CSS Team

Mike Pesicka

I first came across the school after only 3-4 months of riding. At the time all I could do was daydream and think of how cool it must be to ride around on a racetrack for your job. After doing some racing and reading the Twist books I thought it would be awesome to try and get involved at the school. I contacted Cobie and was stoked when he invited me for a tryout. Some months later and after countless hours of extensive training, I’m proud to say I’m a coach for the California Superbike School.

As all the others have said (and not without reason!) my riding has drastically improved and I have become a much more confident and capable rider. It is extremely rewarding to be able to help teach these skills to students. Watching students make huge gains in their abilities and seeing their smiles after a great day never gets old. Oh, and doing all of this on a racetrack isn’t so bad either. Hope to see you out there!