CSS Team

Joe Calabro

My first time ever on a superbike was at the school, when I was 15 years old. After taking the California Superbike School, I realized that I wanted to go from racing supermoto to roadracing. I bought a R6 track bike and began taking more levels at CSS until I was ready to start racing. Then at about 16, I started racing. At this time I thought about how awesome it would be to be a coach at the superbike school, so I talked to Cobie about becoming a coach. Unfortunately, I had to wait till I was 18, so I kept racing and let CSS know how the racing was going. Then close to my 18th birthday, I tried out as a coach and made it! The past couple years working for the school has been very rewarding as I have learned so much as a rider and get to travel all over the US. I also have the opportunity to travel to the other superbike school branches in Australia and UK.