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Keith Code - Himself Keith Code

Keith Code

Without the CSS team I'm nowhere. Everyone at the school is there to help riders discover the skills and the real technology of cornering. I cannot think of a better job than directing this fine group of skilled and dedicated riding coaches and staff. My job at the school is really simple, I watch the student's faces, I read their surveys and listen to them. When I discover what students need and want to improve, I research it thoroughly and then provide it. That is a fun job.

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Cobie Fair - Chief Riding Coach World Wide Cobie Fair

Cobie Fair
Chief Riding Coach World Wide

25 years at the School this year... the evolution has been pretty fantastic to watch. Back in the "old days" we didn't have on-track coaching, off-track (Lean Bike, Steering Drill, etc.) or 4 levels of schools (not including CODERACE). But we did have Keith's genius and discovery of the riding material (which hasn't stopped to this day). Then we have the delivery team, which has grown to a world-wide fraternity of amazingly skilled coaches. The effort and work the coaching staff put in to the students and their own training, is a pleasure to part of and see the results obtained... if you haven't been yet, give it a try!

Andy Andy Ibbott

Andy Ibbott
UK School Director (Class IV Coach)

I recall reading the Twist books and calling Keith to ask if there were any schools! As a scum bag journo I came to the USA and did Level One at Willow Springs. At the time I was racing in the Supersport 600 class in the UK and although I did the course in November and didn't race again until March the following year the school made a MINIMUM of 4 seconds a lap improvement over the previous year's times. Impressed? Damned straight. Keith was over in the UK that very same year.

Steve Steve Brouggy

Steve Brouggy
Oz School Director (Class IV Coach)

What the in house training has done for me: What have I got from the in-house courses!?! Easy...I have studied and been thoroughly checked out and passed on core tools necessary for instructing and coaching students. This information is not only correct for training motorcycle riders, but due to the nature of the data, is also applicable in all other areas of life.

There is no more guess work in dealing with a student. I am able to observe, evaluate and then lead the student to the correct understanding with speed and efficiency every single time, regardless of their speed, skill or attitude toward riding.

Dylan Code Dylan Code

Dylan Code
Riding Coach (Class IV)

Being a coach at the California Superbike School is a very unique profession and I consider myself very lucky to be in the position I am in. I have learned that there is a big difference between just being a good rider and a good riding coach. Despite having racing experience and many laps around many tracks, I did not have the skill to train others. The coach training I have received has been very demanding and in many ways is more challenging than just going fast. Now I am at a point where I can take a rider and know with certainty that I can help him to improve. I'm not talking about tips, suggestions, or just "follow me", but applying the coaching data I have learned at the California Superbike School. It is a little known fact that there is the same volume of data on how to be a coach as is in any of Keith's books.

We give a rider the underlying information on how riding works, have him drill the specific skills that relate to it, and from there on out that rider can understand and resolve the problems he or she faces on the road. The skills apply to the street and track, any age or skill level, any bike.

I work full time in the motorcycle industry and I am proud that my actions as a coach are assisting to forward the sport by making better and more competent riders.

James Toohey James Toohey

James Toohey
Riding Coach (Class IV)

The Superbike School has been a great experience for me. I know this stuff works because every school I do all the drills the students do and every school I get smoother and more confident. Am I faster you ask well one time I didn't race for 3 months just did some schools and the next time I went out I was 2 seconds faster. Riding is alot of fun when you know exactly what your doing right and not doing right and how to correct it.

The best part of all this is that I get to share this technology and my experience with students in a way that literally changes there lives and sometimes saves them too. As good as Keith's riding tech is it wouldn't be possible to deliver it to the students as profoundly as it is without the just as powerful Riding Coach training program. This is one of the most comprehensive trainings I have been through. It really weeds out the not so dedicated.

I am just thrilled to be part of a group so committed to making life a lot faster.

Pete Castanik Pete Castanik

Pete Castanik
Deputy Chief Riding Coach (Class IV)

I moved to California back in 2004 with one thing in mind, and that was to find employment doing ANYTHING with a motorcycle. Just a few months after I moved to the west coast I found myself heading out to the east coast with the California Superbike School road crew as the new Course Control Assistant. Before I started working with the school, I thought riding a sport bike was all about wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, and exceeding the legal speed limits by at least 100 mph. One session on the track and I soon found out that there was more, way more. I was hooked on cornering!

For a couple of years I watched bikes go around the track. I witnessed hundreds maybe thousands of students improve their riding, and I wanted in on it. After reading some of Keith's materials and doing a few of the levels, I tried out for a coaching position. I was accepted and the training began. The schools training program is intense - more than any other training/curriculum I've been involved with. Keith's technology on riding, and coaching can only be described accurately with two words: phenomenal and effective. With that being said, there are no two words at all to describe the feeling I get helping our students with their riding. I get really excited when I see my students improve.

Jon Groom Jon Groom

Jon Groom
Riding Coach (Class IV)

When I decided to get back into motorcycle riding after a very long break, I wanted to make sure that I had the best possible training to ride fast, but to also know what I was doing. I researched a lot of schools and settled on the California Superbike School as they seemed to have the most thorough, complete and technologically advanced training process; I was not disappointed!

Having done all the student levels and the race school, my riding had improved beyond anything I thought possible, to a point where I was invited to try out as a coach. Having successfully raced and instructed in other disciplines, it was clear to me that there was no better place or higher quality program where I would have the opportunity to pass on to others some of what I have learned. I soon found out that the road to being a coach at the Superbike School is long, tough, challenging but really rewarding, and there's nothing more rewarding than actually being able to help other people improve their own riding.

The bonus for me is that everyone at the school is friendly, helpful and just plain cool, so it's a great place to hang out too!

Johnny Haynes Johnny Haynes

Johnny Haynes
Riding Coach (Class III)

Misti Hurst

Misti Hurst
Riding Coach (Class III)

Working with Keith Code and the unique team of riding coaches has been an amazing experience, and a dream come true.

In November 2002 after two years of riding and one year of club racing, my sponsor CLS West, sent me to all four levels of the school for some technical training, and basic ride instruction. Up to that point, I had simply been riding intuitively with no real idea of the how's and why's of riding, or what to do if I found myself in any kind of trouble on the road or the track. The instruction was incredible and my understanding, confidence, speed and control of the motorcycle improved tremendously.

During the 4th level of the school I tried out for the Riding Coach position and was thrilled when I was accepted. The continuous Riding Coach training has been intense but extremely rewarding and I'm learning new things every time I'm out on the track. My ultimate goal in life was to make my passion my job and with this position I feel like I'm living my dream. Not only do I get to ride on amazingly fun tracks and meet interesting new people, I also have the opportunity to help people improve their riding and make discoveries each time they go out on the track.

Jason Paden - Riding Coach Jason Paden

Jason Paden
Riding Coach (Class III)

I started out at the school not having any idea how to teach someone how to ride a motorcycle. Over the years of moving up through the training levels I have an exact idea of how a motorcycle works and what is involved in getting around the track with confidence and consistency. I am now totally certain about the subject of riding a motorcycle it is easy to spot the problems riders encounter and help them overcome their barriers.

photo Mike Pesicka

Mike Pesicka
Riding Coach (Class III)

I first came across the school after only 3-4 months of riding. At the time all I could do was daydream and think of how cool it must be to ride around on a racetrack for your job. After doing some racing and reading the Twist books I thought it would be awesome to try and get involved at the school. I contacted Cobie and was stoked when he invited me for a tryout. Some months later and after countless hours of extensive training, I'm proud to say I'm a coach for the California Superbike School.

As all the others have said (and not without reason!) my riding has drastically improved and I have become a much more confident and capable rider. It is extremely rewarding to be able to help teach these skills to students. Watching students make huge gains in their abilities and seeing their smiles after a great day never gets old. Oh, and doing all of this on a racetrack isn't so bad either. Hope to see you out there!


Joe Calabro
Riding Coach (Class III)

My first time ever on a superbike was at the school, when I was 15 years old. After taking the California Superbike School, I realized that I wanted to go from racing supermoto to roadracing. I bought a R6 track bike and began taking more levels at CSS until I was ready to start racing. Then at about 16, I started racing. At this time I thought about how awesome it would be to be a coach at the superbike school, so I talked to Cobie about becoming a coach. Unfortunately, I had to wait till I was 18, so I kept racing and let CSS know how the racing was going. Then close to my 18th birthday, I tried out as a coach and made it! The past couple years working for the school has been very rewarding as I have learned so much as a rider and get to travel all over the US. I also have the opportunity to travel to the other superbike school branches in Australia and UK.

Andy Burnett - Riding Coach Andy Burnett

Andy Burnett
Riding Coach (Class II)

The training we receive as riding coaches has developed my observation, analytical and communication skills. I can spot a student's riding problems accurately and not only get him to understand what he needs to do, but to reliably do it. This puts a smile on everyone's face.

It's transformed my personal riding too. Being able to make the distinctions necessary to spot student riding errors make it possible for me to see my own, where I didn't before. The drills we work on at the school still make a difference in my riding each time I apply them.

Kristi Martel Kristi Martel

Kristi Martel
Riding Coach (Class II)

To me, there is no truer testament to the effectiveness of Keith Code's riding technology than how dramatically my riding improved since being a student at the school. Which is why I am ecstatic to pass on this data now that I am a coach. While training to be a coach has been exceptionally rigorous, being witness to my students' incredible leaps of confidence makes all the hard work more than worthwhile.

photo Tim Johnston

Tim Johnson
Riding Coach (Class II)

When I first took the school I realized very quickly how serious Keith and the rest of the staff are about making better riders. My lap times and confidence improved dramatically. My Riding Coach Jason Paden even suggested that I try out to be a Riding Coach if I was interested. Interested, are you kidding?!

After going through the Riding Coach training, it is even more clear to me how dedicated we are to making better riders. I thought my years of engineering school were tough. The Riding Coach training program is even tougher. I now feel confident answering any questions about riding and can communicate it effectively to students.

Joining the CSS team has been a thrill. It feels awesome to produce the same smiles I got when I took the school.

Gerry Signorelli Gerry Signorelli

Gerry Signorelli
Riding Coach (Class II)

It's an honor to work for the California Superbike School. Each day I'm surrounded by a staff with a common goal to help students improve their riding and confidence. That combined with enthusiastic riders who are eager to learn creates quite a rewarding environment. When I got into riding, I used Keith's books to learn how to improve my own abilities. The theories and techniques that he has come up with make it possible for everyone to learn how to ride anything with two wheels well. There isn't a day that goes by while coaching at CSS that I don't get to witness a student have an awesome realization of great riding and that gets me stoked!

John Galster

Josh Galster
Riding Coach (Class II)

In my second year of racing I wanted to take my riding to the next level. What better way to do that than to take a first-class school? My idea of riding was totally changed after taking the school. After I practiced and applied those skills to my riding, I became a totally different and better rider on the track. It showed—my first year of racing a 600, I was the Regional Champion in both 600cc classes. Needless to say, the material that Keith has put together really does work.

After taking the school as a student, Lonnie suggested I talk to Cobie about the opportunity to train as a coach. After intense training, I earned the status of riding coach. That is where things really changed for me. I was now responsible for the improvement of my students. And that is where all the time and hard work paid off. When you see the change in your student's riding, there is nothing else that compares. I love to see the look of accomplishment in the students eyes when they are riding and to hear about it when they get off their bike to say how much they have improved.

Brian Grannan

Brian Grannan
Riding Coach (Class II)

I'm grateful to be part of the California Superbike School team. Thanks to Keith for his dedication to discover and refine effective ways to teach people how to ride better. It's so rewarding to see the smiles on students faces at the end of a school day when they are recounting the ways in which they've improved.

I started out with the school as a student and was impressed with the improvement it made in my riding. Once I was accepted into the coach training program I found I had to work even harder to understand proper riding technique since I now had to apply it to a wide variety of riders. Now I have the skill and confidence to spot and correct student errors. And I know that I'll perpetually be a student, always working to improve my ability to help others discover how to ride well.

Jeff Rozycki

Lyle Warner
Riding Coach (Class III)

When I came to the school as a student I was impressed with the quality and consistency of the coaching and with the detailed structure of the curriculum.

Later, as I progressed through my coach training, it was clear to me why that was. The coach training was just as thorough and structured as the student training, and it has made coaching the many students I've worked with very rewarding and enjoyable for me and for them.

Always having the correct technique or information needed to help a student discover the answer to a question or solution to a problem means that I get to enjoy riding with them while they are achieving their goals, and often having one of the best days of their life.

Laura Orozco
Class 1, Qualified Coach

Some years ago (it still feels like yesterday) I decided I wanted to try riding a superbike, and I found out that California Superbike School offered rider training on the racetrack! That sounded like a great adventure, so I signed up. I had a fantastic time, and I learned a LOT.

Soon after, I tried a couple of other schools, but didn't get the same kind of results. So I went back to the Superbike School, made unbelievable progress in just one day, and realized that there was a huge difference between CSS and other schools. I was very impressed by the level of organization and professionalism, the success of the students, and how the staff all seemed to enjoy working together. I was curious about how it was done, thought the CSS business philosophies might help me in my own business, and decided to find out more. That was a life changing decision! I've learned a lot more than I bargained for, and along the way I ended up riding faster than I ever imagined I could, and racing, and coaching for the school. I love what the California Superbike School does for riders, and I am proud to be a part of it.

Steve Notthingham Steve Nottingham

Steve Nottingham
Class 1, Qualified Coach

I attended California Superbike School in the late 80's as I began my roadracing career. That training started me out in the right and proper way. I have enjoyed a close association with the school ever since. As a coach at the school not only do I get to share my joy of riding with students from all over the world but I continually improve and renew my own joy of riding. No matter your background, experience, beliefs or differences, we all share a commonality in our love of motorcycling. Watching the smiles on students faces as they improve never gets old. My happiest day has been trading in my office chair for one that has almost 200bhp.....See you at school!

photo photo

Connor Duffy
Class II, Certified Coach

After two tryouts, I started working for the school as Course Control Assistant before I began the rigorous, coach training process. During my training I developed a thorough understanding of how to pinpoint and communicate what each individual student needs in order to achieve the improvement they are looking for. Helping students become more confident and consistent riders is an extremely rewarding process. Every day I am given the opportunity to witness the very same excitement I felt while attending the school as a student myself. It doesn't get much better than that! I am proud to be part of such a dedicated group of riding professionals with the sole intent of providing success.

photo photo

Chris McVay
Class II, Certified Coach

After a few years of club racing, and crashing nearly every bike I rode, I had a big crash over 140 mph. I was bummed, and didn't know the real reason I had crashed.

I still loved riding, but had hit a brick wall and wasn't getting any faster. Lap after lap of frustration, taking advice from friends that never seemed to work, or I couldn't implement.

A close friend of mine introduced me to James Toohey, a CSS instructor. He convinced me to go to school with the Superbike crew.

Wow! What a difference! I was hooked.

Fast forward and now I'm in my fourth year of coaching. I love meeting new students. Every time I'm with a student and get to witness the "aha" moment of discovering what is holding them back, it reminds me of my first big win at the school. All in all the best part of being a coach is that the drills actually work! It doesn't matter who you are, the motorcycle will respond when given the proper inputs.

Another benefit to coaching is all the great people I've met from all over the world, who I am now proud to call friends.

Oh and by the way, I haven't fallen down of my own accord since I've been a student and now a coach at California Superbike School.


Anton Chilton
Provisional Coach

Ever since I started riding I've been keen to improve my skills and my understanding of how to control a motorcycle at speed. In that pursuit I have been fortunate enough try a variety of schools in the UK, Australia and the US. However, once I had completed Level 1 at California Superbike School I was hooked. I found the school and its system of coaching superior in every aspect to everything I had experienced before and my riding improved exponentially. Not only was I faster but I felt so much more in control. From that point on it was only the California Superbike School for me.

When I was asked to try out for a coaching position I was ecstatic and having been through coach training I now know exactly why my experience as a student was so good. Keith's system is exemplary, coach training is tough, intensive and thorough.

Being able to pass onto students Keith's technology and watching them make significant improvements is an absolute pleasure. I love being a part of such a great group and a motivated, dedicated team.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a student coming off the track, removing their helmet and revealing the huge grin that comes after a big improvement. It's an awesome feeling.

photo photo

Mike Benham,
Provisional Coach

I spent most of my "adult" life as an F-15C Instructor Pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I felt like I knew what quality instruction was and I absolutely loved instructing. After moving to a non-flying staff job I bought a sport bike and did all the MSF training. It was beneficial but I wanted to learn more and I found an Advanced Rider Track Day program with CSS at a nearby Marine base. I took the course and I was really impressed (not easy to do). Not only was the quality of instruction better than anything I'd seen, the results in terms of my own improvement and the mishap reduction results for the Marines were astonishing. I eventually became a Rider Coach for the program and we trained over 1700 riders during the next two-and-a-half years. We didn't have any fatalities or permanent injuries with any of the riders we trained by the time I left. That's an impressive record and I'm extremely proud to have been able to help so many riders as part of the CSS ARTD team.

After moving back stateside, I was able to start doing regular track days. Applying the lessons I learned through the ARTD program allowed me to rapidly improve my pace and skill on my own. CSS instruction gave me the ability to evaluate my riding even when a coach isn't there so I could keep improving. Eventually I felt my riding and teaching skills might be good enough to try-out to be a CSS coach and I made it! As I said before, I love to teach and I've had an amazing time working with students during my coach training. The training was tough, but Keith's technology, both riding and teaching, makes it possible to get great results with all kinds of students. It's extremely rewarding to be a part of their "Aha!" moments and I look forward to being involved in helping our students improve for many years.

photo photo

Travis Wyman,
Provisional Coach

I have been passionate about riding and racing motorcycles since the age of 5. Being able to share that passion with motorcyclists of any age and skill set is an amazing feeling. The Superbike School is one of the best things that has happened to my career. It has transformed me into a better and more knowledgeable coach, and made riding a motorcycle that much easier for me. I continue to work on the skills and techniques I have learned every time I throw a leg over a bike. My only regret is that I did not get started with the school earlier!


Damien Kieran,
Provisional Coach

I have been around bikes my entire life. You could say they are part of my DNA. Whether it's riding on the road or track, admiring a road bike, talking about motorcycle mechanics, bike history or club-level and professional racing, I just don't get bored of them. So as part of my life-long motorcycle journey, I was lucky enough to attend CSS as a student: an eye-opening experience! My riding improved exponentially, as did my understanding of why it was improving. And now, as a CSS coach, I understand why I was able to learn what I did.

Training, training, training.

I don't mean student training but coach training. Coaches are rigorously trained and tested to make sure they can deliver Keith's ever-evolving training materials in manageable bites that—without doubt—improve a rider's skill level; no matter their starting point. This process never stops. Coaches are constantly honing their craft to provide a seamless first class CSS student experience.

But personally, beyond the training and seeing students improve, the CSS team is like a big family of really cool people that share a passion for motorcycles and it's a team I am proud to be a part of.

Trevor Pennington
Course Control

I started working at the California Superbike School on almost a fluke. I applied for a job at the school with little to no understanding of motorcycles or the industry. Riding on the back of a touring bike a couple of times was the extent of my experience. But I got the job, starting out as the assistant to Course Control, let me tell you it didn't take long to realize how much fun motorcycles were and how important the school was to making better/safer riders and that helps everyone who rides. After my first year I was offered to move up to Course Control as the previous holder of the position had left. I took it and haven't looked back since.

I have now been with the school longer then any other job that I have ever had. I get asked by friends and other people all the time if it ever gets tiring to be on the road so much, after so long I must want to do something else? I tell them no, I get to be around motorcycles which I love and I get to help make better riders. This is the best job that I have ever had. I work with people who are extremely professional and 1 for one love what they are doing, and at the same time it is one of the most relaxed environments I have ever been in. We all like to have fun and it shows in the way all the staff conducts themselves, and I think that that helps the students to relax too.

Lara Dolan
Student Services Director

It all started when I was staying with a family friend, I was 9 or 10 and had already asked my mom several times if I could get a ride on the back of a motorcycle. This time I finally won--this time I happened to be with the right friend--my mom said: "Lara, the only person I'll let you get on a bike with is Keith". So that was my first time on a motorcycle, on the back of Keith Code's bike going up Angeles Crest Highway. It was an experience I will never forget! The speed, the control, the wind and the freedom! Not too long after that I learned to ride myself. Fast forward to a couple decades later and I have the privilege to work surrounded by people who love motorcycles and work hard to help people become better riders!

Whitney Fair

Whitney Fair
Office Manager

I started riding motorcycles around 1987. This great guy taught me about that and I was pretty happy with my riding. Oh, and by the way my teacher was Cobie! He told me to read Twist of the Wrist and to take the Superbike School. So I did! In fact I took the school a couple of times and boy that was cool!

About that time Cobie introduced me to Keith and Judy and the rest is history. I started working with Keith and the school a few years ago and recently joined the office staff and it is quite a special place. To me, when I took the school, it was a special experience - the way it is laid out, the way Keith presents it, it is exactly right in so many ways. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it feels right to be here and contributing to this great group.

Ginny Gonzales
Office Administrator

I have been working for CSS since 2011. I have been riding dirt bikes now for 15 years and I love it. But, watching everyone in the school makes me want to take to the streets. I have learned so much about this sport. So when I hear the excitement in our students voices, as they are signing up I completely understand.

I love to hear our students stories of the reasons why they ride or how happy they have been with the school and they want to sign up for the next level. Makes me proud to say I work for California Superbike School.