On Track Coaching

Your coach follows you and observes each aspect of your riding.

For immediate feedback, specific hand signals are given to you by your coach while on the track.

Your assigned on-track coach for the day is a professional. Coaches are trained observers and correction artists. Their job is to offer plenty of assistance by giving you immediate feedback on errors as well as validation for good application of the drills and technical skills. Student/Coach ratio is 2:1 at 2-Day Camps and 3:1 at single day schools.

Professional Coaching

Your coach will ensure improvement and insist on understanding. Giving friendly advice is not part of their training; ensuring your discovery and understanding of the cornering art is part of their training.

Certification as a riding coach at the Superbike School takes serious dedication, not just good riding, a nice smile or being one of our friends. Our coaches have tough training courses to go through for certification. They’re proud of their accomplishments and they’re always proud of their students’ progress. You are assigned to one of them.

Who Can Improve?

If you ride a motorcycle, you can improve. The technical skills of cornering apply to you. 150,000+ riders have attended Superbike Schools in 33 countries at 118 tracks on every continent except Antarctica and ridden 13.2 million miles in the process. Over fifty national and international championships have been won by riders personally trained by Keith and other CSS staff worldwide. Bikes may change but Keith’s discoveries on cornering still apply.

Depth of Training

Whichever of our 4 levels you are attending, everyone is geared to help. Even our Corner Marshals and Course Control personnel know which drill you are working on. We often rely on their feedback to help sort out your riding. In fact, our Course Control personnel keep a running, written record of each student’s on-track performance. The whole staff is focused on your improvement and everyone is on the same page.

Check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

  • Your coach follows you to observe specific aspects of your riding.
  • For immediate feedback, pre arranged hand signals are used by your coach while on the track.
  • Coaches pull off with you during a ride for more detailed feedback.
  • Coaches will lead you to demonstrate specific techniques and lines.
  • Your coach will debrief with you and help to evaluate performance after every ride.
  • Specific problems are identified and exact solutions, geared to your skill level, are provided.

Coaches pull off with you during a ride for instant feedback.

Your coach will debrief you after every ride.

Real Students Say...

“My on-track coach was extremely helpful. His observations about areas I needed to correct always resulted in improvement. His communication was very clear and concise, and he displayed great patience.”

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