CSS Team

Josh Galster

In my second year of racing I wanted to take my riding to the next level. What better way to do that than to take a first-class school? My idea of riding was totally changed after taking the school. After I practiced and applied those skills to my riding, I became a totally different and better rider on the track. It showed—my first year of racing a 600, I was the Regional Champion in both 600cc classes. Needless to say, the material that Keith has put together really does work.

After taking the school as a student, Lonnie suggested I talk to Cobie about the opportunity to train as a coach. After intense training, I earned the status of riding coach. That is where things really changed for me. I was now responsible for the improvement of my students. And that is where all the time and hard work paid off. When you see the change in your student’s riding, there is nothing else that compares. I love to see the look of accomplishment in the students eyes when they are riding and to hear about it when they get off their bike to say how much they have improved.