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What’s the difference between the 2-Day Camp and single day schools?

Here is a table that gives a quick overview on the differences and similarities between the Two-day Camps and Single Day Schools:

  Two-day Camp Single Day School
Student to coach ratio 2 students to 1 coach 3 students to 1 coach
Riding sessions per day Seven Five
Max # of students on track 16 21
Full riding gear Included $75
Lap times Included $20
Video review with data Included No
Bike options S1000RR only, included Ride your own or ours
Specialty bikes available All As noted below*
Meals Full breakfast & lunch Light breakfast, box lunch
Water & snacks all day Included Included
# of levels done per day One per day One per day
School levels taught All four levels All four levels

No matter which format you take, you get the exact same information from the school days. For example if you are a first-time student and took two single days back-to-back, you would complete Levels 1 & 2. If you took the 2-Day Camp you would complete Level 1 the first day and Level 2 the second day. You are getting more personal attention, more track time, less students on track, and access to all the specialty bikes at the 2-Day Camp (at most tracks).

*For a Single Day School, these are the Off-Track drills available for each level:

Level 1 – Steering Drill

Level 2 – Lean Bike (not in the rain)

Level 3 – Camera Bike (not in the rain)

Level 4 – Slide Bike (not in the rain)

Do you complete all 4 levels at the 2-Day Camp?

No, you get through two levels, one level per day.

How much does the school cost?

At most tracks a Single Day School costs $525 to bring your own bike and $725 to rent a bike. Most 2-Day Camps are $2550. Check this link for exact track prices:


What is your cancellation/reschedule/refund policy?

We are very strict about our cancellation policy.  You will find our Policy is standard industry practice among car and motorcycle schools.  The following applies to any and all reasons for cancelling OR rescheduling, including accidents, missed travel connections, bike malfunctions, acts of God, health issues, work or personal emergencies, you name it. 

  1. Your school deposit locks in your spot.
  2. If you cancel or reschedule 15 days or more before your scheduled date(s) , you get a full refund*.
  3. If you cancel or reschedule between 8 to 14 days before your scheduled date(s ) you will lose your deposit .
  4. If you cancel between 0 to 7 days before your scheduled date(s ) you will lose your entire school fee, this includes “no shows” on the day of the school.

There are no exceptions to the above.

*All refunds are subject to a 3% re-credit service fee.

What happens if it rains? What happens to my money if it is unsafe to run in the rain?

We run rain or shine. Most tracks have excellent traction and can be run in wet conditions, besides, it doesn’t usually rain all day. We’ll be there and so should you. If the conditions are so bad that we can’t run at all or we have to stop, there are no refunds, but you will get a full or partial rain check to use towards a later school.

What riding gear is needed if I wear my own? What types of riding suits are acceptable?

Leathers: Must be a full set (two-piece must zip together). AEROSTICH suit is okay.

Helmet: Must be Snell or DOT approved, full face. Flip-up helmets are OK.

Boots: Riding boots that cover your ankles.

Gloves: Full-fingered riding gloves.

Back Protector: Not mandatory, but strongly advised.

Ear Plugs: Not mandatory, but advised and will be provided.

What do I wear under the leathers?

Any form fitting Under Armor type shorts and shirt. Synthetic materials work best.

I’m a big boy/gal, will you have leathers to fit me?

We have a very large selection of leathers. The largest would fit someone up to about a 54” chest. We’ve fit someone who was 6’6”, 315 lbs in our largest leathers.

What do I need to do to prep my own bike if I bring it?

  1. Good tires (90% TREAD) We offer good tire deals & mounting at the track.
  2. Good brakes and throttle action.
  3. No fluid leaks.
  4. No need to safety wire or swap out fluids.

IMPORTANT: ARRIVE WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS. If your bike has a small tank or uses a lot of fuel, bring extra. You need enough fuel for 100–150 miles.

Can I ride my bike at a 2-Day Camp? Why not?

No, you only have the option of using our BMW at the 2-Day Camp. If you crash on our bike, assuming you are given medical OK to keep riding, we have spare bikes for you to use. If you were on your bike then you would not have anything to ride the second day. Plus we consider the 2-Day Camp to be our premiere package and riding the BMW is part of spoiling you.

If I bring my own bike and gear to a 2-day camp will it be cheaper?

This is a trick question since you can’t bring your own bike. You can use your own gear but the 2-Day Camp price remains the same. Occasionally we allow you to ride your bike the last 2 sessions of each day but that does not alter the price.

Can I request GP shift?

Not typically because bikes are ridden by more than one person throughout the day and changing back and forth is not practical. However sometimes we can accommodate. Contact the office and make a request. No promises.

What bikes are acceptable at a Single Day School if I bring my own?

Any 4 stroke bike over 150cc or 2 stroke over 125cc. 125cc bikes must have a button start or be able to be started by the rider on his own, without needed help.

What level do I take?

If this is your first time taking our school you would start in Level 1. We do not consider this a beginner class – we have the school material broken down into sections and we have to call the first section something so we call it Level 1.

Do I have to start in Level 1 even though I am an awesome rider?

Yes, even top racers we have trained have all started with Level 1.

Can I skip levels?

No, you go through the Levels in order and each one takes a full day to complete. If you finish the day, you move on to the next level the next time you attend.

How much deposit do you need? When is the rest of the school fee charged?

Your deposit is half of your full price school fee. For example, if the class cost is $525, we charge half of that for your deposit. If there are any discounts, we still charge half the full price and the discount is applied to your balance payment. 30 days from the date of the class we automatically charge the balance to the card we have on file for you. You need to notify us prior to 30 days before your school date if you want to pay in a different manner.

What do I have to pay if I crash your bike or damage the gear I rent?

On the bike you rent or any of the specialty bikes you ride, you are liable up to $2000 (at CodeRACE you are liable up to $2500). If the damage is less than that, you are charged whatever that is. For example if the bike burns to the ground you would pay the maximum amount of $2000 ($2500 at CodeRACE). On the gear, you are liable up to a maximum of $200 for any damages. We take an imprint of each student’s credit card, in case of damages. If there is damage done, we charge as described above. If there is no damage, we shred the imprint after the class is done.

Do you take checks?

Yes, we can hold your spot once we receive your check or money order.

Do you take American Express?

No. Only VISA or MasterCard.

What time does the day start? End?

On your school day, please be at the track by 7am or 6:30am at Barber Motorsports Park schools — if you are late you could lose your spot to a walk-on. The day ends around 4:30 or 5pm.

What is the schedule for the day?

You arrive at 7:00am for registration. At approximately 8:00am you have classroom time for 20—30 minutes. Then you go out on track to practice a specific drill for about 20—30 minutes. Then back in the classroom for a new set of info. You alternate like that all day for a total of 5 times in the classroom and 5 times on track (7 times on track for a 2-Day Camp). You also do an off track drill at some point during the day. You get roughly 100—150 miles per day on a single day school and roughly 150—175 miles per day at the 2-Day Camp.

Can I bring a friend to watch? Can they sit in on the classroom section?

You can bring friends to watch the track portion of the school but they will not be allowed to sit in on the classroom section. (Barber Motorsports Park and New Jersey Motorsports Park have gate lists so please call us at the office to have guests put on those lists before your school date.)

Can I fax the legal forms back?

You can fax them if you want but we will still need original signatures so mailing them to us is better. Or fax and bring the originals with you to the track on your school day. If you need copies of the forms, please contact our office at (800) 530-3350. Our mailing address is 940 N. San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

Do you teach beginner riders?

No, we do not teach first-time or beginner riders. If that is what you want then contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at (877) 743-3411.

How do I know if I am ready for the school?

You should have ridden at least 2000 miles, be very comfortable on the bike and be able to operate the controls of the bike easily with enough attention left over to take in new information. We do not teach first-time or beginner riders. If you have any questions on that please call the office at (800) 530-3350

Do I need a motorcycle license to come to the school?

Only if you are renting one of the BMWs. A motorcycle permit is OK too. If you are bringing your own bike then you do not need a motorcycle license.

Can I get my motorcycle license through your school?

No, we do not issue motorcycle licenses. If that is what you want then contact the California Motorcyclist Safety Program CMSP at https://www.chp.ca.gov/Programs-Services/Programs/California-Motorcyclist-Safety

Will doing the school allow me to get my race license?

For some organizations. We are confirmed by both WERA and CCS as an official school. That means that any student will pass his basic rider requirements by taking any of our levels and only has to do their ground school/safety briefing when they go for their licenses. We do not fulfill any AMA racing license requirements because it is national level racing.

Do you issue race licenses?

No we do not issue race licenses nor do we help you get started in racing. That is up to you. We just help you improve your riding and cornering.

How do I get into racing?

We do not help people get into racing. Some people start out by taking the California Superbike School, and dropping time off their laps, as well as doing track days and taking part in their local track races. If you want to improve your riding and cornering then come to CSS. We also have a CodeRACE school typically twice a year at the Streets of Willow Springs. Check out that website at http://www.coderace.com/. This class is specifically for race techniques like starts, race lines, passing, etc.

How tall/short is the lowered bike?

We have an F800ST with a lowered seat and that seat height is 30″.  We also have a BMW 310 with a seat height of 31″.  Call in to ask for one of those bikes specifically.  Otherwise the seat height for the S1000rr we rent is 32 inches.

Will there be a photographer at the track? What is his number?

There is a photographer at all the schools. His contact info is:

Bob Hartman


Cell: (443) 851-1723)


When will next year’s schedule be out?

We usually have that out around the middle of November for the upcoming year. Our schedule is usually pretty similar (though not exact, of course) from year-to-year so you can get a general idea of what to expect by looking at this year’s schedule. If you want to be notified when the schedule is posted on our website, click this link, http://www.superbikeschool.com/contact-us/ and join our email list or send us a note.

What is the tire deal? Who can get that deal?

Any student who is currently signed up for a school or has taken a class in the past can get our tire deal. Check our Store for current prices.

What tracks do you use the Off-Track specialty bikes?

Below is a list of facilities that have a suitable area to run our Lean and Slide Bike, weather and facility permitting. (At no track can we run the Lean and Slide Bike in the wet.)

Weather and facility permitting:

Barber Motorsports Park
Laguna Seca (no Slide Bike)
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Miller Motorsports Park (no Slide Bike)
Sonoma Raceway
Streets of Willow Springs
Thunderbolt Raceway (no Slide Bike)
Virginia International Raceway
The Ridge

These are the Off-Track drills for each level:

Level 1 – Steering Drill
Level 2 – Lean Bike (not in the rain)
Level 3 – Camera Bike (not in the rain)
Level 4 – Slide Bike (not in the rain)

2-Day Camp students have access to all of these drills regardless of what level you are taking.

Can I request a coach?

Yes but we cannot guarantee you will get that exact coach. That coach may not be at the track on your school day or they might have different duties that day.

What food is provided? What if I bring someone with me, will there be food for them too?

We provide a continental breakfast at single day schools and a full breakfast at the 2-Day Camps. Lunch is provided at both schools. For $20 your friend can eat too.

What airport and hotels are in the area?

Once you sign up we will email you a confirmation pack that has a list of hotels in the area. The link is here too: Track and Accommodations Information

Here are the major airports for each track:

The Streets of Willow Springs – Burbank, CA or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca – San Jose, CA
Sonoma Raceway – San Francisco, CA or Oakland, CA
Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Las Vegas, NV
New Jersey Motorsports Park – Philadelphia, PA
Virginia International Raceway – Greensboro, NC or Raleigh, NC
Barber Motorsports Park – Birmingham, AL
Miller Motorsports Park – Salt Lake City, UT
The Ridge – Seattle, WA or Portland, OR

What are the track addresses?

Can I camp out at the track the night before?

Every track is different so you’ll need to contact them directly. We do not have any arrangements for camping at track. If they tell you to contact us regarding camping then it means there is no camping at that track.

Will there be fuel available at the track for my own bike?

Each track is different on that point. You can contact the track directly or bring an extra container of fuel.

Do I need to do anything before coming to the school?

If you are renting one of our bikes you will need to have a valid motorcycle license or permit, non-US is fine. We recommend that you read Keith’s books Twist of the Wrist 1 and 2 or watch the DVDs. Students have twice as much gains when they come and have read the books already. Those books are available on the website store (coming soon).

Should I study anything before I come to the school?

We recommend reading or watching Twist of the Wrist 1 and 2. Those are available for purchase, call (800) 530-3350.

Will you guys show me how to get my knee down?

There are several factors in getting the knee down. These factors are covered in our technical briefings which are practiced on and off track. There is no guarantee a rider will drag his knee, but it wouldn’t be uncommon for a student to drag his knee for the first time while attending any of the levels.

What will I learn in Level 1?

Click here to read about our different levels. Call us at (800) 530-3350 if you have other questions on that.

Can I ride with my friends?

Usually yes. Please contact the office to let us know who your friends are and we can usually put you in the same group. If you are in different levels then we may not be able to put you all in the same group.

How old do you have to be to do the school?

We take minors but you need to call the office and let us know. We can take kids down to about 14 years old but stipulations, regulations and insurance policies vary from track to track. Please call the office at (800) 530-3350 to go over your specific situation.

Do people crash at your school? How often?

Yes people crash but it is less than 1 person per school on average.

If I crash your bike, can I continue to ride?

Normally if you crash, regardless of if it is on your own bike or one of ours, your day is done. There have been exceptions to this, if you are truly OK and haven’t been breaking any of the rules of the school prior to the crash, then Course Control can decide to let you ride again. If you crash one of our bikes, you have to pay for the damage before you can go back on track. If you have any helmet damage, however, you are not allowed to go back out on track. We are not doctors and we take possible head injuries very seriously and so should you.

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