CSS Team

Pete Castanik

I moved to California back in 2004 with one thing in mind, and that was to find employment doing ANYTHING with a motorcycle. Just a few months after I moved to the west coast I found myself heading out to the east coast with the California Superbike School road crew as the new Course Control Assistant. Before I started working with the school, I thought riding a sport bike was all about wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, and exceeding the legal speed limits by at least 100 mph. One session on the track and I soon found out that there was more, way more. I was hooked on cornering!

For a couple of years I watched bikes go around the track. I witnessed hundreds maybe thousands of students improve their riding, and I wanted in on it. After reading some of Keith’s materials and doing a few of the levels, I tried out for a coaching position. I was accepted and the training began. The schools training program is intense – more than any other training/curriculum I’ve been involved with. Keith’s technology on riding, and coaching can only be described accurately with two words: phenomenal and effective. With that being said, there are no two words at all to describe the feeling I get helping our students with their riding. I get really excited when I see my students improve.