Half Camps

NEW FOR 2019: Half-Camps

The Half Camp will be exactly half of our flagship training format, the 2-Day Camp. Half-Camp features are:

  • All levels, 1 through 4, accommodated.
  • Two riding groups.
  • Depending on track length and passing opportunities on-track groups are 14, 16 or 18 riders, maximum.
  • Dedicated semi-private coaching: 2:1 student to coach ratio.
  • 7 on-track sessions include 5 tech briefings for levels 1 through 3 plus 2 put-it-together sessions.
  • Level 4 includes personalized consultant working with you all 7 sessions.
  • Full breakfast, full lunch, great snacks, effective hydration solutions in abundance, all day.
  • Video recording & review. Riding our exclusive over the shoulder ‘sees-it-all’ camera bikes.
  • Full, premium-riding gear included.
  • BMW S1000 RR included.
  • Improvement guaranteed.