Having the world's best organized and most professional school is our goal. But having our students leave with a better understanding of the cornering process, fewer uncertainties about it and a good measure of their confidence restored, is our day to day focus — it's also the standard by which we judge our own performance.

We are pleased to offer the most advanced production motorcycle available, the BMW S1000RR.

Training Aids

Never to rest when there is a student need, the California Superbike School has added yet another unique training device to its long list of innovations in the field of rider training.

We can brag about the Superbike School. We've discovered, perfected and put to use the most successful riding techniques that exist. We've also invented and implemented training aids never dreamed of before: our Lean Bike, Slide Bike and our Panic Brake Bike; as well as others that conform to our training standards, like our over-the-shoulder Video Bike. Our No BS Bike alone has turned into one of the most controversial subjects in all of motorcycling.

In other words, when a riding problem is discovered it is researched until we can provide the ways and means for riders to solve it and sometimes, as above, it requires us to invent new technology. Even our Go-with-It steering drill broke new ground in riding skill improvement and that too is now standard at all of our schools.