CSS Team

Mike Benham

I spent most of my “adult” life as an F-15C Instructor Pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I felt like I knew what quality instruction was and I absolutely loved instructing. After moving to a non-flying staff job I bought a sport bike and did all the MSF training. It was beneficial but I wanted to learn more and I found an Advanced Rider Track Day program with CSS at a nearby Marine base. I took the course and I was really impressed (not easy to do). Not only was the quality of instruction better than anything I’d seen, the results in terms of my own improvement and the mishap reduction results for the Marines were astonishing. I eventually became a Rider Coach for the program and we trained over 1700 riders during the next two-and-a-half years. We didn’t have any fatalities or permanent injuries with any of the riders we trained by the time I left. That’s an impressive record and I’m extremely proud to have been able to help so many riders as part of the CSS ARTD team.

After moving back stateside, I was able to start doing regular track days. Applying the lessons I learned through the ARTD program allowed me to rapidly improve my pace and skill on my own. CSS instruction gave me the ability to evaluate my riding even when a coach isn’t there so I could keep improving. Eventually I felt my riding and teaching skills might be good enough to try-out to be a CSS coach and I made it! As I said before, I love to teach and I’ve had an amazing time working with students during my coach training. The training was tough, but Keith’s technology, both riding and teaching, makes it possible to get great results with all kinds of students. It’s extremely rewarding to be a part of their “Aha!” moments and I look forward to being involved in helping our students improve for many years.