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Damien Kieran

I have been around bikes my entire life. You could say they are part of my DNA. Whether it’s riding on the road or track, admiring a road bike, talking about motorcycle mechanics, bike history or club-level and professional racing, … Continue reading

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Travis Wyman

I have been passionate about riding and racing motorcycles since the age of 5. Being able to share that passion with motorcyclists of any age and skill set is an amazing feeling. The Superbike School is one of the best … Continue reading

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Mike Benham

I spent most of my “adult” life as an F-15C Instructor Pilot in the U.S. Air Force. I felt like I knew what quality instruction was and I absolutely loved instructing. After moving to a non-flying staff job I bought … Continue reading

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Anton Chilton

Ever since I started riding I’ve been keen to improve my skills and my understanding of how to control a motorcycle at speed. In that pursuit I have been fortunate enough try a variety of schools in the UK, Australia … Continue reading

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Chris McVay

After a few years of club racing, and crashing nearly every bike I rode, I had a big crash over 140 mph. I was bummed, and didn’t know the real reason I had crashed. I still loved riding, but had … Continue reading

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Connor Duffy

After two tryouts, I started working for the school as Course Control Assistant before I began the rigorous, coach training process. During my training I developed a thorough understanding of how to pinpoint and communicate what each individual student needs … Continue reading

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Laura Orozco

Some years ago (it still feels like yesterday) I decided I wanted to try riding a superbike, and I found out that California Superbike School offered rider training on the racetrack! That sounded like a great adventure, so I signed … Continue reading

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Lyle Warner

When I came to the school as a student I was impressed with the quality and consistency of the coaching and with the detailed structure of the curriculum. Later, as I progressed through my coach training, it was clear to … Continue reading

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Brian Grannan

I’m grateful to be part of the California Superbike School team. Thanks to Keith for his dedication to discover and refine effective ways to teach people how to ride better. It’s so rewarding to see the smiles on students faces … Continue reading

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Josh Galster

In my second year of racing I wanted to take my riding to the next level. What better way to do that than to take a first-class school? My idea of riding was totally changed after taking the school. After … Continue reading

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Gerry Signorelli

It’s an honor to work for the California Superbike School. Each day I’m surrounded by a staff with a common goal to help students improve their riding and confidence. That combined with enthusiastic riders who are eager to learn creates … Continue reading

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Tim Johnson

When I first took the school I realized very quickly how serious Keith and the rest of the staff are about making better riders. My lap times and confidence improved dramatically. My Riding Coach Jason Paden even suggested that I … Continue reading

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Andy Burnett

The training we receive as riding coaches has developed my observation, analytical and communication skills. I can spot a student’s riding problems accurately and not only get him to understand what he needs to do, but to reliably do it. … Continue reading

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Joe Calabro

My first time ever on a superbike was at the school, when I was 15 years old. After taking the California Superbike School, I realized that I wanted to go from racing supermoto to roadracing. I bought a R6 track … Continue reading

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Mike Pesicka

I first came across the school after only 3-4 months of riding. At the time all I could do was daydream and think of how cool it must be to ride around on a racetrack for your job. After doing … Continue reading

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Jason Paden

I started out at the school not having any idea how to teach someone how to ride a motorcycle. Over the years of moving up through the training levels I have an exact idea of how a motorcycle works and … Continue reading

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Misti Hurst

Working with Keith Code and the unique team of riding coaches has been an amazing experience, and a dream come true. In November 2002 after two years of riding and one year of club racing, my sponsor CLS West, sent … Continue reading

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Johnny Haynes

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Jon Groom

When I decided to get back into motorcycle riding after a very long break, I wanted to make sure that I had the best possible training to ride fast, but to also know what I was doing. I researched a … Continue reading

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Pete Castanik

I moved to California back in 2004 with one thing in mind, and that was to find employment doing ANYTHING with a motorcycle. Just a few months after I moved to the west coast I found myself heading out to … Continue reading

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James Toohey

The Superbike School has been a great experience for me. I know this stuff works because every school I do all the drills the students do and every school I get smoother and more confident. Am I faster you ask … Continue reading

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Steve Brouggy

What the in house training has done for me: What have I got from the in-house courses!?! Easy…I have studied and been thoroughly checked out and passed on core tools necessary for instructing and coaching students. This information is not … Continue reading

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Dylan Code

Being a coach at the California Superbike School is a very unique profession and I consider myself very lucky to be in the position I am in. I have learned that there is a big difference between just being a … Continue reading

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Cobie Fair

25 years at the School this year… the evolution has been pretty fantastic to watch. Back in the “old days” we didn’t have on-track coaching, off-track (Lean Bike, Steering Drill, etc.) or 4 levels of schools (not including CODERACE). But … Continue reading

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Keith Code

Without the CSS team I’m nowhere. Everyone at the school is there to help riders discover the skills and the real technology of cornering. I cannot think of a better job than directing this fine group of skilled and dedicated … Continue reading

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