CSS Team

Dylan Code

Being a coach at the California Superbike School is a very unique profession and I consider myself very lucky to be in the position I am in. I have learned that there is a big difference between just being a good rider and a good riding coach. Despite having racing experience and many laps around many tracks, I did not have the skill to train others. The coach training I have received has been very demanding and in many ways is more challenging than just going fast. Now I am at a point where I can take a rider and know with certainty that I can help him to improve. I’m not talking about tips, suggestions, or just “follow me”, but applying the coaching data I have learned at the California Superbike School. It is a little known fact that there is the same volume of data on how to be a coach as is in any of Keith’s books.

We give a rider the underlying information on how riding works, have him drill the specific skills that relate to it, and from there on out that rider can understand and resolve the problems he or she faces on the road. The skills apply to the street and track, any age or skill level, any bike.

I work full time in the motorcycle industry and I am proud that my actions as a coach are assisting to forward the sport by making better and more competent riders.