Anton Chilton

Ever since I started riding I’ve been keen to improve my skills and my understanding of how to control a motorcycle at speed. In that pursuit I have been fortunate enough try a variety of schools in the UK, Australia and the US. However, once I had completed Level 1 at California Superbike School I was hooked. I found the school and its system of coaching superior in every aspect to everything I had experienced before and my riding improved exponentially. Not only was I faster but I felt so much more in control. From that point on it was only the California Superbike School for me.

When I was asked to try out for a coaching position I was ecstatic and having been through coach training I now know exactly why my experience as a student was so good. Keith’s system is exemplary, coach training is tough, intensive and thorough.

Being able to pass onto students Keith’s technology and watching them make significant improvements is an absolute pleasure. I love being a part of such a great group and a motivated, dedicated team.

Nothing beats the experience of seeing a student coming off the track, removing their helmet and revealing the huge grin that comes after a big improvement. It’s an awesome feeling.