The Levels

The California Superbike School’s course curriculum works. We are the number one school in all of the 33 countries where we have operated. Please do not come to us for an expensive trackday. We are professionals dedicated to your improvement and we will ensure you learn the skills.

Each level is a complete and integrated package of technical skills. The levels are not structured according to a rider’s experience. Each of the Levels is its own set of related skills broken down into easily understood, bite-sized chunks. Read about them below.

Your Goals

We provide a logical, step-by-step, structured approach for you to achieve your riding goals. We will help you define those goals and provide you with the tools to make progress towards them. This is not PR or hype, we guarantee it and we’re the only school who does.

Take a look at what we do, then check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Level I

Level I addresses the six most common errors riders, from novice to world-class racers, make and why. You will realize exactly how they have stopped or slowed your own improvement as a rider. There will be a technical briefing for each one including on and off track drills that put you in control of them. Your assigned coach for the day will observe and correct any difficulties you are having with each drill. You will be coached as an individual, according to your skill level. You will improve.

Students often comment that Level I answers questions they didn’t even know they had.

Confidence and control are shattered when riders experience vague fears about turn entry speed, finding good lines, bike stability and their own rider-induced errors. These fears and uncertainties are addressed and replaced with confident and precise bike control. Within the boundaries of good sense and safety, the speed you ride is up to you.

We are very particular about our track course control, and we do have rules. Chief among them is: riders may not interfere with each other’s progress and safety. Because of this, after twenty-nine years and over ten million miles of track riding, the school has a phenomenal safety record. Check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Level II

It is no secret that Keith was the first to tackle the problems of vision and riding, and was the first to develop drills to handle them. Once you have full understanding of what a motorcycle can and should do from the Level 1 drills, we move on step-by-step to sharpen your visual skills. Level II is all about solutions to problems we face with our eyes.

The school’s visual drills put you in control of the road. We define our visual enemies and how to overcome them. Everyone knows that target fixation is dangerous. How bad is it? With logical, step-by-step procedures, your eyes become precision instruments. The results of Level 2 are amazing. Riders lose their claustrophobia in corners and gain the freedom to really use the roads they ride.

At most tracks, (where an area to run the Lean Bike is available) Level II students start their Lean Bike training. As with Level I, there are five technical briefings and five track sessions during the day. Check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Level III

Level III addresses five more proactive technical points on riding. We thoroughly cover how you interact with the bike, your body position choices and how these can affect the cornering process. Once rider position and stability are completely understood it paves the way for line selection options you may never have imagined. All five of the exercises done in Level III are indispensable tools which will put you in control of any set of twisties that exists. The final exercise called Attack Angles will give you a whole new approach to cornering because you’ll have a plan. Level III students are videotaped, weather permitting. Check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Level IV: Custom-designed for each rider

Level IV takes a completely different turn. We ask you what needs to be improved.

Now that a rider has spent at least three levels with us and discussed and practiced over 15 different riding skills, we design a program uniquely for that rider. At Level IV we take a very focused look at your skills and tie up the loose ends to your satisfaction.

Aside from their assigned on-track coach, we also provide a highly trained consultant. Throughout the day the Level IV consultant will coordinate with your on-track coach and give you one-on-one attention on your riding.

Depending on space availability, track facilities and weather, Level IV students are eligible to ride our Slide Bike. Check our schedule to find a date and track close to you.

Real Students Say...

“I just took Level 1 at the California Superbike School, after almost 20 years of riding I learned more in one day about riding.”

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