevor. I can think of no other place where you can get this much experience focused on providing feedback in one location.

The California Superbike School is run so professionally and the skills taught are incredible. Anybody who rides a motorcycle should find a way to go to this school. This camp was my third time attending a CSS school over the past ten years, and I am still blown away about how many new things there are to learn about controlling a motorcycle. I am such a stronger rider than I was before the course and feel that I got return on every penny spent.

While initially disappointed that it was forecast to rain ½ the time (which it did), I can now confidently ride in the rain. I know what it feels like to drift the rear tire and feel the front tire slide and compensate. More importantly, I know not to mess with the front while it is busy providing me the feedback. I don’t think I would ever go 100+ mph on the street in the rain and decelerate downhill into double apex decreasing radius turn, but what the hell … I’ve done it now and I'm a better rider fot it.

Add to that, the first time I came to the top of the Cork Screw I literally said to myself you’ve got to be freaking kidding me as I dropped over the edge. By the end of the course, I was setting the bike on edge and accelerating downhill into turn 8A. What a difference 2 days can make.

This camp will not be the last time I go to a CSS school. I’ll see ya’ll again somewhere in the good ‘ole USA. In the meantime – keep having fun and say thanks to the team.

Kindest Regards,
David M

February 5, 2009

I see on the website that students have some postings about their experiences... well, here's mine.

I just graduated from Levels 1 and 2 at Las Vegas for January 31 and Feb 1, 2009. I am a contractor in Iraq and being so far away, my time in the States is valuable and has to be hassle free for any plans I make. The California Superbike School was absolutely first class in being so helpful. I literally showed up in Las Vegas with 3 days change of clothes an alarm clock and a credit card. It's all I needed, the right gloves, helmet, boots and suit were there "waiting" on me... right there in the trailer with many many variable sizes of all the gear I would have needed. Breakfast and lunch was delicious. I was fitted correctly and comfortably too in the KBC and AGV apparel and I felt safe.

I went to the school to become what I thought of as a better rider, I left the school being safer, more confident, more knowledgable and more secure in my knowledge of motorcycles, motorcycling and exactly what I am doing on a motorcycle. I have read and read, watched and watched all pieces of information I could get my hands on over the 15 or so years I have been riding. I have been coached, advised and counseled on my riding. I have helped countless friends learn to ride on my own small collection of motorcycles over those years and while I preached that I did not know everything and there was so much more out there... never did I think that not only did I know that there were things I didn't know, there were even more things that I didn't know — I didn't know.

My knowledge and understanding was sound and built on a good foundation with many friends that do race and even teach MSF courses, wow... so much more can be learned in the 20 or so hours of "real" application of those principles. For those that have never actually had the benefit of closed course instruction by the California Superbike School Staff... you have no idea what you are missing. Truly, an experience all in itself. The coach ACTUALLY follows you and leads you and coaches you through all aspects of riding, and more importantly, in cornering.

Eric, my coach, was amazing. I'm sure all the coaches are just as amazing but for me to put a value on that instruction, the knowledge he passed on to me will keep me from wrecking any of my bikes and thats worth the cost of the bike, the hospital bills and the loss of my job. That's easily over 100,000 bucks. So, the almost 3 grand I spent for flying to Vegas, renting a car, having a hotel and attending the course is money incredibly well spent. Immediate cost savings. I feel priveledged to have experienced what I did and to have the ability to attend the course. I look forward to my next opportunity with California Superbike School, either in the US or another wolrdwide location and being able to comment on that experience as well.

My friends have all asked how it was, what the classroom instruction was like and when I told them that both Keith and Dylan Code gave the instruction... they were amazed that such attention to detail was given, one of them even commented to an evesdropper at the Harley-Buell shop that not only do these people talk the talk, they do walk the walk — so to speak. I hope that in the summer when I return that my friends can also attend, if just for one day, one of the courses.

My experience, if it had to be put in one word... Quality. Thank you again and I will be back to attend another.

Brad S

2008 Student Feedback

November 12, 2008

I just want to drop you a note to let you know how satisfied I am with your school. I took level 1 & 2 at Streets of Willow on October 25th & 26th. Prior to coming to your school I had never been on a road race track. I raced on dirt tracks in my late teens and early 20's, but that was over 25 years ago, ( I'm 52 years old ). I got the bug to go racing again but knew nothing about how the pro racers corner. So I took your school and I feel my skill level for cornering has doubled!! I went to a track day at Sear Point last week and was running 1:57's., (anything under 2:02 is considered an A group rider). One of the track day instructors followed me for a session, ( in the B group). He could not believe that it was my first time at Sears Point, and only the third time on a road race track, I was passing the other riders in the turns like they were standing still. I can't wait to take level 3 and 4, get some more track time and ride,(and race) with the A group riders. As soon as your 2009 schedule is out please Email me so I can sign up!!

William B

November 5, 2008

I just finished the 2day course at LasVegas Nov 2,3. Going into it you think "there is now way Css can live up to the hype" but it does that and beyond. From when Misti greeted you at the gate with that big smile to the end. So what makes it so amazing…yes it is the information and amazing science and the routine to teach it is down to an art…but ultimately it is the staff from Keith to the coaches to Trevor to Will and “MOM” (Judy Code) …everyone working at 110% to make you a better rider in the most friendly environment imaginable. My coach for the two days (same coach) was awesome. You all seem totally happy and into what you are doing. It is infectious and it is impossible to not respond to that. THANKS TO ALL!!!!! Can’t wait to do the next two levels!!!

Steve D

October 25, 2008

I made leaps and bounds in my riding. Although you might think you are doing it right it is nice to have a pro show you where you can improve. The lessons were put into common rider's language the correct riding skills and in understandable steps. It was great and exceeded my high expectations, my riding improved so much in one day that I am completely impressed and will be attending further levels this coming year. it has been a few weeks since the corse and the adrenalin/excitement has worn off a bit and still I really cant think of anywhere CSS is lacking. The whole experience was top notch right down to my ham and cheese sandwich... I wish I could offer you some constructive criticism but apparently you guys know exactly what your doing.

Ryan W

October 25, 2008

Overall experience was second to none. I definitely felt my riding improve, and the one on one coaching is top notch. He definitely seemed motiviated to helping me improve, not making it easy. His after-track discussions were very informative, and did not feel critical, but definitely made me strive to be better. I like the process....classroom, then Trevor makes sure you know the drill before going on the track, and then the follow up session with the coach. It has all the phases necessary to drive the message home.The Lean Bike went great. I liked the techniques I was taught, and felt that they definitely improved my riding. One thing I was taught was a way to rotate my throttle wrist just enough to keep full range of motion while in a deep right hand lean. Invaluable tool that has helped me dramatically. Other than it being some of the best times of my life? It is a great experience, a great day. The staff is top notch, and you really feel that everyone cares. The system of moving you through class sessions, track sessions, and coaching sessions is very smooth. You always know where you are supposed to be. Just waiting on next years schedule.

Victor W

September 23, 2008

Way cool school! I've been riding bikes for 38 years and I learned more in that one day than I have in the last ten years! I find myself being more aggressive in my riding and lean angles are higher than I have been comfortable with in the past. Also I seem to be better at picking a line and eliminating the need to adjust it mid-turn. Thanks!

PS: I like receiving your regular emailings tho. Keep 'em coming! When finances permit, I will be back for level 2. My wife will probably be taking level 1 at that time as well.

Dennis F

September 23, 2008

Great class. Very very professional. I'm looking forward to taking classes 3&4. [On my two days] Both Coaches were very professional and offered lots of advice and were very encouraging. I also appreciate that they recognized my ability and didn't attempt to push me beyond my capabilities. For our group of four, it was a great bonding experience. We walked away feeling much more comfortable on the streets and twisty roads.

Joe C

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thanks for the great time at the Sept. 20th school at Willow Springs. I have been riding for 38 years but I found usefull information and skills to put to use. My instuctor gave valuble input and corrections. After screwing up in the first two sessions I was wondering if I should leave but it all came together after that and I was able to ride at a level I haven't been before. Thanks again.

Tim K

August 8, 2008

Amazing! Let's just say I have become a CSS evangelist! I felt the coach and my team mates gave me plenty of constructive feedback and yes, the classroom portion were obviously very well thought out Again...Amazing! Awesome!

PS my pit crew (aka my husband was so impressed he wrote an article in the Midwest Motorcyclist about it! AND he plans to do level 1 when I go back)

Edwina G

August 2008

I would just like to say a big "thank you" to you and all your staff. The professionalism of the school was beyond what I expected. The way things were done couldn't have been better. I learned a lot in the class and then being able to apply it on the track was very educational. The process of the school worked very well for me and the steps it was done in. Mike who was my riding coach was great and gave me good points and feedback. I have been able to do a track day since the school and both others and I noticed a difference in my riding. I can't wait until next year to do it again.

-P. Barnes

August 2008

You guys are awesome! Overall I was very impressed and am looking forward to next year. The cost of the school was a big chunk out of my budget, but it was well worth it. Thank you! My coach was great! He seemed to have a genuine personal interest in helping us to improve our riding skills. I really felt like I had a "personal" coach, even with so many students that day. The whole deal was really worth while. I've been able to improve my times by almost 4 seconds. Going through the drills during practice laps and warm up laps has really helped me to cement the concepts and improve my track riding. Keith does a great job of explaining things in a way that's easy to understand and relate to your own riding experience, no matter what your skill.

Aaron B.

Superbike School coach success

I know the school gets a lot of feedback from students on how much the technology that is passed on helps their riding. I did my first serious riding on my own since becoming a coach, and it quickly became clear just how much my riding has changed. I figured that just because I'm a coach now doesn't mean I shouldn't provide this feedback and say thank you.

This weekend I went to a new track to try my hand at a local club race there. The first practice session I went about "preparing the battle space", getting my turn in and reference points. In the second session I opened it up and bit and just rode. During this session I had an experience similar to what I've heard surfers discussing where they find that perfect wave. For about 4 laps I felt like I was watching myself ride. I was marveling at how precisely I was riding, I found myself going over the drills in my head and checking them off...yup doing that, yup, doing I'm riding pretty good here. It all seemed so effortless, so automatic. When the session was over, I found that my lap times had been pretty consistent ( .4 seconds covering all but the first and last laps), and that I was running expert podium pace while doing it. One of the other racers there (eventual race winner) came to talk to me between sessions to ask me "How are you getting out of the corners so fast? Is this really your first time here?" My reply, of course, was another question... "Have you ever been to California Superbike School?"

A year ago, I could not have even imagined riding as well, as fast, or as effortlessly as I did yesterday, and it's all from applying the technology I learned at the school.

So, in short, thanks,

I was there {at your school} with my wife. I stood by as she took level one. She felt so comfortable with all your staff that it allowed me to take level 3 as she took 2. After a week or two of being home Lynn is really digging into the corners. Her riding has improved so much its hard to explain. Aside from just riding better, she understands better what to look for and how to react. Thanks for making her a safer and better rider.

John C.

Learning the proper techniques to turning increased my confidence on the road...also, the controlled track environment reaffirmed my desire to improve my riding skills at higher speed.

Jae L.

My on track riding coach was excellent and I really appreciated the fact that Keith came by several times to check on my progress. The care and interest shows. This indicated that the coach really
wanted me to learn and progress.

Hopeton W.

I feel more confident going into any turn at a higher speed than before I took the school. I can go faster with less worries. My coach helped me with more than just the lessons from the classroom. She was very helpful with any questions that I had.

Chris W.

You guys rock! I had a great time and learned some new skills after 45 years of riding! Great learning tool at any level...{my coach} paid attention to everything I was doing on the track, sometimes to my surprise.

Dean L.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I wanted to give you a quick snapshot of my first race of the 2008 season held June 22 in Calgary. After completing your two-day school at LVMS in April I was comfortable enough to beat my 2007 lap record by over a second, beat the 2007 Ducati lap record by almost a second, beat the second place Ducati while being 12hp down on him, and take first place in the Ducati Cup! So I have to thank the Codes and my instructors. Great school, great time! Ducati Cup is the only non-national event with contingency funds by Ducati North America. It's held at Race City Speedway, Calgary, Alberta. You could check up on our season at both: & My next race (round 3) is this weekend. I've had several inquiries from fellow racers about what went on at Keith Code's school so maybe next spring you need to have a special Canadian school (make it a two-day school at LVMS!)

Thanks again,
Robert Porter

This was the most positive learning experience I've ever been a part of. No one on the CSS staff acted as if they were just 'doing their job'. Each person, from those I e-mailed in the admin office, to those who were providing the actual on-track instruction, was outstanding. Let me repeat that--outstanding.

Alan S.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, having got home from Vegas and having a chance to let the experience soak in a little I am still vibrating. That was without a doubt the best money I have ever spent in 18 years of motorcycling. I felt a huge improvement in my riding and learned some things that will change my riding forever. As expected I will now be counting down the days till the snow melts!

My thanks go out to the entire CSS staff for such a well run experience and a ton of track time. In particular to my on track coaches Jaime and Mike I. I'm having a hard time deciding what drills were most valuable to me personally but they all helped open my eyes to things I hadn't considered about my riding.

Taking the school has most definitely proved to me why I experienced one low side crash racing(TC as I suspected) and has given me new insight into another I was questioning. I'm looking forward to both my street riding and my racing with complete and newfound glee. Now the only question becomes how soon can I make level 3 and 4 happen!

Thanks again to all

2007 Student Feedback

You all are brilliant. I have never gone from being scared out of my mind, having no idea what I was doing, thinking I might get myself seriously hurt to feeling like I was actually in control of my actions on the motorcycle. As a rider, I am 100 % better than I was before and I still have a lot to learn. I can't wait to come back and learn more.

Alexander B.

A note to Keith from Steve Wise, AMA Hall of Fame inductee; factory Honda roadracer and one of Keith's students in the 80s.

I don't know if this is to much to ask, but if you do one in Laguna that is the one we would love to come to, so we can also play Pebble Beach golf course after the school is finished. Send me the schedule ASAP so we can all coordinate the dates.

Keith, I really am stoked and looking forward to our reunion. I know I would have never had the speed or success I did have without your help. I know you don't need me, but I have no problem acknowledging what you did for my RR career many years ago.

Superbike School coach success

I just wanted to drop you a line about our recent trip to Spain, and your part in it! As you know, we just ran at Jerez and Almeria, and I have to say, it was the best 3 and-a-bit days I've spent on a bike!

Jerez is everything you'd expect of a GP track, with its difficult turns, and mega-fast average speeds. The feeling you get when you arrive in the stadium section, and see the walls all around, is massively exhilarating, and that's with no spectators! If you were racing there, and seeing that wall of people, it would really fire you up to get to the front!

The first day at a new track is always difficult, but I went back to basics, and figured out apexes, and worked off of those. This seemed to work really well, and I could catch anyone, (except Johnny, our head coach!).

Second day, I was L4 liason, so off track, but managed to get 6 laps on a CBR600RR racer, which was superb! Johnny came by on lap 2, so we had a bit of a go, him on the R1. I managed to keep him in sight, and fairly close, so got a good view of a bit of gas-greediness in a fast left, which lit up the tyre, and made him ease up a bit!
We both rode really well, the only difference being he's more keen on the gas than me, but I'm getting there!

At Almeria, I was back on my R1, on slicks, and that bike is the best stock street bike I've ever ridden. After a slight suspension fiddle, it goes EXACTLY where I want, all the time. She slides predictably, is stable on the brakes, and really fast, especially with the low gearing I've put on it. Almeria is my favourite track, without a doubt, and throws up many challenges to all levels of rider, so we can get really good results, if students come with the right attitude. As CRC (Chief Riding Coach) on the first day, I had to figure out turn points, which, to be honest, were too deep.

Second day, on track as normal, everything was flowing, I could catch anyone, I was really feeling the whole experience. Now that I've rambled on this far, here's the reason I'm going into all this.

The only reason that all this could happen, is because you have given me the ability to ride like this, analyse what's happening, and make the relevant changes. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and hope I can repay you someday.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thanks again for the incredible training and instruction you and your people gave today and yesterday at the two day camp. I was told before that the instructors and the camp were nothing short of amazing, but it was still 10 times better than I expected. You have such an incredible staff assembled there, and the format of the classes works so well! I was absolutely amazed at the skill level that I achieved on the track in just two days! The format of teaching the student one little thing, then sending him out onto the track to do it, then come back and have the instructors go over with it you was so perfect! Not only was I amazed at my own success, but I couldn't help but notice that ALL the students in the class were having the same success! I can't help but feel SO proud of myself for what I accomplished. Without question I will see you guys back for 3 and 4.

Thanks again!
Dave Brandsen

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

After 35 years, I decided to ride motorcycles again. Things had changed; front brakes were now used, the bikes had more power than cars used to have and they were much faster. So, I decided to get some training beyond MSF. Two well known schools later I was still looking for more training and more track time. I did an internet search for "knee down school" and found California Superbike School. A bit intimidating, I thought, having spent enough time in California to surmise that canyon carvers were another breed entirely. I kept coming back to the website and tried to figure out why this charismatic dude, Keith Code, had an almost cult-like following (guru to world champions was a clue). So I called and found that although I had been to a couple of other schools, I would have to go through the basic levels. So I signed up for Level I and II at Barber Motorsports Park.

The classes followed Keith's books Twist of the Wrist (I & II) nicely. Keith Code is an excellent communicator and his son Dylan obviously learned from the master. Riding coaches were top notch. The ZX 6R flawless and Judy Code kept us hydrated and well fed. And the basics? Wish this had been my first school. Much like flight training. Classes, briefings, riding exercises and debriefing to evaluate performance. And like aviation, the basics are the most important The basics are simple but require focus to hone. I'm working on the drills and looking forward to levels III & IV.

Thanks to Keith Code and the entire team at CSS.

Jack Cobb

Friday, April 20, 2007

I was absolutely pleased with the classes. I have been riding bikes for over 35 years — all types and sizes — and I was amazed at how much I learned from you guys. Through-out the classroom sessions, I felt like the techniques were specifically aimed at me and the instructors patiently and thoroughly answered to all my questions. I never felt rushed by any of the coaches when discussing a specific technique or question — in fact, everyone on your staff went out of their way to talk to me and offer advice on any subject I wanted to discuss. The professionalism, patience and generosity of your staff is second to none.

I have recommended to everyone I know that they should go to your school at the earliest opportunity. I plan to come back for Level 3 and 4 as soon as my schedule permits. I am planning on going to Australia next spring for vacation and I may schedule it there just for kicks! And, As soon as I can work it into my budget and my schedule, CODE RACE.

You have absolutely a fantastic, world class operation.

Thanks again.
David Claveau

2006 Student Feedback

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I just wanted to write and let you know about my experiences with CSS.

I have been riding on tracks for a couple of years and If you would have asked me if I felt comfortable on my bike I would have answered YES without hesitation! I was going quite fast and riding at 100% (most often 110%... therefore crashing is not strange to me )

I thought a long time about spending a huge amount of cash on the two day camp, but I decided to go anyway. When I had booked the event I still thought a lot about all the money I had spent. But the day came and I left for Almeria. And what a trip it was!! It was worth every penny!!!!

I am now driving significantly faster than before, but I am glad to say that that is not the best part of the experience! I now feel genuinely comfortable on my bike, not even comparable to the way I did before! I go a lot faster than before, but I am still only going a 85% of my max. I have lots of spare attention to use and I have a feeling of joy I have never before felt on my bike!!  I was so exited on the last day that every time I came in from the track I was laughing so hard I was shaking! It was that much fun!!

I have to thank my coaches. Paul, Johnny and Chris. Paul for asking all the right questions and making me realise my mistakes. Johnny for making me realise that beating my self up for my mistakes would not make me improve! ( A long time mistake!) And Chris for making everything seem so right! And racing with me J, you crack me up boy!

I have just announced to my family and friends that Christmas and Christmas presents are of! That I only eat if the food is free and I will not buy anymore clothes until April! Because I am defenitly coming back for level 3 and 4!!!

Hugs and see you all again in April,
Heidi Kjogx (number 27 yellowgroup)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Took level 1 yesterday at Pacific Raceways... best possible investment I could have ever made in my enjoyment of riding motorcycles... period ! Please include me in the notifications for Keith's forum installments. Please consider returning to the Pacific Northwest, Puget Sound area specifically... this was an incredible opportunity for learning, growth as a rider, and an absolute blast of a day !!! MANY THANKS !!!

Mark Afforde — Level 1

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Dear Mr. Code,

I have been an active motorcyclist for over twenty years and I am current Motorcycle Safety Foundation Coach. I wanted to take my riding skills to the next level and, based on the recommendations of friends, including Gregg Mitchell, I enrolled in the California Superbike Level 1 program at Mid-Ohio. I completed the program this past weekend.

I can only say your program epitomizes the highest level of professionalism in the administration, structure, content and presentation of the program. Thank you for the training! Special mention must be made of Ms. Misti Hurst. Aside from clearly being a skilled rider, her ability to observe and techniques for coaching coupled with her tremendous enthusiasm makes your program shine. You can be proud to have her on your staff.

I expect to be back for Level II.

Best regards,
William W. Webb

Tuesday, July 10, 2006

My name is Anders Stegelius and I attended your level 1 course at Kinnekulle the 10th of July. I must confess I doubted that it would be worth the money, but now I realize that I could not have learned this much in 10 regulartrack days on my own, the money was well invested. All sessions were very interesting and useful, especially the ones regarding throttle control and turning point, they really helped me out. The learning technique with classroom sessions directly followed by track sessions is really excellent. I'm afraid I have forgotten the name of my instructor, but he was a younger guy with long hair. His suggestions (or questions actually) regarding my riding position really made a difference to my riding and confidence. Please send him my best regards, too bad I can't have him with me all the time. I hope you return to Sweden next year so I can attend level 2. I will recommend California Superbike School to all my friends.

Best Regards,
Anders Stegelius
Kinnekulle 10th July
Yellow 24, Yamaha R6

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Keith and everyone else,
I took Levels 1 and 2 at VIR in May. Went back to VIR North for a track day yesterday and my lap time dropped 15 seconds.

David Silver

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thanks again for everything.
Note to coaches, if students are really getting the latter Body Position concepts, they will have bruises on the _inside_ of their knees :) Thanks to Natalie and Echo for getting me in, Misti for the most generous and persistent coaching humanly possible, Dylan and Keith for perfect clarity, Lonnie for the lean bike revelation, Judy for the spectacular salads and Trevor for advice on keeping the camera bike on track. Somehow missed collecting lap times for day 2 (9 June, 2006, willow springs, bike #12, Yellow group). Wonderful if Trevor could dig them up, paper or email is good.

Cheers and see you soon!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hey, guys, just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the camp last weekend in Las Vegas. I really didn't know what to expect, but I can honestly say it was one of the best weekends I have ever spent. Besides getting to know some really nice people, just being immersed in the study of a discipline like cornering a bike was truly an exhilarating experience. I can't say enough good things about my coaches, Tim and Paul, and the on-track sessions were so valuable. I can't believe how much track time we got! It's hard to believe how much my riding improved. Thanks again for a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing you again soon for level III and IV.

Les Cunningham, MD
Knoxville, Tenn.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just wanted to say that I had a great time at class. The class was just what I needed to build my confidence on doing wheelies. James & AC were great instructors; they were patient and very motivational. AC even performed a little stunt show for us on his stunt bike in the morning before class started. The whole staff was very professional & courteous, even though it was a very windy day, James & AC were able to get us up one one wheel with no problem. I just wanted to say thanks for a great class. I was so happy with the class that I will probably be back again. You can also count me in for the Superbike School in California soon. Once again, I want to express how great James & AC were, I couldn't have done it without them. I will highly recommend this class to my friends & anybody wanting to learn the one wheel art.


2005 Student Feedback

Thursday, December 8, 2005


Just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience. I've been to numerous other schools (keigwins 2-day novice/intermediate schools, worked with instructors at zoomzoom trackdays, Fasttrack riders novice school, etc) and just want to say your school is top-notch. The other ones do a good job but I just need something more structured. It needs to be broken down more simply for me I guess. You guys did a great job of that and yesterday was the best experience at a school I've had.

I've read all your books and while there is a lot of information in there, a good amount of it didn't click until I heard it in the seminars during the day. I learned a lot more from the classroom sessions that I imagined I would and realized a lot of basic information I was missing.

Big thanks to Andy for giving me a lot of attention (I needed it). His instruction was great. Also a big thanks to Sky (Scott?) for doing the steering drill with me and having the patience to work with me until I got it right (It took us an entire green group session). Looks as if I've been turning the bike the wrong way for the past 2-3 years of riding... The drills were great and I look forward to practicing them over and over again in the upcoming months until Febuary. Both on the street and at trackdays.

The level of communication there is pretty wild. Someone had crashed my bike (#17) minutes before my session, they immediately reassigned me to bike #26. When I was out on the start line, my instructor came by to introduce himself (~2-3 minutes after being reassigned). They managed to communicate that I had switched bikes and informed the instructor in that short period of time. I was sitting there at the grid seeing instructors introduce themselves to the students thinking "shit, they're going to miss me because I switched bikes... should I go find the instructor?" About 30 seconds after that Andy came by.

Anyhow, I'm really impressed and will be back for level II/III at Sears in Febuary. I'd attend Laguna next week, but I just can't swing the time off work.

Thanks for a great experience.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Keith and Staff,

It has been over a week since I attended the 2 day camp at Willow Springs, the grin has still not left my face! Your instruction, the caliber of the staff, the quality and condition of the equipment, and the quality and thoroughness of the information provided just blew me away. The two days I spent with you all were the best two days motorcycling of my life! I learned more in those two days than I have on my own in the past 33 years of street riding! In my opinion the content and exercises presented in level one and two should be mandatory for obtaining a license to ride on the street.

I know this E-mail may come across as "a little bit much" but I just wanted to express my gratitude for you and your school, and for the apprenticeship that you provide. As long as I have the physical ability to climb on a motorcycle I will be attending at least one session a year.

Best Regards;
Matthaus Atkinson

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I am responding to the e-mail you sent. I also have been very busy and should responded sooner. After VIR my regard for your instruction and everyone else at the school remains even greater than after Pocono. You guys are a well oiled machine who are clearly at the top of your game and I respect and appreciate what you guys accomplish with us novice riders. Yes I've been riding for nearly 37 years, yet I still consider myself a novice and student of the sport. Right now and always I'll be the schools best advocate and tell everyone I meet who think they are road racers that they need to attend the school, then talk to me. I was in a local M/C shop and overheard three guys BS'ing about how to corner and lean over with the owner. You know the type. It was funny when they noticed I had on the CSS t-shirt they stopped trying to out testosterone each other. As they say "enough said".

I can say that I had to de-tune myself a bit, just a bit, when I got back onto my BMW 1150 RT, scraping saddle bags on corners doing quick turns should not be in the game plan. Yet I have to say I am a much better rider than before, not that I was shabby, it is just a smoothness and confidence thing. After riding bikes for over 35 years, I will never stop learning how to ride better and safer.

A friend of mine is pushing me into getting into racing, he'll supply the bike, $$, etc. I've done a lot of autocross over the years, but believe me it is an interesting idea, yet I have so much more to learn. Well, I guess you'll be seeing me next season. 

Get well soon.
Don Elmendorf

Monday, September 19, 2005

I had Cobie the first of my two level IV days and Charlie Fuller the second. Cobie is outstanding....what more can I say. Charlie was fantastic. Very personable. He did push me to really refine things and get me to look at some things differently but did so in a very supportive way. Very fun to ride with., Misty ran the off track sessions when I was there. She is great.

Lonnie and James were my Level IV liasons. Both were excellent. Lonnie, however, is one of the funniest guys on the planet and his levity made for just one of the most fun days on earth. He could kind of make fun of you (which is FINE at a level IV) but make it so much fun, you really get into it.

First, thanks to Cobie for his help as my on track instructor of the first day. Having "the boss" as my personal instructor was great. Very organized and confidence inspiring.

Second, thanks to Charlie who I had day two. I think he was one of the newer instructors compared to those I have had in the past, but he was just fantastic. Very instructive, very enthusiastic and was able to dissect my riding very quickly and accurately. He really helped me alot.

I rode a track day two weeks later and was offered a bump to Advanced group, when only three weeks earlier, I was riding at the bottom half of the Intermediate group. If that doesn't suggest the training helped, I don't know what does!

Jeff Lewis

On 6/6/2005, Robert Steib wrote:

Dear Keith,

I was at the level one school last Tuesday.


I could have left after the first lap we rode after your presentation on throttle control. Taking a tour of the track in 4th gear, no brakes was exciting until the last turn before the straight that passed the pits. But that last turn taught me everything you said in "Twist of the Wrist" was true. I went into the turn way too fast for my ability and comfort. The only options I had were to go off the course or hold the throttle steady with the suspension in balance and pray the tires held.

They did. I was leaned over further than ever before and nothing on my Buell was sliding out. What a high!! The chicken strips on my new tires were only 1/4" wide. I would not have been surprised to see them over the edge.

The rest of the day proved to me that the bike (and I) could do the same thing repeatedly. Safely and in control. Not as much of a high, but definitely worth learning.

I did not try to go fast, just to follow your directions. So I found the yellow crosses and rolled over them as well as the pink circles at the apexes. I did the two step. Tried to stay off the brakes. Slouched over the bars. Leaned with the bike. Flicked. Caressed the throttle.

Surprise, surprise. My times kept getting lower and lower. The slowest lap in the 5th exercise was faster than the fastest lap in the first exercise. And I felt in control and safe.

Then I rode with some friends from Buell up to the AMA races at Road America. (The rumor than Ducati wants me on their team is probably not true.) We followed a twisty road that in the past would have had me worried about surface, traffic, decreasing radii and etc. This time I was in complete control knowing I could handle anything that arose. After all I was riding at 25 or 30% of my ability instead of the 85 or 90% of the past.

Robert Steib

Oh, I was thinking I was pretty hot potatoes in the fourth or fifth exercise until my coach, James, passed me on the inside (way inside) turning right while watching me over his left shoulder. Great rider, great coach. That showed me the bike is capable of way more than I expect from it.

-- Then on 6/6/2005, Keith Code wrote: — -

Hi Robert,

That just tickles me really, you don't know how great we feel when we get feedback that tracks with what we are trying to do every day and with every student. Superb.

Hope we see you again for your next level of course but continue to enjoy your skills every corner until then.

All the best,

-- Then on 6/7/2005, Robert Steib wrote: — -

Dear Keith,

Just a follow up on my riding after Superbike School: I went to Wyoming from Sioux Falls, SD to visit my daughter. I had to go through the mountains in both directions (darn!!). The first time I made the trip was 3 years ago when I first started riding a moto. That time it was an exercise in controlled terror, and I found a good reason to wear a full face helmet was so no one could hear my screams.

This time I was completely relaxed... even when a car or truck crowded me on a curve. On the straight 2 lane road from Thermopolis a car going in the opposite direction pulled out to pass and saw me. She pulled back in and lost control, so the car did a 360 over both lanes before going in the ditch. My reaction surprised me. I looked at my ditch and at her, gauging where to head if she were to get too close. She didn't get too close so I just motored on, for there were plenty of vehicles pulling off to look after her.

On my way back home I had to pass through the Black Hills where Sturgis was in full fling. Again my trip was uneventful, even boring because I felt safe and in control all the time, even in the downpours on roads full of bikes and cars. Naturally I was on heightened alert, but truly feel like I am riding at 25% to 50% of my ability most of the time. I save the 90+% for Mid America Motorplex Raceway on Thursday afternoons.

Thank you for making all of this possible. I am saving my pennies for higher levels next spring.

Robert Steib

I attended Level 1 at Pocono Raceway on August 23rd. I just returned home from a 2500 mile tour on my BMW K1200GT to Nova Scotia...the first long ride since your course. I thought you'd like to know how much your training improved my riding...I realized immediately that my approach to turns, speed ,lean angle, throttle and most of all, stability...which significantly increased the sheer quality of the ride had all changed as a result of your training...Nice job! By the time I reached my destination....The Cabot Trail at Cape Breton National Park, the western most tip of Nova Scotia with hundreds of miles of sweeping turns and twisties carving the mountains along the Atlantic and the Gulf of St. Lawrence my confidence and ability jumped to the next level...Thank you!!...I will be attending the next level in training and look forward to learning even more...I've riden over 85,000 miles in the past 6 years touring the US and Canada on a few different current ride for long distance is the GT which became a different bike because I became a different rider.

Thanks again, Steve Krawse

First of all, let me thank everyone for the excellent training I received at Pocono in August (levels 1&2). Your entire staff was very professional. They were serious about the training yet still made it a very enjoyable experience. I learned more about riding in two days than I had in thirty years. I have told dozens of fellow riders about it. I will attend Levels 3&4 next year.

Many thanks again! Dan Curry

Keith, Judy, Cobie and the CSS Staff:

Thanks for delivering truly outstanding rider education. I attended the Level 1 in Pocono, and Levels 2 & 3 at VIR. Having attended and taught at some high speed tactical schools over the past 15 years, I know how hard it is to teach on the road, and how truly difficult it is to keep it consistent and make it look seamless. Having seen you teach in two different venues, I can say without hesitation that your school is top shelf. As a former teacher, I also have an idea how much effort it takes to make instruction look easy. Seeing how smooth you and your staff's instructional skills are, I am certain that you spend many hours off track to guarantee the success of your on-track training. You deserve to call yourselves teachers. And good ones at that.

A brief read of your feedback from other students assures me that I'm not breaking new ground here. What I'll add is how impressed I was with the depth of your quality control. To a person, each CSS worker I met was more pleasant than the next. There was no passing the buck — - if you had a question it was answered. If you needed something, you received it with a smile. Perhaps more importantly for me, you and your staff put safety first. Trevor and the corner workers made certain that above all, the track was as safe a learning environment as it could be. Kudos to them for all of their hard work and constant attention.

The track training was made possible by pointed classroom discussion, often delivered by Keith himself, where new ideas and concepts were introduced with dialogue in a progressive and logical fashion. I am a huge fan of this building-block approach. I know it works. On the track, I had the pleasure of working with rider coaches Charlie, Paul and James. Their riding skills notwithstanding, I was impressed with the time and attention they spent listening and responding to each student's particular riding challenge. More importantly, they devoted observable time on and off the track to help the student break through their individual barriers. Off the track, Lonnie and Dylan were incisive video reviewers. Like the other students who rode the camera bike, their constructive observations certainly opened my eyes to what I could be doing better. And each time we spoke they left me with an achievable goal to work on for the next session.

I can say I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the CSS. I'd never done track days before, heck, I'd never even been on a sportbike, but I knew that my riding skills had plateaued and I thought that there was room for improvement. I hoped that CSS would give me a glimpse on what was on the other side of the hill. It did, and it is a sunny curve-filled place. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world of riding ability. I hope to see you and your staff again soon.

John Cox


You probably remember me I was your student on the second day (white 21) who was run off the track. Well that experience was for me the pinnacle of the training at Pocono — everything Keith and others said, and the instruction on the track clicked at that moment and I safely finished the lap.

However, one thing started to bother me after I left for home. That is if I had had more training was what I did avoidable, probably, and could I have safely kept the bike on the track, probably. It hit me, there is a lot more to learn from you guys. So for those reasons, and others, I signed up for the VRI sessions.

Everyone since I got back has asked me if the school was fun and if I had a good time. My answer each time is NO!! The school was hard work, and the time was phenomenal. Fun doesn’t come close to describing the experience nor does good, its much much better.

I really think that what makes the school so phenomenal is the professionalism of everyone involved in the operation, the professional attitude of each and everyone on the staff and the professional approach to their jobs. Clearly everyone involved in the operation is great at what they do but that carries over to what you get as a student. I never saw any discord or other indication that the staff was there for any other reason than for the students. That is incredible and admirable. The attention to the student and making sure we learn all we can at each person's own capabilities is outstanding.

I am a consulting environmental engineer and have worked all over the world in many situations advising and observing clients; by far your organization could teach others a lot about business, communications, and working together.

People ask me why I enjoy my work so much, my reply is that "I’d do what I do for a living for free — that makes it easy". That is what I walked away from your school feeling – that everyone there would do what they do for free but the money doesn’t hurt.

Thanks again, and I’ll see you next week.

Don Elmendorf

Hey Gang!

It's been a week since my two-day camp at the Pocono track and I STILL have a grin on my face from the experience. I can hardly remember the last time I felt so completely satisfied with any event. There was not a moment of the two-days that I spent with all you guys that I would have changed...everything was so perfect (thanks for arranging the spectacular weather too!).

The curriculum was exceptionally well structured...with knowledge and skills fed to us in perfect little bite-sized increments by my hero Keith and other riding coaches in language that was a no-brainer to understand. The on and off track coaching was highly personal and superb...Charlie and Paul (the British guy) definitely made me feel that my learning and progress was their priority. The bikes were a joy to ride...perfectly setup and tuned, they were confidence inspiring and let me focus all my attention on getting the skills down. Lastly, the food was a huge and happy surprise...nothing like made-to-order scrambled eggs to start the day off right, thanks Judy!

All together, my time with the California Superbike School was nothing short of a REVELATION to my riding. Three days after the school I was riding back home and got caught in a rain storm. Had this happened before my time with you guys, I would have been thinking about things like how slippery the road felt, how bad the visibility likely I was to crash in a turn. Instead, my brain just sort of ignored all of that and focused instead on things like relaxing, two-stepping, and throttle control in the corners...thinking about the right things to do, rather than the things that could go wrong. I felt really sorry for the other motorcyclist who got caught in the storm with me (on his giant 1000cc GXSR) who blew by me before the rain started and faded in my rear mirror after the drops came down in earnest. I guess he was thinking about all the "bad" things. Heck, I was so happy in the rain that I was singing in my helmet the whole time!

So let me end with a big fat THANK YOU to Keith, Judy, Charlie, Paul, Callen and everyone else at CSS for a super fun time and for the knowledge and skills that I can use to be the best rider I can be. I'll see you guys for level 3 & 4 one of these days!!!



Older Student Feedback

"I didn't know what to expect from Levels III & IV, but I have to say I really benefited a lot. Thanks a bunch for being as good as your advertising." A.G.

"... answers were provided for questions I didn't even know I had." B.E.

Lean Bike. "Immediately after {riding it} -out on the track my times lowered considerably, but more important my confidence & relaxation of arms and torso increased to where the fun factor truly kicked in. THANK YOU FOR IT!!" P.W.

"I thought they (Kawasaki ZX 6Rs) were great. The bike itself was a lot more fun than my new CBR600F4." P.D.

"I attended level 1 at Firebird Raceway last Saturday. The instruction was priceless (well almost). I really wanted to commend your staff on putting together a basic but crucial curriculum, a smooth program (including snack/drinks etc.) and in specific, my classroom riding coaches, (Keith and Steve "The bloke from down under"). Most of all I would like to commend Ryan, my on-track Riding Coach, who worked with me frequently and who was instrumental in getting me to my next level of riding skill. It was not until Sunday, during a track day that I realized that his subtle pointers really made a difference. As a lifelong motorcyclist (32 years), an MSF Riding Coach, a fairly recent track motorcyclist and very recent road racing motorcyclist I felt that my performance riding had reached a plateau. I was frustrated to some extent about this, but am now thoroughly energized about my new found improvement. I truly want to thank you and tell you that I am looking forward to level 2. Sincerly, Scott Ladd"

"The most impressive thing was the Lean & Slide bike." C.R.

"Keith's seminars? ABSOLUTELY. You're already subconsciously aware of the things he discusses...he puts "names" on those things and brings the concepts to the front of your mind." S.L.

"I was impressed with the personal attention from the on-track riding coaches." G.R.

"I was really impressed with how close {the on-track riding coaches} watched in order to detect what our problem areas were." B. R.

"I can’t believe these are street tires." TL

"The books help to explain what is happening and why."B.L.

"Keith was able to create excellent frames of reference so you could understand and visualize the points he was trying to convey." also, "I couldn't believe that Andy found me {on-track} each and every session and offered good pointers/feedback." R.B.

"Mr. Code answered questions that I would have never thought to ask. I would have been lost out on the track without Mr. Code's instructional talks" L.K.

"I read all your books. Keith, they are GREAT!" F.L.

"The Kawasaki's...Great bike, great setup." R.B.

"Even though track riding was new to me, I got a whole different sense of traction from the Dunlop 208s and my confidence soared." RJ

"Focus on getting through corners faster." J.S.

"I was most impressed by how it started out good and just got better! How much I changed my riding style. I'm looser and more confidant, now." J.G.

"Well organized, good material and good instruction. The systematic application of each technique learned and then applied on the track helps to build a solid foundation and set of skills." S.W.

"Simple. Do what he tells you and it worked. This was my 10th CSS and I learn more every time." J.G.

"The riding coaches were right there on the track to help me learn at an accelerated rate." A.D.

"LOVE THE BOOKS. Thank you." A.D.

"Every question I had at the time was answered. Great course, I am signed up for Level II." S.W.

"I was impressed with the tires." J.H.

"The most impressive thing about the school day was the quality of instruction both in the classroom and on the track." J.G. Jr.

"The way cornering has been reduced to elements. ...really appreciated on the 2nd day when all seemed to fall into place." M.C.

"The most impressive thing about the school day was, as always, the organization and abilities of the staff. Keith's ability to express sometimes complicated riding theories is second to none!" I.A.

"I was impressed by how well developed, stream-lined the class/day was. ALL questions I had were at least touched on, if not thoroughly covered." R.T.

"The most impressive thing about the school day was the professionalism and friendliness of the staff." R.L.

"Keith's riding technique talks were very helpful. Being able to apply lesson promptly was particularly helpful." C.S.

"The one on one attention from Cobie, Jason and Mike helped make the exercises clear. Their immediate post riding session debriefings helped me get the most from the sessions." M.H.

"Keith's riding technique talks really made me think about the exercises and how I could apply the lessons to my riding." J.G.

"The breaking down of the corner process made me a lot smoother." J. H.

"The warm, friendly approachability of Keith and all his staff." S.M.

"The most fun two days I can remember--ever! It was exhilarating." R.P.

"...this turned out to be an excellent investment of my time and money." D.S.

"The bike setup and equipment exceeded my expectations." J.R.

"On the Lean Bike I learned that I CAN lean the bike and not fall over." S.R.

"The ZX6R was like magic to me." D.V.

"In two days I learned more than I had in all of my previous riding experience." D.S.

"The most impressive thing for me was the sheer number of well tuned motorcycles and other equipment that you had on hand at the track." P.D.

"I liked the way each lesson built on the former lesson. The street applications were particularly helpful." B.B.

"Keith is a superb theoretician and a gifted Riding Coach: committed to your learning, patient, exacting and persistent. I loved it." R.P.

"First time riding a Kawasaki, I loved it." J.B.

"I've been riding for 20 years and have been to two other schools. They were a joke compared to the information and presentation of your school." W.Mc.

"Yes, {the tech briefings} presentations are clear and concise. I could tell that a lot of thought has gone into planning the classroom session." S.B.

"I've been riding for 14 years. I never knew bikes could handle this well." S.B.

"This machine (The Lean Machine) in five minutes corrected more of my techniques than hours of track time." S.B.

"On-track I got instant feedback that I could use right away." S.B.

"The most impressive thing for me was not just that Keith was present and contributing to lectures. He was actually working: unpacking supplies, arranging chairs, making coffee and ALWAYS looking for ways to improve the experience for each student. Kudos for this level of involvement." S.B.

"The bikes were awesome." A.R.

"Yes, (The Lean/Slide bike) reduced fear, inspired confidence." G.C.

"...the track time. At first I didn't think we were going to get much time on the track, but I was wrong." D.M.

"I can't wait for Level II." D.M.

"The bikes were fantastic. I'm thinking of getting one for myself." J.H

Lean & Slide Bike. "Yes, I could hang off the bike as soon as I went out after using it." K.F.

"I can't think of anything that I would change or add." S.R.

"That was the best day I ever had in my life...Better than graduation, my wedding and even better than when my son was born." J.R.

"This school really makes you evaluate yourself and correct and improve techniques immediately. Progress is felt on every lap." D.S.

"The clarity of each "lesson plan" and the "tight ship" feel of the two day camp really impressed me." P.W.

"I was impressed with how the instruction really helped. And the personal evaluations that told me what I was doing and how to fix it." B.J.

"All the track time." M.G.

"..informal but organized and well scheduled. It was a system of building blocks, session to session. Keith demanded your attention & ability to answer his questions." W.M.

"Well organized. Results oriented...clearly...based on many years of knowledge, experience and practice." J.L.

"Within a few sessions...a rider can make significant improvements in their riding." J.L.

"...the drills and tutoring from on-track riding coaches resulted in a changed rider by the end of the day." D.V.

"The book (Twist of the Wrist II) was and is very helpful. I almost always find something helpful that I didn't notice before, each time I read it." M.J.

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